How to make a glass album cover – Easy Guide [2021]

We all have our favorite song(s), songs practically that live in our heads, rent-free. Learning how to make a glass album cover might be a good way to create some sort of physical “symbol” for the song. Maybe you have other reasons for learning how to make a glass album cover, but we call all agree that a glass album is a cool thing to have.

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How to make a glass album cover: intro

The simple steps involved in making a glass album include:

  • Take a screenshot of the music you’ve chosen
  • Resize the image to suit your desired Size
  • Make a hard copy of it.
  • Remove the images. (Cut out the part you wish to use)
  • Put everything in its proper place on your piece of glass
  • Trace the letters with your finger.

Would you like a more detailed guide that covers every step? Don’t worry, we are way ahead of you on that. Continue reading and you will get exactly what you need to make that memorial masterpiece. In no time, you will know how to make a glass album cover masterpiece. 

This glass Spotify wall décor idea has been making the rounds on social media, particularly Tiktok. If you are a music lover and want to display your glass Spotify wall décor Plaque, you can build one for yourself or give one as a present to someone you care about. 

Many of us, however, do not own or can afford a Circuit. This doesn’t stop you from learning how to make a glass album cover.

You may learn how to accomplish it without using a Circuit. This blog will help you on your way to becoming a better craftsperson. You have complete freedom to create whatever tune you desire. So, as an old-school method, let us create a glass Spotify wall décor Plaque.

How to make a glass album cover
How to make a glass album cover

What do you need to make a glass album cover?

Before learning how to make a glass album cover, you have to be ready with the right tools. 

  • A shard of glass
  • Paper and printer
  • Sharpie and a good tape
  • Mod Podge 
  • Brush for painting
  • Ruler and a pair of Scissors
  • A small paintbrush and black paint are optional.

With the above-listed tools and materials ready, we are good to go. Getting your glass album made on the first try will be an amazing accomplishment. To avoid wasting your resources and valuable time, this is the part where you should start paying close attention. In the next session, we will be going in-depth on how to make a glass album cover.

How to make a glass album cover

To pass time and get your goal accomplished, you may utilize the DIY technique I have outlined in this section. As we previously stated, if you are a frequent social media user, you may have seen this little DIY on Tiktok, Instagram, or somewhere else. I tried it out and was pleased with the results, so I’d like to share some tips, tricks, and instructions with you. I hope you enjoy making your artwork and writing this tutorial as much as I did.

  • Step one: Remove a piece of glass from a picture frame, it should be the perfect size for this project. In my perspective, a rectangle piece the size of a regular sheet of paper (8.511) is ideal. You may wish to wash the piece of glass to ensure that there are no dusty or scratched areas. Completely dry the glass piece. Let’s move on to the next step on how to make a glass album cover.




    of the album cover you like. Save the picture to Pages, Word, Google Docs, or any other document editor software. Calculate how much area the album cover will take up on your piece of glass. I went for a beautiful 50/50 proportion, so the cover took up half of the glass, while the buttons and song duration took up the other half. Make sure your album cover is the correct size.


  • Step three: Select the song from your music app. I listen to music on Spotify, so I went there and played the song I wanted to listen to. I snapped a snapshot of the music that was playing on my screen, then cropped it to only the time and buttons. I then put it into the same page as the record cover and printed both of them. Because you’ll be using this record cover on the glass, make sure you print it in color. 


  • Step four: The fourth step on how to make a glass album cover is pretty simple. Cut out the record cover as precisely as possible once it has been printed. Make a small note in the center of the piece of glass to suggest where the album will be placed. Take a brush and your mod podged. Apply an equal coating of mod podge to the front of the photo (the colorful side). Using the reference markings you produced, position your mod podge album cover in the right location.
How to make a glass album cover
How to make a glass album cover
  • Step five: Make sure you’re pressing down evenly on the photo. Avoid squeezing the paper too hard since it may rip. While it dries, you may cover it with a textbook or something flat and thick. Move on to the bottom half of the page. Below the album cover, cut out the screenshot you printed out. Tape it to the back of the glass piece, facing down. Toss the glass in the other direction. You should have a clear idea of where they play and next buttons will go.
  • Step six: Using a sharpie to trace the name of the song and buttons is the simplest method to complete this next phase. You may either leave the sharpie alone or go over it with a little paintbrush and black paint. All you have to do next is allow the drying process to be completed. 
  • Final step: The final step is to wipe the back of the glass with soap and water and a cloth.

From your engagement to even your birthday photograph, you can make it into a glass album. Take advantage of the large library of free templates available on the internet. Make it as simple as you can. Instead of a play button, you may use a pause button. It can motivate you, as evidenced by the fact that we are currently listening to this song.

How to make a glass album cover: Conclusion

Has this guide on how to make a glass album cover been of help? We have covered a great deal on this subject matter. Following these steps to the letter is sure to help you achieve the desired results. Do you have any suggestions that you would love to share? Feel free to drop a comment. 


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