Commonwealth Scholarship 2022-23 for Nigerians- Apply Here

Applications for Commonwealth Scholarship Program for Master’s scholarships for the academic year 2023–2024, are now available.

The Commonwealth is a group that is definitely worth joining. Students from the many nations that make up the association are eligible for the organization’s numerous scholarship programs which include the Commonwealth Scholarship program


Before we look at the application process, let’s look at the overview of the Commonwealth scholarship program and how Nigerians might benefit from a scholarship from this British-based organization.

About Commonwealth| Commonwealth Scholarship program

Commonwealth, commonly referred to as the family of nations, is an organization made up of 56 consenting states from around the world. On December 11, 1931, the British were responsible for the formation of this organization. King George VI served as its initial leader, and Prince Charles III is currently in charge.

The British empire’s numerous territories were first planned to be included, but as time went on, plans changed. Many other countries and nations throughout the world added to it. There are 2.5 billion people living in the group of 56 countries and territories. Its objectives are to advance democracy, economic growth, and education.

The Commonwealth of Learning, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the Commonwealth Foundation are the three intergovernmental entities that make up the Commonwealth. Out of the three, the one that is focused on education can also be referred to as the body that awards scholarships. As a result, every resident or member of a Commonwealth nation may apply for the programs. Nigeria is one of the 21 African nations, thus we have a lot to say about it in relation to the Commonwealth.

Since the association does not discriminate against nations from any continent, you might soon hear that other nations have joined the organization.


This should set the stage for our discussion on the Nigerian Commonwealth Scholarship program 2022.

Commonwealth Scholarship Program 2022 for Nigerians

Anyone from Nigeria who wishes to apply for a Commonwealth scholarship program in 2022 should read this. Start looking into Commonwealth scholarship programs if you want to study on a scholarship and have the option of studying in the UK.

As we wrap up this section of the essay, one crucial point that needs to be clarified is what the overall eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth scholarship program are. Anyone who meets the following criteria is eligible to apply for this program:

1. Is a Citizen or Permanent Resident of a Commonwealth Nation

As a Nigerian, which is one of the 56 nations in the association, you have succeeded in this stage because you are at the very least a citizen of the nation. Other African nations that are a part of this organization include Togo and Gabon (both of which recently joined in 2022).

2. Candidates must be distinctive and/or Unique

Do you have anything fresh to add, considering how clear that uniqueness has to be? Candidates must demonstrate the ability to make a major beneficial impact on the globe in their daily lives. In each test or examination, candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and skills.

3. Candidates must not be able to pay for their own studies in the UK

The Commonwealth does not need applicants who already have the resources necessary to attend university in the UK without needing financial aid.

It should be remembered from the note on Commonwealth that was read earlier that the association aims to develop every aspect of it. Thus, the scholarships provided to students serve both international development and the sake of keeping opportunities available.

Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth scholarship Program in Nigeria

Not every student who wants to continue their education after high school has the resources to make this dream a reality.

To ensure they receive an education through all available means, some students apply for scholarships while others take out student loans. You’ll know this scholarship is for you in 2022 if you realize how a student loan and a scholarship differ from one another.

How to apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship Program

In order to apply for the Commonwealth scholarship program, the applicant must:

  • Applications must be submitted online through the CSC’s application platform.
  • Applicants must submit an application to the CSC and one of the nominating organizations listed below. After that, nomination committees will forward candidates to the CSC. Direct applications for these scholarships are not accepted by the CSC.
  • Each nominated organization manages its own selection procedure and can have further eligibility requirements. Candidates should consult the nominating agency for information on their specific application guidelines and guidance. The deadline for applications may be determined by nominating organizations independently.
  •  candidates must submit an application using the CSC’s online application system In addition to any other applications that may be requested by the nominating agency.
  • Any applications that are not submitted through the online application system will not be accepted by the CSC.
  • Agencies must nominate candidates to the CSC by December 2022.
  • Since the online application system will be extremely active in the days leading up to the application deadline, candidates are recommended to complete and submit applications as early as possible.
  • Visit the online application portal to apply.

Application Supporting documentation

Applications must have supporting materials in order to be considered.

Note that applicants must gather references from references and upload them to the application system in PDF format along with their other supporting documents. References must be on institution letterhead or an email that clearly displays the sender’s information. This is a departure from prior years, when referees would get their remarks requested in a separate email.

They are unable to accept references in any other format or after the application deadline unless they are uploaded to the application system.

However, the following files must be uploaded along with the application by candidates:

  • A document proving the applicant’s citizenship or refugee status in a Commonwealth nation: a replica of a current passport (or national ID card) with a photo, birthdate, and nation of citizenship
  • Transcripts in full, with certified translations if not in English, detailing all higher education credentials, including current transcripts for any courses being taken.
  • References from at least two people, on official letterhead or in an email with the sender’s information clearly visible
  • Candidates may also upload any letters of university admission they may have for the programs they want to pursue.
  • The applicant will be disqualified if any necessary supporting materials are not submitted by the deadline.


Applications sent outside of the online application system or by nominating organizations will not be accepted by the CSC as supporting documentation.

Please be aware that the CSC does not charge applicants to submit an online application for one of its fellowships or scholarships, and it does not charge organizations to recommend applicants.


The deadline for the applications  is 18 October 2022 at 16:00 GMT. (including all required documentation)


Over the years, education has gotten incredibly expensive. As a high school diploma today appears to be an accreditation for elementary school education, it still seems inevitable for everyone.

According to a reliable source, the Commonwealth offers roughly 800 students in the UK scholarships each year. Make the most of your opportunity to join the 2.5 billion people who are qualified to take use of the association’s numerous advantages as a Nigerian.


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