How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days: 5 Easy Methods That Work [Video]

The most effective methods include exercises but before we learn how to lose double chin in 5 days, we need first to establish what causes a double chin.

Double chin or submental fat is a condition caused by those extra layers of fat that form under the jaw or below the jawline.

A double chin is often associated with increasing weight but may also be seen in some skinny people. This means that being overweight can no longer be considered as the only cause of a double chin.

Recently, genetic traits and skin flapping from aging have also been implicated as culprits for this condition.

A double chin caused by genes may be more complicated or trickier to get rid of and may require a surgical option. However, our focus is on what is driven by weight gains and how to lose them as soon as possible.

But is double chin unattractive? Does it hold other health implications? Do skinny people often get them? What are some of the best methods to get rid of it? These are, but some of the questions will be considered in this short article.

How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days

How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days: 5 Methods That Work
How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days: 5 Methods That Work

There are several ways to get rid of submental fullness. Some are basic and easy exercises that anyone can do, while others include drastic measures such as liposuction.

In this segment, let us consider some simple measures and exercises that can improve the appearance of that double chin.

Exercises are essential in eradicating any weight-related challenges, including a double chin. But so is a food choice or your nutrition regimen. It is, therefore, best to combine both for the best results.

Below is how to lose double chine in 5 days using five simple exercises.

Sit and Stare At the Ceiling

Step 1: Take a seat that allows you to sit upright. Be as comfortable as possible.

Step 2: Look up at the ceiling. Try to do this by lifting only your head and pushing it backwards.

Step 3: Push out your lips, point them at the ceiling and act as if you were whistling. This will extend and stretch the muscles under your chin.

Step 4: Remain in this position for 15 to 20 seconds

Step 5: Drop your head, rest for about 5 seconds and repeat

Step 6: Repeat this at least 5 to 6 times every day for 5 days

Yawn, But Like A Lion!

Step 1: Find a comfortable chair or stand if you wish to

Step 2: Open your mouth wide as if to let out a big yawn

Step 3: Push your tongue out of your mouth and stick it as forward as you can. This forces the muscles around your mouth and neck to stretch

Step 4: Maintain that look and position for about 10 seconds. It may start to feel a little uncomfortable

Step 5: Retract your tongue, close your mouth and rest for about 5 seconds

Step 6: Repeat the above steps. Do this at least 8 to 10 times a day

Jaw Jutting

Step 1: Get a chair. You could also choose to stand, but it would be more comfortable if you sat for this exercise.

Step 2: Tilt your head backwards to be looking at the ceiling. Pick a spot on the ceiling and fix your gaze.

Step 3: Upon finding the best place to fix your eyes, extend your lower jaw, pushing it forward as much as you can. This will help stretch the muscle and skin below your chin.

Step 4: Maintain the above pose for about 10 to 15 seconds or until you feel some slight discomfort

Step 5: Relax your jaw and drop your head. Take a 5-second break and repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 in that order.

Step 6: Repeat this exercise at least 6 to 8 times per day before moving to the next activity.

Pout Flexing

Step 1: Find yourself a good chair and get comfortable on it. It is not impossible to do this exercise while standing. Still, we believe sitting is more comfortable and would allow you to complete the activity without giving up due to some discomfort.

Step 2: Stick out your lower lip in a pouting style. This helps to move the muscles of your chin forward.

Step 3: Maintain this stance for about 3 to 5 seconds

Step 4: With your lip still pouted, tilt your chin inwards as if to touch your chest with it. This helps to stretch your chin muscles

Step 5: Maintain this position for about 3 to 5 seconds

Step 6: Release your lip and return your head to a normal position. Allow to rest for about 5 seconds, then repeat the exercise

Step 7: Repeat the exercise about 15 to 20 times each day for maximum results.

Neck Stretching

Step 1: Take a seat and be comfortable to allow for proper balancing

Step 2: Once you are comfortable enough, raise your head, tilt it back to look at the ceiling

Step 3: Next, lift your tongue and still inside your mouth; use it to press against the roof of your mouth. This will cause the muscles of your neck to stretch fully

Step 4: Hold this position for about 5 to 10 seconds

Step 5: Then retract your tongue and relax the head for about 5 seconds

Step 6: Repeat the above procedures about 10 to 15 times per day

The above exercises mainly target the muscles of the chin and neck and can help tone those areas and reduce fat. For better results, it is recommended to do them all each day.

