Google Play Gift Card code Scratched Off [How to Recover]

The best way to recover a Google Play gift card code scratched off is to visit and fill out the form. They will need a pic of your gift card front and back with a few other information to help you recover your gift card.

You can find further information on how to fix issues with your scratched Google Play gift card on the Google support page here.

When the entire procedure of redeeming your card is completed, the gift card will be exchanged for Google Play balance credit. Via Google Play, you can make purchases with your balance. Without any further delay, let’s get right into the article.  

Google Play Gift Card code Scratched Off

How to Redeem a Google Play Gift Card

A Google Play card with a scratched-off code can be scanned to be redeemed for account credit. You can add money to your Google Play account using an actual Google Play card.

You must launch the Google Play app and select the Redeem menu to redeem the card. You can manually enter the redemption code scanned with the card’s barcode on the back to get started. Adhere to these steps:

  • On your Android phone, open the Google Play app.
  • The Profile symbol is located in the upper right corner.
  • Select Redeem gift code” next from the Payments & subscriptions menu.
  • To scan a gift card, tap it.

Google Play Gift Card Customer Care Phone Number.

You can also contact Google support staff directly at 1-888-986-7944 for assistance if you are unable to read your code. You must have a picture of the card’s back with the serial number clearly visible when you contact them. Also, Google might require a copy of your receipt, which will be used as evidence of purchase.

Google Play Gift Card code Scratched Off (6)

Why Is My Google Play Gift Card Not Working Online?

There are a variety of reasons why your Google gift card might not work online. Some of those reasons have been listed below. 

  • It’s possible that your gift card has expired. It won’t function if your gift card’s expiration date has passed. It is merely a matter of returning it to the place of purchase.
  • Inaccurately Google Play gift card code. When entering the code, avoid using dashes or spaces, and make sure you’ve entered all the letters correctly.
  • Google Play Gift Card Wallet issues. It will be connected to your wallet balance when you redeem a digital gift card.
  • Your gift card might not be activated. The activation of gift cards purchased in physical stores is the seller’s responsibility. For the store, Google is unable to activate gift cards.
  • Low account balance. Your transaction will be unsuccessful if the amount available on your gift card has been spent. 

It’s possible that you’ve encountered errors when trading using gift cards, such as “we need more information to redeem your gift card” and similar problems. For Google Play gift cards, this is especially typical. Make sure your gift card is legitimate and has not been used previously. There will be an error message if your gift card is invalid.

Google Play Gift Card code Scratched Off

How to Activate a Google Play Gift Card Online

Redeeming or activating a gift card entails adding it to your Google account. A Google Play gift card can be activated in different ways.

Each Google Play gift card includes a set of codes on the back that must be scratched to disclose them. Using the procedures below, you will be redeeming this code;

Redeem a Google Play card from your desktop

  • Visit the webpage for the Google Play store.
  • Choose “Redeem” from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Type the code in.
  • Verify that you want to redeem the Google gift card.

How to Redeem a Google Play Card on Your Phone

  • On your Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store app.
  • By tapping on your Google account’s circular profile picture in the top right corner, you may access the menu.
  • Click on Payments and Subscriptions.
  • Click “Redeem Gift Code” after scrolling down.
  • Your Google Play card’s code into the box provided.
  • Tap “Redeem” to start.
  • Submit after confirming that you want to redeem.

How To Redeem The Google Play Card As You Make Purchase

  • You can choose the product you want by going to the Google Play Store or any other comparable Google service.
  • Select the G-pay icon to choose your preferred payment method before you begin the purchase.
  • Choose “Redeem Code” from the list of choices.
  • Gift card code: key it in.
  • After confirming the purchase, click “Redeem.”
Google Play Gift Card code Scratched Off

How to Redeem a Google Play Card via Email

  • To access the Google Play e-code, open the email sent to you.
  • Choosing the Redeem button.
  • To ensure that this is truly your card, enter your email.
  • Click the “Redeem” button.
  • Please verify your account.

If you have an E-code, which means the code was sent to you by email and you have no physical card, you can use this option with ease. The methods highlighted above in this section sum up the various ways you can activate your Google gift card.

How Do I Get a Refund from Google Play to My Bank Account?

You must get in touch with Google customer service to have Google Play issue a refund to your bank account. This can be done online or over the phone.

You will be asked for some details about your transaction by Google customer support, such as the date, the thing you bought, and the price. Your refund will be processed and put into your bank account as soon as they have confirmed your transaction.

Can You Transfer Google Play Money to Venmo?

Venmo does not accept Google Play money transfers. A smartphone app called Venmo enables users to make and receive payments from other people.

A user’s bank account, debit card, or credit card is connected to the app to enable quick and simple transactions. Users can buy apps, games, music, books, and movies on Google Play, a digital store. The two platforms have no connection and do not cooperate in any way.

Can I Redeem a Google Play Gift Card with A Serial Number?

Yes, you can redeem your Google gift card with a serial number. Open the Google Play Store app before redeeming a Google Play gift card serial number. 

After that, click the Menu icon and pick Redeem. Next, enter the serial number of your gift card and then click Redeem. You can then use your gift card to buy apps, games, music, books, and other things when it has been added to your account.

What Is the Best Way to Verify that A Google Play Card Is Valid?

A Google Play card can be validated in a few different ways. The redemption page for Google Play gift cards can be accessed by entering the card number.

The website will display the card balance if the card is still active. Enter the card number on a third-party website, such as Gift Card Granny, as an additional method of verification. The card’s usage restrictions and remaining balance are listed on this website.

How Do I Get a Refund from Google Play to My Bank Account?

You cannot put Google Play Credits back into your bank account or transfer them to another account; they are neither refundable nor transferable. Depending on what you purchased, different refund policies apply.

Not all Google products have a no-refund policy. Depending on the refund policy, they might issue refunds for some Google Play purchases. Request a refund on the Google Play website if a friend or family member unintentionally made a purchase using your account.

Google Play Gift Card code Scratched Off

What Is Google’s Refund Policy on Gift Cards?

Except when required by law, Play gift cards and other prepaid Play balances, including cash top-ups, are not refundable or transferable. Promotional Play credit cannot be refunded or transferred.

How Do I Exchange My Google Play Credit for Money?

Although there are a few options for exchanging your Google Play credits for gift cards or other things that may be sold for cash, there is no direct way to convert Google Play credits into cash. In order to exchange your Google Play credit for cash, you can alternatively use a third-party provider.

How Can One Tell if A Gift Card Has Been Used?

You may check a gift card’s use using a number of different techniques. Calling the gift card provider and inquiring about the use of the card is the simplest course of action. Checking the card’s balance online is an additional option. Card usage is indicated by a balanced reading of “0.00.”

How Do You Check if A Gift Card Has Been Activated?

If you are fortunate enough to acquire a gift card for a certain store, verify the amount online before making any purchases. The procedure is clear-cut and easy to follow in the US.


This is where we will be drawing the curtains on this topic. Has this article been of help so far? I hope you will be able to redeem your scratched Google Play gift card with ease with the contents of this article at your disposal, 

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