How to Pop out Twitch Chat: In 6 Easy Steps [Video]

Knowing how to pop out Twitch chat is necessary for the regular Twitch user. This can allow them to continue having a great conversation with friends and their community while still performing activities such as streaming.

Twitch is primarily for live streaming video games as its over 30 million daily users can stream what they are playing, watch others play, or simply interact with other viewers, which is where the Titch chat comes in.

Twitch has also now evolved to include other areas such as vlogging, creating art, making music, singing, cooking, and other similar activities that people find highly interesting today.

And the chatting feature just adds to the beauty of the Platform. For instance, the “Just Chatting” section allows streamers to talk to their viewers while engaging in the main activities.

The chats can be displayed over a second or third screen to avoid disrupting streaming or viewing. But you can also pop it out on a separate window and move it around to view it on the same screen while still viewing live streams.

And there are two different ways you can communicate with other Twitch users privately. This could be through a Direct Message (DM) or Whispers. A DM allows you to send out private messages to other users outside of a Channel, while a Whisper will enable you to message a user while inside a channel or general chat.

These are different from a Twitch chat, and while you can easily send a DM without problems, you would need to know how to pop out Twitch chat to be able to send a Whisper.

How to Pop out Twitch Chat

How to Pop out Twitch Chat
How to Pop out Twitch Chat

Most newbies on Twitch do not know how to pop out Twitch chat, and this is especially a problem for streamers as they will not be able to see their conversations and stream simultaneously.

This section shows very easy steps that can be used to pop out your Twitch chat even if you are just starting out.

Step 1: Open Twitch

First, open Twitch on your favorite browser and sign in to access your profile. And once you are in, find the channel whose chat you intend to view.

This process is the same for the streamer and the viewer. If you are streaming, you simply need to locate your channel whose chats you want to view in a separate window or screen and click to open it. Whereas viewers only need to find their favorite streamer’s channel and open it.

Step 2: Open Chat

Once you are inside the channel (as either a viewer or streamer), go to the navigation bar under the channel’s profile picture to open the channel’s chat.

To do this, click the “Chat” icon located on the navigation bar, and the chat will immediately open and can be found at the sidebar to the right.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the stream tab and locate the gear icon under the chat segment. This is what is known as “Settings” in Twitch.

The next step is for streamers trying to pop out chats under their channel, and if you are a viewer, you can skip the next step.

Step 3: Open Mod Settings

Upon clicking the “Settings” icon in your channel, a menu will appear as a streamer. On that menu, locate “Mod Settings” and open it.

Once you open this setting, a list of items will be displayed; go to the “Switch to Non-Mod Settings” and click on it to switch from Mod Settings to Non-Mod Settings.

Step 4: Pop out chat

As a viewer, once you have clicked and opened “Settings,” you will find an option for “Popout Chat,” click on it to pop out the chat in that channel.

However, streamers have to perform a few more steps to get there. Once you have switched to “Non-Mod Settings,” click on it to open another menu. You will find several options on that menu, including “My Preferences.” Click on that for even more options.

On the next menu that appears, find “Popout Chat” and click on it.

Step 5: View the chat

Once you have clicked on “Popout Chat” as either a viewer or streamer, the chats for that channel will be opened on a new window of the same browser you are using to access Twitch.

Step 6: Move and adjust the window screen

Once you can now see your chats in a separate window, you will need to move the window around and adjust your screen properly for convenience.

Because while you want to pop out your chats, you also don’t want to be taken away from the main activity.

Clicking away from the chat window would automatically minimize it, so you don’t want to do that if you intend to view the community’s communication.

What you want to do instead is to adjust both windows so they can stand side-by-side on your monitor. That way, you can both stream/watch streams and chat simultaneously.

Now that you have learned how to pop out Twitch chat, it may also interest you to know that popping out a conversation only works for live and running channels. If a channel is inactive, a chat popout will not work.

What Is the Point of Twitch Chat?

How to Pop out Twitch Chat

The point of Twitch chat is to allow for seamless communication between streams and their audience and between viewers.

The Twitch chat can enhance your overall experience on Twitch, but there are several things you may need to understand to enjoy it fully.

Aside from learning how to pop out Twitch chat to view chats and stay active while streaming, below are certain subjects that you may also need to know about the Twitch chat.

Chat Identity

You can set up a unique chat identity on Twitch. This makes you appear different from other community members and keeps things interesting.

For instance, you can easily set up a customizable badge that can appear next to your chat name. This can be done to look the same on every channel, or you can customize it to look different in specific groups.

You can also choose and change the color of your username within the different channels.

Chat Filters

The chat filters option exists to make chatting on Twitch more attractive. For instance, you can filter chats across all channels on Twitch.

You can enable and disable local filtering to allow or disallow certain chats by toggling. You can set it to disable subjects like discrimination and profanity to make your chat experience more delightful.

Chat Appearance

The elements that appear under your chats can also be easily adjusted to suit your preferences. You can change things like Font Size to scale up or reduce the size of your chat fonts or the size of your username, badges, and emotes.

