Step by Step Guide to Make a Bra Strapless [Video]

 How to Make a Bra Strapless ? While some life hacks are usually for the benefit of everyone in the house, some are meant to cater for personal needs and are directed at a particularly delicate matter.

For instance, a hack such as how to make a bra strapless may not necessarily affect the people around like a hack such as how to unclog a toilet would, but it would certainly make your life a whole lot easier.


Not every woman enjoys wearing a bra, and for very good reasons too. For some women, the bra is some form of entrapment. The straps tend to dig into their shoulders, causing discomfort. And you can tell the extent of this discomfort by how quickly they want to get rid of it as soon as they are in their safe place.

For others, it is the embarrassment that comes from having their straps poke out in public places. Bras are indeed a piece of clothing, but when the straps come out where they are not supposed to, they can often cause a flushed face.

Just imagine being at this awesome party. You are truly enjoying yourself until someone whispers in your right ear, “Hey, I think your straps are out!” the sheer embarrassment. Or maybe, you have experienced this a few times yourself.

All these have led many women to learn ways to keep their straps hidden. And we are about to show you how to not only hide those straps but completely make the bra strapless.

How to Make a Bra Strapless

Many women ask a very common question these days: “how do I make a bra strapless?”


By converting the straps, completely cutting them off, or sewing the bra into a dress.

The above is a general answer as the procedure for making a bra strapless depends on the type of bra in question, as we will see shortly.

Using Convertible Straps

These are usually those bras designed to allow you easily remove their straps. If you have never noticed these, take out your bras from the drawers and observe the point where the straps meet the rest of the bra.

Step 1: Try to unhook both straps from the back of the bra and then wear the bra.

Step 2: Still hooked to the front, adjust the dangling straps so that they become as long as possible

Step 3: Try to pass one strap around your ribcage towards the back of the bra. Then hook it right back where you removed it.

Step 4: Repeat this for the other strap.

Step 5: This should provide you with the extra support straps when they cross over your shoulders.

Step 6: Adjust the length of the straps, if need be, so that they fit you just right

Using Regular Bras

Some bras come with straps that are not easily removable, but you can still make even these strapless with the right knowledge.

Step 1: Take a bra that has enough bands to provide the right support and comfort. Make sure it is a bra that doesn’t rely heavily on shoulder support.

Step 2: Next, wear your bra like you normally do with the straps over the shoulder and clapped to the notch that gives the tightest fit

Step 3: Try to slip those straps gently off your shoulders. Then adjust the length to become as short as possible.

Step 4: Tuck in each strap to the bra cups by the side. Try to make it appear as neat as possible, so it doesn’t appear rough outside your dress. You can even use fashion tapes or boob tapes to secure them in place.

Using Cut and Fix

This is mostly for those with a few great bras but doesn’t have convertible straps and which they don’t mind making permanent modifications to. The steps are quite simple, but the bra will be altered forever.

Step 1: Pick out a regular bra you intend to make strapless. Make sure it fits you properly, even without straps.

Step 2: Using fabric scissors, cut at the straps just at the seams to prevent them from loosening off during laundry

Step 3: Use a sewing machine (if you have one) to create a zig-zag stitch at the seams where the straps were once attached to. Or use a needle and thread to do the same if you don’t have a sewing machine.

Step 4: You can throw the straps away now as your bra is now strapless

Using a Dress

This is a smart adaptation that many women use today to beat the many challenges that bras bring. It involves sewing the bra attached to the dress. Even though this cannot be done with every dress you will ever wear, it can relieve the discomfort and cancel any strap poking out embarrassment.

If you are making a dress, you only need to instruct them on this specification. The dressmaker will then sew in the bra cups. This can be done on just about any dress you want to be made for you.

Alternatively, you can do this yourself if you are great with the sewing machine or needle and thread.

Step 1: Take out both the dress and bra you intend to alter

Step 2: Cut off the straps of the bra just right at the seams.

Step 3: Next, cut around the band of the bra to remove the cups within

Step 4: Once you have the cups ready, put on the dress you intend to sew them into and then try to set out the cups inside the dress to be positioned exactly where your boobs are

Step 5: Once they are properly positioned, use some safety pins to keep the cups in place

Step 6: Carefully take off the dress, lay it on the sewing machine and set it to work. Sew the cups into the dress one cup at a time. Remember to use threads that match the color of your dress

How Do You Keep a Strapless Bra from Falling Down?

Strapless bras are great – they eliminate stress on your shoulders and never embarrass you by showing their straps.

But strapless bras that fall are simply the worst. They cause a similar feeling of unease when you feel them falling under your gorgeous dress.

So, you have used any of the hacks we described above to make your bra strapless, or you bought the strapless versions of this lingerie. How do you then stop them from falling while you are outside?

Here are tips to help with this issue:

Tip 1: Only buy high-quality strapless bras. The quality of the bra fabric generally dictates whether or not the bra will be supportive. These types of bras may cost more, but this is nothing compared to the pain that hits you when your bra falls in public.

Tip 2: If you are using any of the above hacks, remember to do it with bras that fit you perfectly. The right bra size will always stay up with or without straps.

Tip 3: Only work on bras that have strong bands. The rubber band around the bra is usually what allows it to stick to your body, so make sure you are wearing a strapless bra with a lot of this.

Tip 4: Sew your bra or its cups to the dress. This will keep your bra up as long as you are wearing that dress. It even works for backless dresses as well.

Tip 5: Use the removable straps for more support. Passing the convertible straps around your ribcage can add more support and keep the bra in place.

What Can I Wear Instead of a Strapless Bra?

Maybe you haven’t invested in high-quality strapless bras, or you did and your favorite sister, Jess, borrowed it and conveniently “forgot to return it.”

And you absolutely want to kill it at this weekend’s event but without a strapless bra. Below are some of the routes to take:

Tip 1: Try pasties. These reusable silicone nipple covers are the perfect solution for ladies that require only little support

Tip 2: Go braless. Wear a dress that is thick enough to conceal your nipples, and you can go braless.

Tip 3: Sew the bra cups into your dress. This may take some time and effort, but it works, and your bra will not fall at any point.

Tip 4: Use a stick-on bra. They are not usually the first choice on every woman’s list, but they work just right in a formal or backless dress.

Tip 5: Wear a sexy and delicate bralette. They come with subtle and slim straps and will appear like a piece of your dress if you can pull off a perfect combination.

Tip 6: Wear a comfortable and chic bandeau bra. It is technically still a strapless bra, but it stays on always and can be very comfortable.


For as long as bras have existed, they have caused many women varying amounts of challenges. Bras with straps take a toll on your shoulders and create almost permanent lines that you don’t want.

If you decide to eradicate that pain and lines by making the straps very loose, they can still pop out while you are in public and cause you to keep adjusting your shoulders and dress to be unembarrassed.

Therefore, making a bra strapless takes care of these major challenges while adding style and chic to the way you appear. The hacks we have provided here allow you to do this easily and quickly.


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