Apply for Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship 2023: How to Apply!

The Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship award was offered in dedication and memory of Rose Nolan, who was the mother of Ted Nolan. Ted holds the fundamental conviction that women are our world’s greatest source of strength. He is aware of the impact his mother Rose had on him personally and is aware that without her support and affection, he would not be the person he is today.

Ted’s life was forever changed by Rose’s untimely passing in 1981 at the hands of a drunk driver. She made a significant and lasting impact on his family’s lives. The emphasis and significance she placed on family, education, and the community served as a guide for them as well as a source of support and encouragement.

Overview of the Scholarship

The Ted Nolan Foundation donated $125,000 to the Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2019-2022, and the IIC was honored to welcome this gift. The IIC and Indspire collaborated through the Building Brighter Futures program after the kind donation to acquire extra matching funding for the award.

About Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship

The Ted Nolan Foundation established the Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2022. The Fund strives to support First Nations women in pursuing their educational and career aspirations while retaining a strong sense of community.

Eligibility Criteria for Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship

  • Only First Nations women and female identifiers
  • students that are full-time students at Ontario Indigenous Institutes.
  • Candidates who are enrolled in any academic program.

Awards Category



August 1, November 1, February 1

Program of Study


Level of Study


Indigenous Affiliation

First Nations

Eligible Institution

Female First Nations students from Ontario who are enrolled in one of the post-secondary schools listed below as members of the Indigenous Institutes Consortium will receive these scholarships on an annual basis.

The eligible institutions includes:

  • Anishinabek Educational Institute
  • Ogwehoweh Skills and Trades Training Centre
  • Kenjgewin Teg
  • Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig
  • lohahi:io Akwesasne Education & Training Institute
  • Oshki-Pimache-0- Win
  • Six Nations Polytechnic

How to Apply

Please sign up or sign in to continue the Building Brighter Futures general application process at Indspire. An Indigenous Institute can be listed as your educational institution if space is available.

Apply through Indspire here after logging in or registering.

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