How to Fold A Blanket Into a Pillow: A Step by Step Guide [Video]

How to Fold A Blanket Into a Pillow: Blankets are household items most commonly associated with coziness. They provide a soft covering that keeps us warm and supports us through the worst chilly weather.

Unfortunately, many people stop at those uses as not many people know that blankets can be used for so much more.

They can be turned into a decorative item to make your room more pleasing or make your bedroom fuller. They can also be turned into pillows that you can sit on while outside or give your overnight guests when you run out of pillows.

Also, a blanket never truly finishes serving its usefulness as old blankets can be cut up and sewn into gorgeous and decorative pillowcases.  Hence you never have to throw away an old blanket again.

But like we said, not everybody knows about these different uses and applications. To solve this problem and bridge a crucial gap, we have prepared a guide that will teach anyone hot to fold a blanket into a pillow and fold it to make the bed fuller and the bedroom appear more expensive.

How To Fold A Blanket Into a Pillow

Folding a blanket into a pillow is easy and quick to do. There are several ways to do it, and while the more complex methods may require that you practice it a few times to get it right, there are more straightforward methods that can allow anybody to turn a blanket into a pillow even on the first trial.

Easy fold

Step 1: Fold the blanket twice once, making sure that each fold is a quarter of the width of the entire blanket.

Step 2: Flip it over and fold it across the other axis so that the folded edge reaches the middle of the entire length of the blanket.

Step 3:  Fold the blanket from the opposite side until you arrive at the other part you had just folded. Then carefully observe to be sure both sides are even.

Step 4: Next, fold from the central part you have just created above. It would be best if you were getting a pocket in the next step.

Step 6: Wrap the rest of the blanket around the thick part and tuck the last bit into the created pocket.

Triple Fold

Step 1: Place the blanket on a table or flat surface with the pocket side facing down

Step 2: Make a long slender rectangle with your blanket by folding the long side into thirds. The left side should make up one-third of the length.

Next, pull the right side over the top of the folded part to line up perfectly with the exterior part of the left folded half.

Step 3: Flip the blanket over so that the pocket is facing up, then adjust it to make sure the pocket side is close to your body if it wasn’t before.

Step 4: Start from the top and fold the blanket down, folding the length into third and making sure that each fold is the same size as the pocket. The final fold should rest on the pouch.

Step 5: Tuck the part resting on the pocket into the pocket and use your hands to spread it out, so it doesn’t look messy inside the pocket.

Donut Fold

Step 1: Spread your blanket over an even flat surface such as the bed

Step 2: First, fold the blanket in half, then grab one side and roll until it resembles a sausage

Step 3: Curl the blanket now looking like a cylinder into a circle, then tuck the messier end into the much neater end

Step 4: You can also adjust the fold to make the middle wider if you can’t tuck it in properly.

How Do You Fold a Blanket At The End of The Bed?

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How to Fold A Blanket Into a Pillow A Step by Step Guide

You can easily fold a blanket at the end of the bed and make for a very orderly display. The steps are as easy as follows:

Step 1: Fold the blanket in thirds

Start with a side and fold to the centre. Next, fold the other half to the top. You can also take hold of both corners of the blanket then shake it to lay out flat.

Step 2: Fold to display more of the blanket.

Grab the blanket by both corners, then bring both corners over to the opposite side. You can also fold the blanket in half lengthwise to allow for more display.

Step 3: Spread the folded blanket over the bed

When you choose to fold it as in step 1 or step 2 above, hold the folded blanket by the extremes and lay it over the bottom part of the bed. Keeping it this way will allow the folds to stay in place.

Kept this way, the blanket will serve as a runner for the rest of the bed.

Step 4: Run your palm across the blanket a few times

Once you have set the folded blanket at the end of the bed, smooth out any wrinkles and creases by running your hand over it a few times.

Wrinkles and creases often leave the folds looking messy and subtract from the attractiveness. The neater the folded blanket, the more inviting it appears.

How Do I Make My Bed Look Fuller?

How to Fold A Blanket Into a Pillow A Step by Step Guide

Beds are what make the bedroom. The finer and fuller the bed, the more appealing the bedroom would be.

If you have ever seen a bedroom look full and wondered how it was done, here are five things you can also do to make your bedroom look fuller. You may use only one or two of the tricks below or combine all 5 for the best result.

