How to Build a Ladder |Cost effective method: less than $25 [2021]

Would you like to learn how to build a ladder? Ladders come in handy all the time. With less than $25 bucks, you can make a functional and safe ladder that fulfills your desired proposal. In a few simple steps, we will guide you on how to build a ladder. 

A ladder is a necessary piece of equipment for every home or office. You’ll need one for a variety of activities, like changing light bulbs, dusting, removing items, and just for your children’s treehouses. As a result, when purchasing or constructing one, care should be used.


Learning how to build a ladder can be quite enjoyable. We will also be focusing on creating something that serves its purpose. However, the most significant benefit is saving money even while you learn these new skills. Even though it’s just basic carpentry, this is something that will always be enjoyable and beneficial to you.

You don’t have to be a skilled carpenter to build a ladder; all you need is a detailed guide, some woodworking knowledge, some equipment, and, of course, this tutorial to create a ladder! How to Make a Ladder, Specifically a Wooden Ladder will be discussed today.

What do you need to make a ladder?

Before we go into the steps on c, you’ll need to obtain the equipment and supplies you’ll need to construct a ladder on your own. The following is a list of the tools and materials we will be using:


  • 12 foot long two-by-four wooden boards, two pieces
  • 8-foot-long two-by-three hardwood planks, two pieces
  • A wood-safe glue tube
  • 35-40 screws, 2-3 inches in length
  • A Miter Saw
  • An electric hammer drill
  • A pen to write with
  • Brushes with desired paint

For Exterior Ladders:

  • Pressure-Treated 2×4’s
  • Three 1/2″ to 4″ Exterior Deck Screws
  • Exterior Deck Paint or Stain

For Interior Ladders

  • Untreated 2×4’s, framing studs
  • Three 1/2″ to 4″ Self-Tapping Wood Screws
  • Chalk Paint, Wood Stain, or Latex Paint would all work

Do you have them ready yet? Then, let’s dive right into the step-by-step process.

How to build a ladder: Step-by-step Guide

  • Step one: Learn the 2×4 against the location where you’ll need to make a little step ladder if possible. That should make deciding what angle will be most comfortable for that place a lot easier. By keeping the two by 4 12 foot wooden slabs side by side, you may line them up and fasten them together. The angle for your miter saw can then be calculated using a triangle calculator.

Use the ladder at the height you require for one length—the length of the inclination you chose across the floor or ground. The ladder’s fundamental framework will be made up of these. If you can’t find the ones indicated, you can use a table saw to cut the wood to the necessary size.

  • Step two: After that, you can return that board to the location where you’ll be building it to mark the point where you’ll be cutting the top at the same angle. If you don’t have one, you can make a little step ladder with a circular saw instead of a Miter Saw. To mark the tips, you’ll need to use a Speed Square.

Cutting the rear of the ladder so that it rests against the area I’m creating it for is the next step I employ to build a little step ladder. I do this by placing a board flat against the location and drawing a straight line on the ladder side. Again, a Miter Saw or Circular Saw can be used to accomplish this cut.

  • Step three: To mark the steps on your ladder, use the same angle you used for the cutting. Your efforts will be completely level with the ground or floor beneath the ladder due to this.

For the sake of better description: Use your marker pen to designate a location for more detail. 2*4 wood, 8 inches apart from the 12-foot end. Mark the other piece in the same way. These marks will indicate the middle of the topmost rungs of your ladder.

  • Step four: After completing the marking, you’ll need to create room for the rungs. Cut a rectangle measuring 5 x 7.6 x 2.9 cm with the specific mark in the center. For the rungs, cut out these rectangles in both of the 12-foot pieces.

Reduce the height of your ladder steps. For climbing, a comfortable width is around 18′′, but you can adapt it to fit your space. Then, using the marks you made as a guide, screw the steps into place, ensuring they are level. To keep the steps from shifting while you’re screwing them in, use two scrap blocks cut at an angle.

  • Step five: For extra safety, reinforce the ladder using wood glue to join the sections and secure the rungs in the notches. One by one, confirm the rungs, making sure to compare both sides for a perfect shape. Examine whether the rungs are parallel to one another and fit snugly in the notches.

When the construction is complete, it’s time to use screws to secure all rungs permanently. Again, use your drilling machine to accomplish this. For each rung, it is preferable to use four screws, two on each side. This component is critical for the ladder’s stability.

  • Step six: This is the final step in our guide on how to build a ladder. Attach your ladder to the playhouse, fort, loft, or bunk bed you built for by painting, staining, or sealing it. To secure the ladder, carefully screw through the top and front sides of the ladder.

To make the ladder solid and durable, choose a screw length that goes deep enough into the wood you’re fastening it to. For this, I’d use two screws on each side. Next, put a 2×4 between the two sides and screw the sides into that 2×4. I reasoned that this would be the most potent link for me. However, if done right, either method can be effective.

The above listed is a complete and detailed guild on how to build a ladder in your backyard. 

How to Build a Ladder

Other factors to consider when learning how to build a ladder

To fully grasp the concepts and instructions listed in this guide on how to make a ladder, these are some facts to consider. 

1. Wood Choice

It’s critical to pick the proper kind of wood because the materials used in the ladder determine both your safety and the ladder’s longevity.

Although a ladder can be created from various materials such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and even plastic, I will only address wooden ladders because it is practically challenging to build one out of the other materials listed.

It is advised that hardwoods such as Mahogany, Oak, Alder, Beech, and Hickory are commonly utilized in the construction of wooden ladders. Softwoods such as Cedar, Spruce, and Pine are suitable for DIY projects. However, I suggest using cedar boards instead of pine because cedar would give your ladder a rustic feel.

2. Setting angles

Setting the ladder at a precise angle is critical to creating a lasting ladder for tree houses. The accurate alignment will assure the users’ safety while also providing comfort to their legs and climbing quickly.

You can use a large measuring device like a level or a protractor to find the needed angle. Furthermore, there are various programs available for mobile phones that you may use to locate the ideal angle for placing your ladder.

3. Height of the ladder

Another crucial consideration while creating a ladder is the height of the ladder. Although a ladder can be any length, it is always recommended to keep it under 12 feet. In the case of DIY ladders, a minimum of 6-10 feet is recommended.

How to build a ladder: Conclusion

Without a doubt, learning how to build your ladder is incredibly resourceful. To this end, we hope this article on how to build a ladder has been of help to you. Would you like to learn more? Please feel free to drop a comment, and we will be sure to answer your questions. 


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