How to Make Nose Look Smaller: 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use [Video]

Have you ever wondered how to make nose look smaller? Because We know a lot of people have. And more people are looking for how to shrink their noses every day.

Perhaps, this is why over 200,000 Americans opt-in for nose reshaping surgeries every year, according to a finding released in 2017.

This is not to say more prominent noses are not beautiful, as many of the most remarkable people who ever lived had noses large enough to cause a steer (including Cleopatra).

But the society we live in is riddled with many challenges today, including the ridiculous expectations of social media. What is considered normal and accepted and what is not?

And because social media and its influence are spreading quickly and all over the world, the self-esteem of many seems to be shrinking as a result.

We now see a new class of anxiety, especially with the younger generation, with questions such as how to make nose smaller being asked everywhere.

Nose surgery, as seen above, happens to be a viable option, but it is also expensive and risky. So before you consider it, allow us to introduce you to 3 easy and simple tricks that any can use to make their nose appear smaller.

How to Make Nose Look Smaller

How to Make Nose Look Smaller 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use
How to Make Nose Look Smaller 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use

The following are some of the most common methods on how to make your nose look smaller:

Using a Concealer

Step 1: Choose a concealer that is two shades lighter than the color around the sides of your nose. Then apply the concealer around the nose, along the nose bridge, and up to the nostrils. You can lift the nose and place some concealer down the center of the nose if you have a flat nose or stop half an inch before reaching the end if you have a long nose.

Step 2: Make two lines on the nose bridge to shape it and make it thin.

Step 3: Next, try to blend everything. You can begin with the lighter products and finish with the much darker products.

Step 4: Set things in place using face powder once you have satisfactorily blended it all in.

Step 5: Then, use a light contour or ashy-brown eye shadow to emphasize the new shape. Then use darker lines to finish on the eyebrows.

Step 6: Use a powder that is two shades lighter than your skin tone to set the lighter-highlighted areas on the face. Concentrate more on the nose and just along the bridge for the best results

Using Optical Illusions

Step 1: Check to see that your eyebrows are not too far apart. It will help if you do not frequently overpluck the space between your brows.

Step 2: Use bold dark red lipstick to paint your lips. This will help to emphasize your lips and draw attention away from your nose.

Step 3: Use eyeliner and add some shimmery eye shadow to highlight your eyes. You may also do some contouring with darker products on the hollow of your cheekbones and then blend it properly to steal more attention from your nose.

Step 4: Take pictures that capture you from a distance to make your nose look smaller. You can use a selfie stick to take selfies if you feel your hands are not long enough.

Step 5: Always remember to center your face in every selfie to avoid having a distorted nose in pictures

Step 6: Lastly, keep your face turned slightly to one side to make it visible from the side rather than the front

Using Nose-Slimming Exercises

Exercise 1

Step 1: Shape your mouth into an “O” like you would if you were surprised

Step 2: Place your index fingers against your nostrils on both sides. Then push half inwards to ensure that you are still breathing

Step 3: Raise your head upwards, still maintaining the above stance, draw in a deep breath, then blow the air out using your nose. Try to flex your nostrils as you do this. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times in a row and several times a day. Results should appear after some months

Exercise 2

Step 1: Allow yourself a broad smile, then turn that into a goofy grin

Step 2: Still grinning, use one index finger to push your nose upwards from the bottom. Relax the grin with the finger still on your nose. Alternate between making the grin and relaxing your face with the finger on the nose all through. Do this 15 times twice a day for the best results

Exercise 3

Step 1: Place one index finger at the bottom of your nose and push it upwards.

Step 2: Then use the thumb and index of your second hand to grab the bridge of your nose and pinch

Step 3: Maintain the above stance while pushing your upper lips upwards

Step 4: Keep relaxing, then pushing the lips upwards about 15 times in a set of 2 while holding to your nose as described in steps 1 and 2

Why Is My Nose So Big and Wide?

How to Make Nose Look Smaller 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use

A big and wide nose is often a product of genetics and hereditary as family members share similar nose types. However, it can also be a result of aging and loss of elasticity or collagen or an aftereffect of trauma from an accident.

Regardless of the cause, a big and wide nose is described as one that is disproportional to the rest of the face or asymmetrical to the face. This means a big nose often stands out as the most prominent feature on the face.

That being said, you may think your nose looks big. But when weighed by proportionality, if it matches your other facial features and doesn’t exactly stand out, then that cannot be considered a big nose, generally speaking.

Aside from the above, one thing has been indicted in making many people’s noses appear bigger than it really is: camera distortion. A study carried out and published in 2018 in the journal JAMA Plastic Surgery indicated that selfies can make your nose appear 30% larger than its actual size.

In light of this information, it would be unfair and incorrect to use a selfie to determine if your nose is big, as any nose might appear more prominent in selfies.

Is Big Nose Attractive?

How to Make Nose Look Smaller 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use

Society and social media standards agree that a big nose is less attractive. But we argue that it depends on balanced proportion and symmetry.

Whether a nose is attractive cannot depend on how big it is, just as it cannot depend on how small it is. When a nose is proportional to the rest of the face, it will be attractive whether it is big or small.