The most snuggly way to make your bed fuller is to use multiple layers of beddings and ensure that whatever you insert inside the beddings is made of high-quality.

  1. Place inserts inside the duvet

The thick duvet makes it irresistible to climb onto that bed. The first thing you can do to make your bed look fuller is making double layers for your duvet and placing inserts inside.

You can use one or two inserts depending on how flat the duvet initially is. If the duvet is flat, place two inserts inside; otherwise, stick to one insert.

The trick is always to use an insert with the right temperature, so you don’t get sweaty when you settle in.

  • Fold your duvet cover into two halves or thirds.

For this trick, you will need both the duvet and your blanket. Fold the duvet into half or thirds, then carefully lay it on top of the blanket, which you must have folded as described above.

This will allow your bed to look big, full, and lovely. It would help if you also let the edges of the blanket overlap both sides of the duvet to see them.

  • Pick a textured blanket over a thick blanket.

You can also use only your blanket to make your bed look fuller even if you don’t have a duvet or the duvet is too flat, and you can fill it with inserts immediately.

For this trick, place your bed sheet upside down and continue to fold a few inches at the top of your bed. This will make the pattern well pronounced.

Next, pull the blanket up to the top of the sheet, so it peeks out. It is best to use a textured blanket for this if you have one. It gives the best text and allows for an extra layer of coziness.

  • Play with pillow inserts that are larger than the pillow covers

Take fat or sizeable high-quality pillow inserts and stuff them inside much smaller pillow covers. The large pillows will stick out and appear perky.

Pillows that are 22 inches in size or larger will work just fine. And once you pick high-quality pillow inserts, it doesn’t matter what quality of pillow covers you settle for.

  • Use multiple pillows

Pillows are not only for laying heads while we sleep. They can also be used for decorative purposes and make the bed look fuller.

Use five or more pillows for the best results. Just remember to use high-quality pillows as they always produce the best results.

How Can I Make My Bedroom Look Expensive?

How to Fold A Blanket Into a Pillow A Step by Step Guide

Not everyone with an expensive-looking bedroom had to break the bank to set it up. And having a luxurious-looking bedroom should not be a privilege reserved for only the wealthy and affluent.

Anyone can make their bedroom look expensive if they know the tricks and hacks and we are about to show you.

The quickest and easiest way to give your sleeping space that expensive look is to pay attention to the appearance of components such as hardware, pillows, and blankets. Using a particular type of these items can leave the room looking more classy tasteful.

Pay Attention to Your Hardware

The bedroom hardware usually includes items such knobs and pulls. These items can be found in dressers and nightstands.

Changing a copper know, for instance, into a crystal knob can raise the room’s reputation by several percentages.

The good thing is that these items don’t have to be costly to be visually appealing. You can purchase some online or from the hardware store and make a few changes.

Use Over-filled Pillow Inserts

If this trick works at fancy hotels, we see no reason why it should not work for your bedroom. Rather than regular pillows, use high-quality pillows and insert them into much smaller covers.

This allows the pillows to protrude while leaving the room with an extra touch of luxury and style.

Add Style to Your Blanket

A blanket isn’t just a cover for when it gets cold. You can use this piece of bedding to make your room appear more affluent than it is.

Fold the blanket to look fluffy and chunky, then place it at the end of the bed to step up your space. This can also steal attention from other less appealing things in the room.

Use Trays

As many of you may know, trays are often associated with dignity and class. Using trays in places such as the nightstand can upgrade the state of your room. You can then place a candle and a carafe-and-water glass combination for extra effect.

You can also place a tray in another strategic part of the bedroom and fill it with unique trinkets, pretty perfume bottles, and even jewellery.

Pick Texture over Thickness

We can’t seem to mention this point enough. Wealthy people usually look past size and thickness to pick texture. Textured items appear richer and seem to add an extra layer to the space.

Textured embellished pillows and blankets can provide your bedroom with that expensive vibe that people spend thousands of dollars to create.


How to fold a blanket into a pillow is a skill that everyone should learn. This is because you can never have more than enough pillows.

Pillows can be used to relax outside, make the bed fuller and the room richer. But they can also be used as decoration around the house.

Learning this will help you make the pillow you need for all the above. And lastly, you will never have to apologize to an overnight guest because you ran out of pillows. You just need to grab a blanket and quickly whoop up a pillow for them.

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