Tim Hortons Scholarship 2022/2023 Application Guide

Do you reside in Canada or the US and are having financial difficulties paying your tuition? If so, you are in luck since we are about to talk about the Tim Hortons scholarship program, which is only open to students from North America and Canada.

The Tim Hortons scholarship application process will be covered in detail in this article, along with information on eligibility conditions, award amount, and application opening and closing dates.


Knowing what to anticipate, we suggest you to pay close attention as we get started.

Overview of the Scholarship?

The Tim Hortons scholarship program was established to assist students working at any Tim Hortons store in overcoming potential financial barriers to attending school.

The program is also available to children whose parents or grandparents are employed by Tim Hortons Inc.

This means that you can only be considered for the scholarship program if you have a relationship with the highly regarded business, such as being an employee or a direct descendant of a corporate employee.

The scholarship program benefits 200 Canadian students and 20 American students each year; this year won’t be an exception. Like every year year, 220 lucky winners will split a total of $13.3 million.


You may find it interesting to know that since the Tim Hortons scholarship’s inception in 2007, thousands of students have benefited from it.

Application Requirements

  • You must be an American or Canadian citizen.
  • You must be a legitimate or legal resident of Canada.
  • You must be employed by one of the 4800 Tim Hortons restaurants or affiliated businesses in 12 different countries, including Canada and the US. Alternatively, you need to have a grandparent or parent who works for the organization.
  • Before applying, you must be enrolled full- or part-time at an approved post-secondary institution.
  • 15 hours of community service must have been completed by you this year.

What is the scholarship Value?

You will get $1000 from the organizer if your name is selected as a winner for the $1,000 Tim Hortons scholarship. The sum of $1000 will definitely go a long way toward covering your tuition and other costs.

Tim Hortons scholarship Deadline

The deadline for Tim Hortons scholarship applications is April 12, 2022. Therefore, we suggest that you visit the registration portal as soon as possible and submit your application.

How to apply

The complete step-by-step application process for the scholarship program is provided here below.

  • To access the portal for applying for scholarships, click here.
  • On a subject that is listed in the application form, write 500 words.
  • Make sure your writing is clear and free of grammatical errors.
  • constructed with creativity and excellent flow and structure.
  • Present documents proving you completed the required community service.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship award, you must have some connection to the Tim Hortons organization or location. Therefore, we believe it is crucial that we share a few details about the Tim Hortons company and how you can become a member.

What Is Tim Hortons Company Known For?

Tim Hortons is a Canadian restaurant chain which creates delicious quick cuisine and nutritious snacks.

With more than 4846 locations throughout 14 nations, including the US, Saudi Arabia, UK, UAE, Philippines, Qatar, Mexico, Spain, China, Thailand, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Canada, it is the largest quick-service restaurant brand in the country.

What is Tim Hortons Known For?

Tim Hortons was established in 1964 and is well-known for their coffee, doughnuts, and French vanilla. The four items you should order at a Tim Hortons restaurant are the cappuccino, Tuscan Chicken Panini, Timbits, and Raspberry-filled Doughnut.

Does Tim Hortons Provide Corporate Donation

Yes, in addition to managing the Tim Hortons scholarship program, the incredibly successful company is also participating in a number of fund-raising initiatives and activities, such as the Timbits minor sports initiative, which aims to sponsor thousands of kids in regional sports leagues.

How can I obtain a copy of your record of employment (ROE) from Tim Hortons company

A record of employment serves as confirmation that you currently work for or have previously worked for one of the Tim Hortons restaurants.

Since Tim Hortons restaurants are individually owned and operated, you must get in touch with the location or branch where you previously worked to obtain a copy of your ROE.

The minimum age to be hired at any Tim Hortons Restaurant

The legal minimum age varies depending on where you are. So that you can confirm the minimum age requirement and employment laws that apply in your state, we suggest you to visit any of the branches.

How to Know more about the Tim Hortons scholarship?

To learn more information about the scholarship program, visit

How can I apply at a Tim Hortons restaurant?

Since Tim Hortons is a franchised company, the owner of each location is an employer and has a specific hiring policy or set of requirements. However, you must go to to submit an online application.

You can also go to the establishment or restaurant. Speak with the owner or manager and let them know you want to join the team. The owner or management will advise you on your next steps.

Can I apply to multiple Tim Hortons restaurants?

Yes. You will be instructed on what to do next after you visit the area of interest and express your intention to collaborate with them. Make careful, nevertheless, that you don’t apply for offers you can’t sustain over the long term.


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