Also, you may add other full-body exercises such as running or skipping as they are known for their general effect.

Watching what you eat and when you eat it is also imperative. In all, whatever can help you drop some weight in different parts of your body can be an effective way on how to lose double chin in 5 days.

Is Double Chin Unattractive?

How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days: 5 Methods That Work

In itself, a double chin is not the most unattractive thing in the world. But partly due to the rise of social media pressure and the notion to always appear perfect, a double chin is now considered unattractive.

Another reason why it could also be unattractive is that it makes you appear older than you actually are. And seeing that nobody wants this, nobody wants a double chin either.

Here are some of the most known causes of submental fat.

Weight Gain

This is the most common culprit in the formation of double in most people. The appearance of a double chin is often associated with an increase in weight.

Weight gains are, in turn, often caused by high-calorie foods, processed meats, and fatty diets. Consequently, individuals who consume these foods regularly usually have higher chances of having double chins.


Genes have a wide range of effects and cut across every aspect of our lives. They can predispose you to a double chin, just like they are often behind every other condition.

These inherited traits can influence how you appear, including the development of a double chin. And because what the genes dictate are often inevitable, double chin caused by genetics are best managed through those exercises or other drastic measures.


The way you carry yourself may also determine whether you will develop a double chin or not. And most people looking for how to lose a double chin in 5 days usually don’t consider this.

Slouching excessively or other bad body postures can quickly weaken your neck and chin muscles causing a double chin to emerge.


A final cause of double chin is age. Typically as we grow older, our skin and muscles grow looser. This then can result in a double chin.

However, this does not happen to everyone, and some people are more predisposed to this than others. Mainly due to genes, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Why Do I Have a Double Chin When I’m Skinny?

Genetics is the sole reason one can be skinny yet have a double chin and a jawline that refuses to be skinny like the rest of the body.

Some skinny people have reported struggling with a double and looking for options to get rid of it fast, and doctors have explained how their genes cause it.

Due to genetic traits, some people gain weight on their breasts, others on the thighs, while others gather fat under their chin.

We can say this last group are genetically inclined to store more fat around the jawline. This is naturally, however unattractive, the individual may find it.

This then means exercises and diet choices alone may not be adequate to get rid of this double chin. In this instance, it is always recommended to augment with some nonsurgical options such as CoolSculpting and Kybella.

What Works Best For Double Chin?

How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days: 5 Methods That Work

Exercises, nutrition, nonsurgical measures such as Kybella and CoolSculpting, and surgical operations such as liposuction are some of the best methods to lose a double chin.

We have already treated exercises and nutrition in the above segments. On the other hand, liposuction is a more drastic option that should only be undertaken as a last resort.

Hence, our focus in this segment would be CoolSculpting and Kybella, two popular techniques used in destroying the fat cells underneath the chin.


This treatment process uses a specially designed applicator to deliver controlled cooling to the chin region.

Suction is often used to hold the tissues of the chin in place before the cooling is delivered for about 45 minutes. The cooling freezes fats to death through cryolypolysis. Then the body takes about three months to break down and remove the dead cells, after which the treatment results become apparent.


Like CoolSculpting, Kybella also works to destroy fat cells, but this time through injections. The Kybella treatment involves the administration of a series of injections containing deoxycholic acid in the affected areas.

About 20 injections are administered during each treatment, with the average Kybella process requiring about 4 to 6 treatments for the best results.

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring acid that breaks down dietary fat in the human body. Using Kybella this way is designed to hasten the breakdown of cell membranes and produce results in at least three months.


A double chin may be caused by various factors and may even appear unappealing to many, but it is not something you need to worry about too much or be stuck with.

If you are actively searching for how to lose double chin in 5 days, then combining the exercises described above with a good nutrition regimen should be appropriate.

However, for more drastic actions, you may want to consider the two nonsurgical processes described above.



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