Top 5 Music Bots For Discord: The Ultimate Guide For Discord Users [Video]

Today we will be looking at the top 5 music bots for Discord because this platform has been growing in popularity recently due to its ability to integrate and use bot for literally every task, including music.

While Discord excels as a gaming chat service provider, the bots it houses and offers can facilitate several standalone activities such as running great music in the background while chatting or doing other online activities on the different servers.

This type of functionality is only common with Discord and Telegram services as you cannot enjoy a blast of music with the other social platforms.

And the best music bots are essentially those that can play great songs, search and show lyrics, provide copyright-free songs, work with different audio files, and even suggest songs based on mood.

And the bots that made it to our list of top 5 music bots for discord do all of these and more. So whether you are a newbie on Discord or an old-timer who is still grieving the demise of Groovy and rhythm bots below you will find something that suits your music taste.

Top 5 Music Bots For Discord

Top 5 Music Bots For Discord
Top 5 Music Bots For Discord



If you are like most music lovers that like high quality music then this is the perfect Discord music bot for you.

The bot can play songs in XHD or what is now known as Extra HD as well and simply has no alternative in that regards.

Zandercraft also makes features such as searching for songs, adding them to a queue, creating awesome playlists, and playing the songs while engaging in community chats very easy.

But more important, this bot does more that get you good songs as you can also get GIFs and other fun features that significantly inspire both your creativity and productivity on the platform.


This is more than the regular music-streaming bot as it can also suffice as a bot for streaming any radio station around the globe.

And the best part; it never stops just like the name implies as you can play songs from YouTube and other websites or listen to any online radio station all day long.

It has other features including playing or pausing songs, making playlists, and adding numerous songs to queue and you can enjoy all of these using the free version of this bot.

However, if you want extra features such as having extra control on the YouTube playlist and volume, and increasing the quality of the songs, then you may opt in for the premium version which costs about $2.47/Month.


Fredboat would easily become your favorite Discord music bot following a brief listening.

This is mostly because the bot is so vast that it can get your good music from several websites.

Unlike many other music bots that can only play songs from a few platforms, Fredboat can easily supply you great music from a number of different websites including YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, and even direct links plus many more.

You can also set and arrange your playlist while at it to prevent going back and forth to sort the next song.

Another great feature is the high quality of songs that you can play and you will not lose any quality in the music simply because you are playing them through a bot.

Additionally, Fredboat is open-source and highly secured. This means, it will always be evolving as more people are allowed to contribute to the bot and you will never run into any security risks while listening to your favorite songs on Discord.


This bot brings simplicity to how you listen to music on Discord. Unlike most music bots that require you to have some level of experience before operating, this one allows anyone, including beginners, to get things right without trying too hard.

There is also the high-quality music it delivers, allowing you listen add and listen to any song without dropping the quality.

Additionally, Octave allows you enjoy many other features such as searching songs, adding to/creating a playlist, and pausing or playing songs with an easy control system.

What’s more? You can add a Spotify support built-in to this bot. That way, you can stream and enjoy the songs on your Spotify account on this server.

Lastly, the bot allows for song voting. That is, the members of a server can vote to keep or skip a song based on whether or not they like it.


Our list of top 5 music bots for Discord would not be complete without this bot in the mix. This is because it provides one of the best visualization for the songs that you play on your server. That way, you can have total control over songs including reset, skip, pause, and play controls.

Aside from this absence of complex commands, the bot also provides features such as 24/7 playback, song searching, and volume boost.

The members of a server can vote on a song to play or skip it depending on how they like the song.

MEE6 also allows you curate music from more than one source with some of its music sources including SoundCloud, Twitch, YouTube, and many more.

It is good to note, however, that many of the control features are only available to paid subscribers and cannot be used on the free version.

How Do You Use Discord Music Bots?

Top 5 Music Bots For Discord

Now that we have seen the top 5 music bots for Discord, let us see how you can use any of them to play music on Discord.

