Is Amex Concierge Better than Chase Concierge?

Is Amex concierge better than chase concierge?

Is Amex Concierge better than chase concierge? The current travel situation may have resulted in a reduction of service quality for American Express. This is because their concierge service is handled by an in-house team dedicated solely to American Express customers.

In contrast, Chase relies on the Visa Infinite or Visa Signature concierge service for its customers. While there are different types of Visa Infinite cards, it was expected that this would be the less favorable option.

Choosing between Chase and American Express depends on individual situations. Although we found the Chase experience to be more pleasant, the recommendations took longer to arrive and seemed less tailored to our needs.

On the other hand, accessing American Express was frustrating and we were unable to obtain everything we needed. However, the recommendations arrived earlier and appeared to be more aligned with our requests.

Overall, both American Express and Chase did not perform exceptionally, but Chase was the better option. Despite American Express providing better recommendations, we preferred the semi-standardized options offered by Chase rather than the difficult process of contacting the American Express concierge.

Premium credit cardholders are entitled to exclusive benefits, which range from trip-delay insurance to travel credits and concierge services. The latter can assist with tasks like booking restaurant reservations, arranging city guides, securing show tickets, and more. It’s worth noting that American Express and Chase both provide concierge services, but there are some differences between the two. A comparison of their features will help you determine which one suits your needs better.

Concierge when on Transit

The live, personal travel guide is among the most useful applications of concierge services. Sometimes, the best-planned trips come from discussing ideas with an impartial and knowledgeable third party.

Cardholders can request suggestions on interesting places to see or local restaurants to try. A concierge with first-hand knowledge of the destination can add that crucial personal touch, which can significantly affect the success of a trip.

Both American Express National Bank, Member FDIC, and Chase offer this feature as a standard benefit of their top-tier cards. However, there are some noteworthy distinctions in how their services operate.

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Credit Card Concierge, What is it?

Credit card concierge is a specialized service accessible to individuals who possess high-end credit cards, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card or The Platinum Card from American Express. These corporations promote their concierge assistance as a 24-hour service that can aid with various everyday activities and travel arrangements. Besides the standard demands for booking theater tickets and securing restaurant reservations, concierges can assist with other requests, such as organizing a birthday celebration, arranging a marriage proposal, and even helping to coordinate medical care.

What are the services provided by Chase Concierge?

Visa provides concierge services for Chase’s premium credit cards, which are categorized as Visa Infinite cards. Chase promotes round-the-clock assistance with travel, dining, and entertainment requests for these cards. This benefit is available on both of Chase’s popular Sapphire cards, namely Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred.

To access the Visa Infinite concierge, you need to call their phone number. Within the United States, you can reach the concierge service by dialing 1-877-660-0905. If you’re calling from abroad, you’ll have to dial 1-312-800-4290.

In addition to Visa Infinite, Chase also offers Visa Signature cards that feature concierge services, such as the Chase Freedom card.

What are the services provided by American Express Concierge?

On paper, American Express provides a more comprehensive concierge service experience compared to other providers. Their concierge services cover various needs, such as dining, travel arrangements, show tickets, transportation, pet care, and even medical emergencies.

Additionally, American Express offers the Premium Global Assist Hotline, which offers a broad range of travel-related services and assistance. By contacting the hotline, you can arrange for emergency wire payments, medical evacuation, receive weather updates, track missing luggage, and get help with obtaining a new passport.

American Express offers multiple ways to access their concierge service, including through the American Express app. By heading to the account tab and clicking on “Contact Us,” you can launch an automated system that can manage dining and travel reservations, with the option to transfer to a live assistant if needed. Amex Platinum cardholders can also contact 1-800-525-3355 to connect with a concierge.

Standout Service

The American Express concierge has received praise from reviewers for its ability to handle difficult or unique requests. By using the card concierge instead of calling a vendor’s 800 number, faster and better service can often be obtained.

Furthermore, American Express appears to have an advantage in obtaining event tickets, including those for concerts, plays, and festivals. Being a major company, American Express can leverage its long-standing relationships with providers, a benefit that an average individual may not have when searching on their own.

However, the quality of service may ultimately depend on the competency and experience of the individual concierge. When randomly assigned to clients, top-tier service cannot be guaranteed. To increase the chances of success, it is advisable to build a good relationship and request a direct extension to the concierge.

Reviews of Concierge Services

In most reviews, Chase’s concierge services have matched up well with American Express.

Response Time

Comparing concierge services involves considering time, including the time it takes to answer the phone and to fulfill a customer’s request. According to a review, it took seven hours to reach an American Express concierge, which detracted from the good service that was eventually provided. However, the review also noted that American Express was faster at returning recommendations, taking only 24 hours to provide three recommendations, compared to Chase’s 72-hour turnaround time for four recommendations. Factors that may impact response time include the time of day and the level of demand on the service, particularly during holidays and peak travel seasons.


American Express may have a faster response time due to offering its concierge services to a smaller pool of clients. Unlike Chase, which offers concierge services on a wide range of its cards, American Express only provides this service on a few of its high-end cards with high annual fees.


Despite some limitations, the American Express concierge service is marginally better than Chase’s. However, the key to success with any concierge service depends on the customer’s skillful handling. It is essential to set reasonable expectations and exercise patience during peak times. Establishing a rapport with the provider is also crucial, as a concierge service involves a personal transaction that requires a professional approach from both parties.


Below are responses to frequently asked questions about the concierge services offered by American Express and Chase.

Does the Chase Sapphire Preferred card provide a concierge service?

Yes, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers the Visa Signature Concierge Service.

Which American Express Card is the Most Exclusive?

The American Express Centurion Card, also known as the American Express Black Card, is regarded as the most prestigious credit card offered by American Express. This card is invitation-only and is intended for high net worth individuals.

Is it Worth using Credit Card Concierge Services?

Using credit card concierge services can be beneficial, particularly if you don’t mind waiting on hold for a while. With the help of a concierge, you may be able to secure reservations at exclusive restaurants or get tickets to events that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

However, it’s important to note that establishing a good relationship with the concierge by being polite and respectful can lead to a better overall experience.

Is a Complimentary Concierge Services Offered by American Express?

American Express offers a free concierge service to holders of its premium cards. However, to take advantage of this service, you must book any selected services using your American Express card. 

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