You can adjust the Readable Colors to increase readability and reduce the strain on your eyes while reading a chat,

Emote Animations and Timestamp can be adjusted to allow or disallow animations on animated emotes and enable or disable timestamps for messages, respectively.

You can also enjoy other features such as hiding and replying to specific chats. Generally, the way you customize all of this depends on how you feel, and you can also make adjustments whenever you want.

Lastly, most of these changes reflect instantly, and you do not need to refresh before the changes can be visible.

Is It Safe To Chat On Twitch?

How to Pop out Twitch Chat

Chatting on Twitch is supposed to be safe due to the many ways to moderate and protect both the members of a channel and the channel itself.

But being on Twitch itself can cause exposure to inappropriate content as the Platform is as spontaneous as other streaming platforms, and sometimes what comes in can be hard to filter.

For instance, in 2019, about 2,200 people saw the German Synagogue Shooting that streamed on Twitch for 35 minutes. And this has been one of the famous incidents of inappropriateness in recent years.

However, chatting in channels should be safer with the wide array of tools used to safeguard messages and the members of a community on Twitch, including the following:


Twitch allows for easy moderation by letting streamers assign trusted viewers to do the tasks of helping him moderate a channel.

These moderators can also be bots designed specifically for this purpose. But regardless of whether it is humans or bots doing the work, the job of a moderator is to safeguard the chats and channel and make chatting safer for everyone.


This feature allows streamers to set up email verification before admitting a user. That way, evil people will find more obstacles to deal with instead of getting a smooth ride to cause problems inside channels.

Hyperlinks Blocks

A streamer can also automatically prohibit users from dropping URLs. We all know how dangerous unsolicited URLs can be, and Twitch tries to keep users safe by providing this in their community guidelines and channel security measures.

Non-Mod Chat Delays

Some channels also set up automatic delays from messages from non-mods (Non-Moderators). This way, Moderators can see it before anyone else. During the timeout, the message can be deleted if it is found to be unsavory before it even reaches regular users.

Timeouts & Ban

These measures also help to make chatting on Twitch safer and more secure. They can be used to temporarily or permanently disable a particular user from sending messages to the channel.

The timeouts are used to temporarily prevent a user from typing and sending messages for a set amount of time. A default timeout is set at 10 minutes, but you can reduce or increase this as you please.

Bans are more permanent and prevent users from messaging a channel or even viewing the chats on the channels as long as they remain banned.

Blocked/Permitted Terms and Phrases

This feature allows you to set up words and phrases allowed and disallowed in the streaming chat.

You can limit the usage of certain words or just set certain terms to undergo AutoMod filters before being posted.

How Do I Entertain Someone on Twitch?

How to Pop out Twitch Chat

So, you have been using Twitch for some time now and have even mastered how to pop out Twitch chat, but you are still having trouble being entertaining enough on Twitch.

This section shows you how you can easily entertain someone on Twitch and make chatting even more fun.

No Radio Silence

The first thing you need to do to keep your channel or stream engaging is always have something going on.

Twitch is a very dynamic platform, and those who come in every day always want to see some action. If you wish to keep people’s attention, you cannot afford any radio silence. Your channel needs to be live before it can even be entertaining.

To avoid radio silence, you can do any of these three things; always narrate your gameplay, sing, or talk to the audience.

Always Use Extensions

Twitch is a great platform, but it can become so much more with the use of different extensions. And extensions can help you entertain and keep your audience.

There are extensions for creating polls and voting. There are some for choosing and playing any kind of music, and there are those that viewers can play as games.

The best part about extensions is how you never really have to do anything else once they are up and running. And they are free for you to use.

Have a Great Gameplay

Another way to keep people entertained on Twitch is to have awesome gameplay. While this does not mean winning and crushing every game you play, it also doesn’t mean losing too frequently and dying at every turn.

Be good enough to hold your ground to some extent and describe what you are doing, and you will have an entertained audience.

Have Joint Streams

Always have your streams with as many people as possible if you can afford it. This is because people tend to feel more entertained watching multiple streamers than a single streamer.

And this is only natural, as many streamers mean a showcase of multiple personalities and skills and hence more entertainment for the viewers.

You can ask your friends to join in while you stream and have a general discussion while you play games. In this case, the conversations are more natural and fluid as you are already familiar with each other.

You can even have gaming competitions between yourselves and live streams for an eager audience to watch and feel entertained.

Be Different

Nobody likes a copycat, even more so when trying to build a following. Being on Twitch may be about live-streaming games and other activities, but you can also do this in a unique way that makes you stand out.

Find out what your greatest strengths are and use that to be as original as possible without trying to copy the styles or catchphrases of the more popular streamers.


Summarily, we have learned how to pop out Twitch chat and why you may need to do this in the first place. We also saw how to ensure chatting safety on Twitch and how to entertain your viewers.

The guide, therefore, contains most of the things you should know if you want to start using this popular game streaming service, especially as a streamer.


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