Uber Gift Card Code Scratched Off [ How To Recover]

If your uber gift card Code is scratched off, then Send @Uber_support on Twitter a direct message, or log in to the uber gift card support page here, with the email address that was used to buy the Uber gift card and the phone number that was listed on the receipt. They will get back to you in 24 hours and provide you with a new code to redeem your Uber gift card.

 The 20-digit gift card number may be found in the bottom left corner of the gift card, and you’ll probably be asked to submit a picture of all four of its corners.

In order to add an Uber gift card to your account, you must scratch off a gift code; this code will be useful when trying to obtain a fresh gift card (if it is not completely scratched). 

Gift cards that have been damaged, including those with “scratch-off” labels or parts, may occasionally not be accepted. Your best course of action in these circumstances is to get in touch with customer service.

Uber Gift Card code Scratched Off

Why’s Your Uber Gift Card Not Working?

 When your Uber gift card is not working, it’s usually for one of three reasons:

The card has been used. If you’ve given the card as a gift and it hasn’t been used yet, then your recipient may not have activated their account yet. You can help them do that by sending them an email or text message that includes a link where they can download the app.

You’re trying to redeem more than one gift card at once. If you’re trying to redeem multiple cards at once, for instance, then this may be causing issues with Uber Checkout’s system not being able to process all of these transactions at once.

You can choose a different payment option prior to placing your order, but gift cards loaded onto your Uber Cash balance will automatically apply to your subsequent ride or transaction.

In the event that your gift card balance is less than the fare, you will be prompted to add a different gift code or payment method before requesting a ride. It is possible to place an authorization hold on that payment method, but it will be released as soon as the gift card is used.

Uber Gift Card Scratched Off

Why Is Uber Cash Not Working?

 Your UberCash might not work if the driver has disabled the feature on their end, or if it’s a temporary issue with the app.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your Uber Cash isn’t working:

  1. The driver has disabled the feature on their end.
  2. You might need to change how you set up your account if it’s been a while since you last used it.
  3. The app is having issues with its payment system.
  4. You may have entered the wrong amount when paying with cash, so make sure to double-check before hitting “send.”

What stores sell Uber gift cards?

More than 35,000 retail establishments in the US, including Walmart, CVS, and Target, sell Uber gift cards. The cards are available in three different sizes: $25, $50, or a variable value card that may be loaded with anything from $15 to $200.

Buying a gift set from a physical store might make it easier to file a complaint in the case of it being scratched off or damaged. Look up the location of the nearest store that accepts the card. 

Gift card sales online will also start to become available soon. It should be noted that these Uber gift cards can only be used within the United States.

Numerous credit cards, like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold, Citi ThankYou Premier, and Chase Sapphire Reserve, provide incentives for spending money on travel. To provide additional incentives, Uber collaborates with a select few businesses.

Uber Gift Card Scratched Off

How can I use an Uber gift card?

Your Uber gift card can be used at checkout on Uber or Uber Eats after being redeemed and added to your remaining Uber Cash or Uber Credits. Your Uber Your cash or Uber Credit balance will probably already be selected as your preferred method of payment when you check out on Uber or Uber Eats.

If not, tap on your chosen payment option to change it before proceeding with the checkout process. Turn on the toggle to guarantee that your Uber Cash or Uber Credits are always spent first. Your next journey or order can be paid for with any unused Uber Cash or Uber Credits.

How Can You Redeem An Uber Gift Card?

Knowing how to redeem your card properly might help you avoid a lot of hassle. Depending on your area, gift cards add Uber Cash or Uber Credits to an Uber account. Using a gift card:

  • Ensure that your Uber app is running the most recent version.
  • Tap the menu button, then choose Wallet.
  • Select Redeem Gift Card” or “Add Payment Method.
  • Next, select “Gift Card.
  • Tap Add after entering your PIN or gift code.

A gift card cannot be transferred after it has been loaded onto an Uber account. After being purchased, a gift card cannot be reloaded, although you can add additional gift cards to your Uber account. 

A total gift card value of $2,000 can be stored in each Uber account. You can add more when you exhaust your existing credits.

Uber Gift Card Scratched Off

How long are Uber gift cards good for?

Upon purchase, your Uber gift card is good for three years. If you don’t add or utilize gift cards to your account within three years, they will expire.

They cannot be replaced in the event of loss or theft and are not refundable. The link to an online gift card should only be sent to the intended recipients after you’ve made the purchase because it can be used by anybody who sees it.

If you click the link before they do, Uber will not be able to let you know if they used their gift card if you click the link before they do. In the country where the gift card was purchased, Uber gift cards can only be used for rides or Uber Eats orders.

Can you return Uber gift cards?

Uber gift cards are not replaceable or refundable. Only in the nation in which the gift card was purchased may Uber gift cards be used for rides or Uber Eats orders. The balance of your credits, if any, may be applied to your subsequent ride or order.

Uber Gift Card Scratched Off

How do I contact Uber customer service?

For assistance, you may also go to your neighborhood Greenlight Hub or ask a question at help.uber.com. Our customer service team will respond to your message sent through help.uber.com within 24 hours. On your phone, a notification will alert you that a response has been sent.

Can an Uber gift card be transferred?

A gift card cannot be transferred after it has been loaded onto an Uber account. After being purchased, a gift card cannot be reloaded, although you can add additional gift cards to your Uber account.


Uber gift cards come in handy in many situations. Finding an alternate way to get it back after damage is definitely worth your while. With this article, you are more likely to find a solution to your damaged or scratched Uber gift card rather than render it useless. 

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