Boohoo Gift Card Not Working: How to Fix It

Your Boohoo gift card will not work if it has expired, you entered your PIN incorrectly, there are insufficient funds on the card, or you are using the card at a store that is an affiliate of Boohoo. Also, if there are problems with the Boohoo service status, your gift card may not function.

if you find it hard to use/redeem your Boohoo gift card? This article will highlight the possible reasons why your card isn’t working and provide valuable solutions. 

With this guide at your disposal, you can finally find lasting solutions and save yourself a lot of research time. Without any further delay, let’s get right into the necessary details. 

Only online purchases made at in the UK are eligible to be made with your Gift Card. The terms and conditions of boohoo’s website will also apply to any purchases you make or anyone else using any amount on your gift card. You cannot use the amount on your gift card on any other affiliated brands.

Boohoo Gift Card Not Working

How to Fix Boohoo Gift Card Not Working Issues

#1. Contact boohoo Support

You can contact Boohoo customer support by emailing them here., They do not have a phone number, so you can find other ways to contact them here ( they have chat and texting options as well. You can also get in touch with them via Twitter and Instagram.

#2. Check the Boohoo service status

If your Boohoo gift card is valid and you’ve verified all the other possibilities but are still having trouble redeeming it, a service outage is likely affecting Boohoo’s services.

It would be wise to monitor the service’s state when there is nothing specific you can do. You can always go to the third-party tracker sites to watch service reports since Boohoo doesn’t have a particular page for that purpose.

Boohoo Gift Card Not Working

#3. Use a different gift card

If your Boohoo gift card does not have enough money left, you can use a different gift card. If your gift card balance is insufficient to cover the total cost of your purchase, you won’t be able to complete the transaction.

This issue has a very straightforward remedy. You simply need to add more gift cards to pay for your order. A maximum of five cards may be added for a single transaction, per the official Boohoo terms and conditions. 

This function is excellent. You may add up to five £100 Boohoo gift cards to your order if the total is at least £500. You are now ready to depart.

Boohoo Gift Card Not Working

#4. Use the correct password

The incorrect entry of the card data when redeeming the card at an online platform is one of the most frequent causes of the Boohoo gift card “not functioning” issues. In contrast to offline media, you must redeem the Boohoo gift card by entering the card’s 8-digit PIN. 

And that’s where there’s a chance you could enter the wrong card information. There is a possibility that you entered the incorrect 8-digit PIN in the part where you redeem gift cards. However, you have a few chances to enter the correct PIN, and you can retry the transaction.

#5. Choose a different payment method

As we previously said, you can use up to four or five Boohoo gift cards in a single transaction. The value of the cards is combined, enabling the user to purchase the item even if one card’s balance is inadequate for the transaction.

However, it’s also conceivable that you lack the additional gift cards needed to complete the transaction. In that instance, you can use your preferred payment option to pay the remaining amount.

#6. Look up the card balance

The transaction will not be successful if there is a low account balance. As you are fully aware, the Boohoo gift cards can be purchased and activated for a minimum value of £5 and a maximum value of £500. 

You can use a card for multiple transactions despite having a non-reloadable limited credit when it is first issued. You will have credits worth £400 if your single transaction totals £100 in purchases and you purchase a £500 gift card. The balance can be applied to future Boohoo purchases.

Boohoo Gift Card Not Working

Boohoo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

If your boohoo gift card pin is scratched off, the best way to recover it is to contact customer support or head over to a retail store.

you can find information to contact boohoo customer service here ( You can also send a message through their website or talk directly to a representative by email.

If you scratched off or damage your Boohoo gift card, contact customer service for assistance. They’ll be able to help with any questions about what information is necessary and provide an alternative code for use in place of the original one.

Can Boohoo Gift Cards Be Used when They Expire?

Once the Boohoo gift card has expired, it cannot be used or redeemed. Following its activation, your gift card is good for 24 months. You will need to get a new card to carry out your transaction.

The day of activation is the date, depending on the situation, when either: (a) the e-gift card is delivered to your designated email address or (b) you buy a store gift card, which is activated by the chosen retailer from which you buy it.

How To Redeemm Boohoo Gift Card Online?

The 8-digit PIN you can find on your gift card must be entered to redeem any amount on it. On the delivery email for e-gift cards sent to you or the person, you choose to receive and use your e-gift card.

Additionally, on the actual card’s back, about store gift cards, Each transaction allows for the use of up to five gift cards. The balance of your gift The card, if it has not yet been used in total, will be updated following each transaction and will be available for use until it expires.

Boohoo Gift Card Not Working

What Is Boohoo Customer Service Phone Number

Boohoo has stated clearly on there that they do not have a customer service phone number. the best way to contact them is by emailing or texting

How Long Does a Boohoo Gift Card Last?

Boohoo gift cards lose their value 24 months after they are activated.

Why Is My Boohoo Gift Card Not Working Online?

your boohoo gift card might not work online and the purchase could be rejected for several reasons, including Your gift card balance is insufficient. Your card is not active or expired. The address you provide when making a transaction over the phone or online differs from the one on record with the company that issues your prepaid card.

Where Is the Pin on A Boohoo Gift Card?

Gift cards like those issued by Boohoo frequently include a PIN on their gift cards. It can most often be located on the card’s back, behind a scratch-off section that allows viewing.

How do I check if my Boohoo gift card is still valid?

You can enter data about your card in the fields on the Boohoo website when you visit it. Typically, this will also contain another numerical code, such as your card’s access code or expiration date.

Does Boohoo Have an Actual Store?

With a shop at 462 West Broadway, between Prince and Houston Streets in New York City, the UK fashion e-trailer is giving its clients access to the brand for the first time in a brick-and-mortar location.


We will end this article on this note. Has this article been of any assistance so far? Along with discussing the causes of the Boohoo gift card issues, we also created a guide to assist you. Feel free to get in touch with their customer service or leave a comment if you require any kind of help.

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