UBC Centennial Scholarship 2022-23 Application Requirements & Date

The UBC Centennial Scholarship Entrance Award program helps students who are transferring from secondary school or another post-secondary institution to UBC .   The UBC Centennial Scholarship program’s goal is to provide financial help for academically prepared students who express a desire to join and contribute to the UBC community but who would not be able to attend without substantial financial aid. New students can access a range of one-time and reoccurring awards totaling up to $80,000 through the program.

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UBC Centennial Scholarship Eligibility

For the UBC Centennial Scholarship Entrance Award, you must:

  • you must have an excellent academic record in order to be admitted to UBC.
  • You must show that you are in need of money.
  • You must be a protected person in Canada, a Canadian citizen, or a permanent residence.
  • You must be transferring from another post-secondary institution or entering straight out of high school.
  • You must not already hold a degree in order to apply to a direct entry undergraduate program at UBC.

Despite the fact that you can choose between two undergraduate degrees when applying to UBC, your grant application will only be taken into account for your top-choice campus and degree.

The Presidential Scholars Award is distinct from the Centennial Scholars Entrance Award. If you meet the requirements, you may apply for both rewards.

How do you apply?

To apply for the UBC Centennial Scholarship, you must:

  •  submit your UBC application by December 1st,
  • Complete the UBC Entrance Award Application on or before December 1st.

UBC Centennial Scholarship Application Requirements

Application materials for the UBC Centennial Scholarship Award must include the following:

  • Student Application Form
  • Description of Circumstance (maximum 1,000 words) : a description of your financial, family, and personal circumstances that led you to apply for this prize. You must describe your involvement in and contributions to your family, neighborhood, or school as well as your desire to join and participate in the UBC community. Additionally, you must explain how this award will affect your personal status both now and in the future. Numerous grants supported by donations are available to encourage underrepresented groups in Canada’s population to enroll in postsecondary education. Please mention your affiliation with one of these groups in your Description of Circumstance if you so choose.
  • Parent/Guardian Form: Students who have been enrolled in high school within the last 48 months are expected to fill out this form, which asks for financial information about your family. You can describe your circumstances in your Description of Circumstance if you are unable to submit a parent or guardian form or if you are not in contact with your parent or guardian.
  • Reference Form: Your personal reference must be someone who is well-versed in you and qualified to speak to your moral character, interest in UBC, and financial situation. Your reference could be anyone, including but not restricted to your family doctor, coach, teacher, counselor, principal, or supervisor from a paid or volunteer role. It could also be a member of the community or a religious figure.

UBC Centennial Scholarship Application Deadline?

UBC must receive your admission application as well as all completed Entrance Award applications, by December 1, 2022,  including the Student Application Form, Description of Circumstance, Reference Form, and Parent/Guardian Form (if applicable).

By May 15, 2023, UBC will get in touch with the majority of UBC Centennial Scholarship Entrance Award awardees. Only those who are chosen for the prize will be contacted.


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