Walmart Neighborhood Market

What is Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Walmart is a well-known retail giant that operates more than 10,500 stores and e-commerce sites across 24 countries. Some people may not be familiar with its smaller-scale venture despite its nationwide presence. Launched in 1998, the Walmart Neighborhood Market  differs from regular Walmart outlets in that they are typically located in urban areas and are roughly one-fifth the size of Walmart Supercenters. According to, Walmart Neighborhood Markets provide an alternative for customers seeking better service, locally sourced ingredients, and healthier food options. They also pose a significant challenge to comparable retail concepts like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Markets. Although Walmart Neighborhood Markets carry a smaller selection and less inventory than Walmart Supercenters, they still made it onto Hello Sensible’s list of the top 10 cheapest grocery stores with 700 locations.


Walmart Neighborhood Market

What is a Neighborhood Market?

A neighborhood market is a specialized retail establishment that caters to the everyday shopping requirements of local residential communities. They specialize in selling pre-packaged food products intended for consumption outside the store. Their operating hours are typically less than 18 hours per day, and their size ranges from 5,001 to 15,000 square feet. These stores mainly sell non-taxable goods, and some may include additional amenities such as deli or beverage-tasting facilities. Although they may sell taxable items, their primary focus is on food and beverage sales. Retail establishments that are larger in size are typically classified as grocery stores.

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What Products and Services can you Buy at Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Although the products and services offered at Walmart Neighborhood Markets may vary from one location to another, a typical range of items includes fresh produce, meat and dairy products, frozen foods, dry goods, deli foods, bakery items, condiments and spices, pet supplies, household essentials, health and wellness products, wine, and pharmacy services. This shopping experience is aimed at streamlining product selections  easier for customers who want to quickly grab everyday essentials. With busy customers in mind, these stores are designed for individual who prefer to avoid spending too much time shopping or dealing with the hassle of carrying heavy bags of groceries back home.

What are the operating hours for Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets have varying operating hours depending on their respective locations. Typically, these stores are open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. However, there may be differences in the opening and closing times of certain stores due to local laws and regulations. Customers can check the company’s website to obtain the precise hours of operation for a particular location, along with its contact information.

Is Walmart Neighborhood Market More Expensive?

In comparison to Walmart Supercenters, Walmart Neighborhood Markets tend to have higher prices. Customers should anticipate spending more on groceries at a Neighborhood Market than at a Supercenter. The reason behind this is that Neighborhood Markets offer a smaller selection of products, resulting in less competition among suppliers and manufacturers who can charge higher prices per item. On the contrary, Walmart Supercenters face more competition among suppliers and manufacturers, which makes them more competitive in terms of pricing. Hence, Walmart Supercenters often offer lower prices compared to Walmart Neighborhood Market locations.

Walmart Neighborhood Market

Can You Cash Checks At Walmart Neighborhood Market Locations?

Like other Walmart stores, Walmart Neighborhood Markets also accept cash and checks. Customers can use this service to deposit checks at their convenience. The policies for check acceptance at a Neighborhood Market are similar to those at other Walmart locations.

Can You Return Walmart Items To Walmart Neighborhood Market?

If you have the receipt, it is possible to return items purchased at one Walmart store to a different location regardless of the area. Walmart permits customers to return products to any store throughout the country. For example, if you bought something from a nearby store and want to return it to a different location near your residence, you can do so without any issue. To receive a full refund, you will require the original receipt. Otherwise, the retailer may offer store credit in the form of an exchange voucher or a gift card if the item is still available for sale.

Walmart Neighborhood Market

What Are The Main Differences Between Walmart Neighborhood Markets And Walmart Supercenters?

Products: Neighborhood Markets specialize in fresh produce, meats, pharmacy services, and household essentials. You can find these items at Walmart Neighborhood as well. However, they do not carry electronic or sporting goods. For a wider variety of food products and general merchandise, a supercenter would be a better choice. 

Size: Walmart Neighborhood Markets are smaller in size and inventory compared to Walmart Supercenters. They offer convenient access to affordable fresh foods and household essentials, making them a great choice for customers who don’t want to travel far from home. For a quick and easy shopping experience, Walmart Neighborhood Markets are the perfect fit. 

Locations: Walmart Supercenters are typically found in suburban or rural areas. While Walmart Neighborhood Markets are usually located in urban areas. Despite both stores offering low-priced groceries and other products, their selection varies greatly. Walmart Neighborhood Market stores may have higher prices for some items due to their smaller size and limited capacity for the bulk and other grocery items, compared to Walmart Supercenters. As a result, for the most cost-effective groceries, shopping at a Supercenter may be preferable. 

Walmart Neighborhood Market


Walmart Neighborhood Markets offer a variety of everyday grocery items, including meat, fresh produce, and dairy products, similar to regular Walmart stores. However, they also carry unique products such as quick-grab food items like oodles of noodles and ready to eat meals that are only available at Neighborhood Market locations. Additionally, on their opening day, these markets often feature larger doorbuster sales and other weekly specials.


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