The human face has been divided into three parts essentially for study purposes. The upper part begins from your forehead and stops just at your eyebrows. The middle part starts from your brows and ends at your nose tip, while the last part starts from the nose tip and finishes at your chin.

It is often recommended that all three portions be proportionally balanced for the face to be attractive.

Below are some of the main characteristics of an attractive nose:

  • It is usually not too wide
  • It has a pointy nasal tip
  • It is usually straight with no bumps or humps
  • Nostrils are often not too wide yet not too narrow
  • It has the correct angles between the nose tip and the lips. That is between 90 to 105 degrees for women and between 90 to 95 degrees for men.
  • Lastly, it needs to be well-balanced to suit the rest of the face

Do Noses Grow With Age?

How to Make Nose Look Smaller 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use

While looking for how to make nose look smaller, it would also make sense to understand whether natural events such as aging can make the nose more prominent.

The nose does grow with age but not the way you think. The nose is made up of cartilages that, like bones, stop growing at a certain age when the nose stops growing.

However, as we start to approach old age, the collagens and fibers in the nose cartilages start to break down, causing gravity to pull the muscles of the nose downwards. This explains why the nose appears to get bigger with older people.

Summarily, the nose does not grow with age. Instead, it stops growing at a point but could likely expand from gravity when we start to reach old age.

Some experts have agreed that our noses stop growing around the ages of 12 to 17 even though gender and ethnicity play a significant role in how this happens with different individuals.

Does Picking Nose Make It Bigger?

How to Make Nose Look Smaller: 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use

People who go all out searching for methods on how to make nose look smaller also like to know whether or not activities such as nose-picking can make the nose bigger.

Nose picking is a universal habit found to be common with humans of all ages and ethnicity. It is a favorite reaction to nervous feelings, and most times, people do it unconsciously.

There is also the widespread excuse that it is done to extract boogers from the nostrils. Boogers serve the very natural process of trapping dirt to prevent it from reaching our lungs and can be quickly expelled from the body without our help.

Studies have reported that frequent nose picking can cause the nostrils to enlarge and introduce certain bacteria to the nasal area.

This is because the blood vessels found in the nostrils are superficial, and rubbing the nasal lining quite often can easily cause your nose to bleed.

In turn, this could result in inflammation and thickening of the nose passages, causing the size of the nostrils to increase.

Aside from this, the damage can cause a build-up of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus resulting in common skin infections inside and outside the nose. And this is how some persons get bumps and humps on their noses.

Stopping this behavior may prove challenging, but it is crucial if you are serious about how to make nose look smaller. A great place to start would be first to understand why you do it.

Is it an obsessive-compulsive disorder or stress and anxiety by-product? Figuring this out will set you well on the part to reduce the size of your nose.

What Shape of Nose Is Most Attractive?

How to Make Nose Look Smaller: 3 Easy Tricks That Anyone Can Use

In most cases, people looking for how to make nose look smaller are aiming at making their nose more attractive because there is the widespread belief that a particular shape of the nose is the most attractive.

This may not be true as beauty in itself is subjective. However, most people believe that a Greek or straight-looking nose is both beautiful and attractive.

Below are some of the nose shapes traditionally considered attractive in society today:

  1. The Greek or Straight Nose Shape

Often categorized with a straight nose bridge without bumps or humps. It is said to be one of the most sought-after nose shapes in the world. Examples of famous people with this nose shape include Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston.

  1. Nubian Nose Shape

This nose shape is typical for many African descent people and is characterized by a longer bridge and a slightly broad nose base. The famous singer Beyoncé has one of these.


  1. Roman Nose Shape

This nose shape also has a prominent nose bridge, which is slightly curved close to the nose tip. The Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling is one famous person with this type of nose shape.

  1. The Bulbous Shape

This is more of a nose condition than a naturally occurring nose shape and is often more prevalent in men than women. Experts say it is a result of an untreated or poorly treated nose condition known as rosacea.

This shape is characterized by swelling or a large mass of protrusion at the lower half of the nose. The former president of America, Bill Clinton, has this type of nose shape.

  1. The Fleshy Shape

If, by now, you haven’t matched your nose shape to any of the shapes above, then that might be because your nose falls under this particular nose shape.

This is the most common nose shape found in men and women all over the world. It has repeatedly been branded “The Einstein nose” and has a fleshy nose tip turned downwards because of its weak cartilage.

  1. The Hawk Shape

This shape is so named because it typically resembles an eagle or hawk beak with its dramatic arched shape and a protruding nose bridge. Some humans like Adrien Brody are attractive for rocking this nose shape.

  1. The Snub Nose Shape

This is a small and stubby nose shape that is slightly turned upwards. It is not as common, but celebrities like Emma Stone have this nose shape.


Societal pressure and social media expectations are some of the reasons why people go out of their ways to find how to make nose look smaller.

But because society and social media are not real people, it is safe to say that what they say and expect is invalid and shouldn’t be given much thought.

Therefore, all noses are beautiful. But suppose you still feel the pressing need to find a solution on how to make your nose look smaller. In that case, the exercises could help, and there is the option of rhinoplasty surgery if you are looking for a more invasive and expensive procedure with some risks attached.


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