10 Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone of 2022: Everything You Need To Know [Video]

The world has gone on such a gaming craze that questions like what are the 10 best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone of 2022 are now very rampant on the internet.

Everybody wants to know because gaming has gone from being a hobby that only very few people engage in a lifestyle that everybody seems to be embracing.

How prevalent is this culture you ask? Well, there are over 1.5 billion video gamers around the world with the industry expected to hit an estimated $180.1 billion in revenue this year.

Also, about 60% of all Americans are daily players of different video games with more than 70% of all American parents saying that videos games have a positive influence on their wards.

And because more people are using mobile devices, it is only natural for them to try to find out what are the best games they can play on their devices whether it is Android or iPhone.

10 Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone of 2022

10 Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone of 2021
10 Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone of 2022

Since its inception in 1999, Gameloft SE has channeled its resources into crafting some of the best games one can find on mobiles.

Their games attract millions of players across the globe each day. This attraction is based on how different these games can be played.

For instance, some games can be played by a single person while others are multiplayer video games that can be enjoyed by friends and rivals in different corners of the world.

This along with the prevalence of better smartphones and motion sensors are some of the things inspiring more people to take a liking to this activity.

We have gone through users’ feedback and experiences to collate what we believe are the 10 best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone of 2022:

  1. Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

This game takes violence and crime from the real world and tries to replicate them in the virtual world.

The game resembles GTA in storylines, design, and settings and is one of the best simulations in the gaming world.

Players can switch from races to sniper actions and zombie or alien invasion with augmented reality cameras, great controls, and highly sophisticated weapons to make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

This is another game on the top 10 Best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone of 2022. The game is so successful that it releases a new version each year (hence version 9).

The main goal is to drive and win races with a roster of supercars that look like what you would see in real life.

Aside from the realistic vehicles, Asphalt 9 also features excellent controllers and smooth graphics.

  1. Modern Combat 5

This one game took shooting to the next level allowing both single and multiplayer actions on this version.

The mission is primarily to save a dying world with your super-shooting abilities which seem to hone themselves as you leave from one situation to the next.

The most interesting aspect of the game would be how it allows you to create a squad from 9 classes of players with your friends on your team. You can then have rivalry warfare with other teams across the world.

The high-quality graphics and intensely powered weapons also add to the excitement.

  1. Brothers in Arms 3

Out of the 10 best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone of 2022, this has been lauded as one of the most popular.

The game takes you on a journey as a real-life soldier fighting wars in a story or multiplayer mode.

It is one of those high-quality games that do not require an internet connection to play.

  1. Six-Guns

If there was a game that did the best of representing the Cowboy experience in a video game, it would be Six-Guns.

However, instead of fighting other gunslingers as the Cowboys do, you would find yourself fighting vampires.

The over 40 game missions with riffles, good-old classic pistols, and machine guns make the experience not only long but entertaining as well.

  1. Nova Legacy

Many players say that Gameloft took the game Halo and made a mobile version known as Nova Legacy and the idea was to make an awesome experience on mobile.

The missions in this game send you to go to war and fight sci-fi robot characters that have super abilities. You will be equipped with powerful and advanced weapons to kill these robots and the more levels your complete the more features you unlock.

You may go solo missions or choose the multiplayer mode to play with your friends on the internet.

  1. Sniper Fury

This game introduces you to how to shoot and kill villains from a distance with different sniper weapons.

The simulation is extraordinary and the graphics come in high-resolution. You can stand from afar, observe properly, and then shoot your enemies. Killing them all earns you the right to advance to the next mission.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises

Those who are familiar with a movie by the same name as directed by Christopher Nolan will be more than pleased with this game.

The mission is similar to the movie plot – be Batman, fight bandits and Bane, and prevent criminals from overrunning Gotham City.

The operations are fairly easy and there are lots of gadgets to select from. The entire setting is more cinematic than any other mobile game in the market and the graphics scream of excellence.

  1. Gods of Rome

This game is set in the ancient world and the era of myths and legend and does a very fine job of bringing history into augmented reality.

The storyline is both simple and engaging – an evil demon has excavated some mystical artifact and your mission is to stop him from using its powers to enslave the greatest warriors in the realm.

You can also train a legion of champions to help in your quest and unlock powerful bonuses whenever you discovered the unique bonds that are shared by your fighters.

  1. The Amazing Spiderman 2

This may be the last and final game on our list of 10 best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone of 2022 but it doesn’t mean it is any less interesting or entertaining.

The game is set after the famous Spiderman movie and in the city of New York. Your goal is to stop the city from being overtaken by crime and crime lords.

To achieve this, you will need to sling, climb, and shoot your enemies with webs. You will be dealing with several despicable villains including Venom, the Green Goblin, and Electro.

