Ted Rogers Scholarship 2022-23 Application Form!

The Ted Rogers scholarship award is a program meant o increase the possibility of education by investing in Generation Possible to assist the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow through the Ted Rogers Scholarship program. This also applies to innovators like Abby Shaver.

Abby was nominated for the award by Canada Learning Code (CLC), an organization that teaches digital skills like coding to Canadians with a focus on women, Indigenous youth, new Canadians, and persons with disabilities. She is one of the 2021 Ted Rogers Scholarship recipients.

Abigail founded her school’s Diversity in STEM Club to encourage other kids to explore their interests in science and math in a friendly environment. Abigail had a great passion for robotics in high school and realized the need for improved representation in STEM in her community.

Abigail has brought her enthusiasm for STEM to the University of Ottawa with the help of the Ted Rogers Scholarship program, where she is now studying biomedical science. She aspires to continue inspiring change and exploring chances to broaden her knowledge and interests in her area.

The Scholarship Worth

The Ted Rogers scholarship worth up to $10,000 over eight academic terms shall be given to a deserving undergraduate student admitted to Year One of any degree program in the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics, or Science.  Academic performance, extracurricular accomplishments, and/or volunteerism as determined by the Admission Information Form are taken into consideration, along with financial necessity. Students must submit their online University of Waterloo Entrance Bursary application by April 15 in order to be evaluated. Rogers has provided funding to make this award possible.



Ted Rogers Scholarship Program

  • Engineering:
      • Architecture,
      • Architectural Engineering,
      • Biomedical Engineering,
      • Chemical Engineering,
      • Civil Engineering,
      • Computer Engineering,
      • Electrical Engineering,
      • Environmental Engineering,
      • Geological Engineering,
      • Management Sciences,
      • Mechanical Engineering,
      • Mechatronics Engineering,
      • Nanotechnology Engineering,
      • Systems Design Engineering;
      • Software Engineering;
      • Computing and Financial Management;
  •  Mathematics:
      • Business Administration (Laurier) and Computer Science (Waterloo) – Double Degree,
      • Business Administration (Laurier) and Mathematics (Waterloo) –
      • Double Degree,
      • Honours Mathematics,
      • Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management,
      • Computer Science,
      • Mathematics/Business Administration,
      • Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy;
  •  Science:
      • Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy,
      • Biotechnology/Economics,
      • Environmental Science,
      • Honours Science,
      • Life Sciences,
      • Physical Sciences,
      • Science and Business,
      • Science and Aviation

Eligible Citizen

For an applicant to be eligible for this scholarship offer, he or she must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident at Canada.

Entrance bursary

Students commencing their first year in the fall are eligible to apply for the University of Waterloo Entrance Bursary.

From February 1 to April 15, a link can be found in your Quest account.

Eligibility Requirements For Ted Rogers Scholarship

For one to be considered as an eligible applicant, he must:

  1.  You are an Ontario resident (as defined by OSAP) and as well have lived in Ontario for at least a year before starting your post-secondary study.
  2. You have applied as a full-time student
  3. It will be your first term of post-secondary study when the fall semester arrives.
  4. Show that you have a serious financial need during your first year of college.
  5. You must apply for the bursary offer at the due application date which is by April 15
  6. For the upcoming fall semester, you must submit your OSAP application by June 15. (Note: supporting documentation for your OSAP application does not have to be submitted by June 15)
  7. The combined income of your parents is under $100,000. (Note: A bursary is not guaranteed if the parent(s)’ income is below $100,000; other factors are taken into consideration.)

Application Date and Deadline

You will apply for the bursary by April 15 (the application deadline)

If you missed the application Deadline, You might still be given consideration for the Waterloo full-time bursary even though you won’t be eligible for the Entrance Bursary.

Application Process

When applying for the Ted Rogers Scholarship, make sure to accurately enter all of your information because you can only apply once.

If you were eligible for a bursary, you would have heard by mid-May.

Helpful tips: The following  applies to only Undergraduates applicants;

  • be careful to thoroughly read the directions and provide relevant information because you can only submit this application once.
  • Do not include the $ symbol or commas with financial information for amounts greater than $1,000.00.
  • Have the combined income of your parent(s) or spouse available before beginning the application.

How Do I Apply for Ted Rogers Scholarship?

  1. Sign in to Quest.
  2. Select the Entrance Bursary file.
  3. Read through the Entrance Bursary website’s eligibility requirements. Answer the four questions to qualify if you match the requirements, then click Apply.
  4. Select Submit after completing the sections for the student’s financial information and personal information.
  5. Read the Declaration of Student, check the box to indicate your agreement, and then click the Submit button.


The information on your entry bursary application and your OSAP application will be thoroughly verified before any entrance bursary offers are finalized.

  • You must apply for OSAP by June 15 in order to qualify. You must apply for OSAP if you plan to attend the University of Waterloo.
  • Don’t worry if you forgot to include the bursary on your OSAP application; it will be done on your behalf.
  • Using the OSAP application, all information concerning your assets, income, and parental income will be validated. On the OSAP website, you can submit an online application.
  • The entry bursary may be changed if you provided false information on your entrance bursary application regarding your assets, income, or the income of your parents.
  • The value of the admission bursary may change as a result of scholarships and awards. Your eligibility for the Waterloo entrance scholarship (Year One value) and the Waterloo entrance bursary is limited to a total of $6,000 each year.
  • The value of the entrance bursary may change if you are given other scholarships and awards.
  • The entrance bursary is contingent upon full-time enrollment in degree programs, and it may be modified in the event that a student withdraws from studies or changes their program or plan.
  • Depending on your enrollment, entrance bursaries are paid in two equal installments, the first in the Fall term and the second in either the Winter or Spring term.

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