To use Discord music bot, you will need to first create a server in your Discord, then add the music bots of your choice using a link to their respective websites.

Step 1: Create a Server

Open your Discord application on your mobile or desktop device and click on the “+” sign found at the lower bottom of the left part of your screen.

This will take you to where to create a Discord server. Give the server a name then add the name of your region and then hit the blue “Create” button to finish.

Step 2: Go to the bot’s website

Head over to the bot’s website by either following the invite link or typing the name out and searching for it.

Once you are there, click on the “Invite,” “Add,” or “Add to Discord” link shown in purple. This will take you to where you need to sign into your Discord account.

Step 3: Sign in to your account

Type in your login details and sign into your account. Because you are using the link for step 2 above, signing in will automatically take you where you need to select the server you want to add the music bot to.

Step 4: Select the server

Once you are in, select the server you created in step 1 above to add the music bot. the music bot will be added and you can begin to listen to music with it with other members of that server.

Is Discord Safe For 12 Year Olds?

Top 5 Music Bots For Discord

For safety and privacy reasons, Discord is considered unfit and unsafe of kids lower than 13; that is 12 year olds and under and their age rating only allows for 13 years and older.

But it is not too difficult for kids lower than 13 to break these rules and sign up to the platform nonetheless.

And complicating the issue is how Discord is an “invite only” platform. This means that it could be very easy for the wrong people to create a community and get kids into them.

However, with a little monitoring and privacy settings, Discord can be safe for anyone should be safe on Discord.

For instance, kids need to adhere to the rules of not joining until they are 13 and older and parents need to monitor to make sure of this.

Also, you do not need to accept every invite to belong to a community except it is coming from a friend or someone you know. And the private messages you respond to must be from people you know.

What Can You Do On Discord?

Top 5 Music Bots For Discord

Discord started out as the ideal app for gamers to chat and text while playing their favorite games but has now evolved into a platform with a variety of activities and functionalities.

Even businesses and non-gaming enterprises now utilize Discord to create communities and reach out to their audience in a unique and convenient way.

Aside from gaming, we thought we should describe about 5 other activities you can do on Discord.

Screen Sharing

There are not many platforms that allow you to share screen with others and this particular feature is helping to boost the popularity of Discord.

Just like Zoom, you can hold important call sessions here and even share screen to allow others to see.

This is particularly useful for business meetings and training and has inspired an influx of the corporate world into the Discord community.

Integration with Other App

Discord can be used as a standalone app for so many activities including building a strong community around a particular subject. But when the need arises, it can also be easily integrated with other applications and platforms.

For instance, you can connect your Discord account and servers to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Reddit, Xbox to mention but a few.

Needless, to say, this adds to the overall benefits of using the platform such as streaming and listening to music on the go while using Discord.

Order Fake Food

Discord also provides a fast food feature that basically allows you other for food through the platform.

The list of food contains everything from Pizza and Burgers to even Chinese Foods and the simulation is as close to a real life event as it gets.

While the entire process is fake and you will not necessary receive any meals, it is still a fun way to use the app to pass time and do some of the things you miss in real life.

Listen To Music Over A Call/Chat

This has become one of the most common uses of Discord in recent times. You can now conveniently listen to music from numerous platforms while engaging your friends in games, a chat or a call.

This feature is so sophisticated that you can easily control the volumes of both the song and the mic to prevent chaos while at it.

What makes it even more interesting is how you can get high-quality music for free from different platforms including Spotify.

Organize Occasions

Another very interesting thing you can do on Discord is to build servers and organize occasions online.

This can allow you create challenges, polls, and discussions that can be done by members of the community.

You can invite like-minded people to join and because Discord servers works strictly by invitations, these occasions can contain only a well-filtered set of people.


Discord like many other social media platform is gaining increasing popularity because it allows people interact and have fun.

But Discord does something different from other platforms; allow you listen to music while engaging in other activities.

Doing this without leaving the app is often made possible through music bots and in this guide we have listed and discussed the top 5 music bots for Discord amongst other things.

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