Best Offline Games for Android 2022

10 Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone of 2022

There are so several mobile Android games to choose from but many of them are played online and this makes them inaccessible to players who are offline for any reason.

This is why offline games are becoming increasingly important. Gamers can enjoy great games while online and offline.

The trick here is to launch the games once using an internet connection. This allows all the necessary data and information to load up before you go offline to enjoy.

Below are some of the best offline games for Android devices:

  1. GTA San Andreas

This sits on top of the best offline games to play on Android mostly because of the intensity and complexity of the storyline.

This story features crime, violence, and betrayal, and behind all that is a pool of intense emotion that any player can experience.

The story isn’t limited to a tight corner but spreads across an open world in which players are free to roam.

Additional features include double analog stick controls that allow for full movement and camera control with re-mastered, high-resolution graphics that is adjustable to allow for a tailored experience.

  1. Friday the 13th

This is an interesting choice because not many video games feature the type of horror and bloodshed seen in this game.

The goal of the game is to play as Jason Vorhees hunting and killing anyone you find while avoiding cops, land mines, and other types of traps.

This horrific and frightening adventure cuts across all 100 levels that you have to complete to finish the game.

Friday the 13th is recommended for people between ages 17 and above. You may choose the gruesome horror movies killing scenes in the “R” mode or select the “PG” mode for a more family-friendly horror-puzzle experience.

  1. Minecraft

If instead of killing and destroying, you prefer to build, then this is the perfect Android game for you.

To goal of the game is to explore, mine, and show your craftsmanship and building skills in an open-world setting.

The game can be enjoyed in a single survival mode or as a multiplayer mode where you can explore and build with your friends or strangers on the internet.

  1. Dead Cells

The universe in this game is interconnected and non-linear giving players more to explore in an augmented world.

The general goal here is to stop the threat of permadeath using several hack-n-slash techniques and platforming.

The game has some amazing features including the ability to select any of two modes, external controller support, customizable controls, and a full offline support system.

  1. Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Dark Days is an open-world video game with so much for players to explore and do including gathering resources, shooting zombies to survive, and building shelters to live in.

The mission of this game is to survive an onslaught of zombies who came to be after some unknown epidemic tried to wipe humanity clean turning everyone into a zombie in the aftermath.

Best Offline Games iOS 2022

10 Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone of 2022

Using an iPhone does not save one from running out of internet connections at certain times. This could be because you want the occasion social detox or you simply found yourself in an area with an internet connection during a vacation.

So below are the best offline games for iOS 2022:

  1. Alto’s Odyssey

If you loved playing Alto’s Adventure, then you will love this as it brings more to a video game. However, it will cost you about $4.99 to download and play this game.

Compared with Alto’s Adventure, you will find more locations to explore here, more characters to work with, new music, and gameplay to give an even better gaming experience.

The new and improved graphics also make the game a pleasant adventurous enjoyment.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The newest version of Asphalt, Asphalt 9: Legend is unavailable offline which makes Asphalt 8 the next best thing if you want a feel of that car racing experience. The best part is you can play it for free without the need to purchase it.

The mission is to race with powerful cars and smash your ways through more than 40 different tracks.

You may choose to do this alone in a single mode or with 10 other players in the multiplayer mode.

Each game you win gives you the right to unlock more locations as you go and you can upgrade your vehicles with more wins.

  1. Dream League Soccer

This game was designed for football fans and since everybody is a fan of one team or the other, it is safe to say, this game was designed for everyone.

The goal here is to build your player and enhance their skills with each match, build your team to play different matches and finally save your progress in iCloud when you finally come online.

The game has high-interactive features and is completely free.

  1. Plants Vs. Zombies 2

The Plants vs. Zombies game has been around for some time now but only became after the release of Plants vs. Zombie 2.

You will have 11 different worlds and over 300 levels to explore as you go through this game. The level of difficulty increases as you make progress.

Your mission is to fight and kill zombies with each new mission seeming more challenging than the previous. This game is free and available for download on your iOS mobile device.


There aren’t that many rules in this game and one rule supersedes all; don’t die. The game which requires about $0.99 to download has beautiful scenery and some dark music to accompany you on your missions.

Your main objective is to float through different locations on a ball while trying to navigate past dangers and traps.

A spinning blade or pointy spike can shred your ball and send you flying to the ground while a pickup in a different location can shrink you, enlarge you or multiply you.

You may also go on this adventure with your friends in a local multiplayer mode.

10 Best Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone of 2022


Nothing beats boredom like a good video game. But most of these video games do more than simply kill boredom, they teach you different cognitive skills that can be applied in the real world.

They connect people from different walks of life and have given many players a chance to earn several dollars playing them competitively, coaching, or testing.

So if you are looking to start gaming on mobile or can’t seemly decide where to start, our list of 10 best Gameloft games for Android and iPhone of 2022 can be a great place to begin.

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