How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound – Full Guide [Video]

Snapchat always changes so frequently, but tricks like how to change Snapchat notification sound have remained the same over the years.

These changes are often made more enjoyable for users, but they can be harder to use and understand at first, especially for new users.

One of these changes was removing the 1 to 10 seconds duration for pictures and images that are shared during chats.

Snapchat is a chatting platform that primarily exists and works as a mobile app, and while this makes it different from other communication platforms, it also makes it very limiting.

The parent company is called Snap which ironically is the colloquial used to refer to the app and pictures taken on the platform by users.

Aside from Snapchat, they also make other products, such as the Snapchat Spectacles. However, these other products are not as popular as Snapchat, with over 300 million daily users and still growing.

And if you are one of these users, then this guide will teach you how to change Snapchat notification sound, amongst other things.

How to Change Snapchat Notification Sound

How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound
How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound

There are so many different reasons why anyone might be looking for how to change Snapchat notification sound, and the truth is when many apps share the same notification sound on your phone, it is often easy to miss out on some notification.

If you are a regular Snapchat user, you will want a different and unique notification sound for your Snaps, that way; you know when a notification is from Snapchat even without looking at your phone.

Our guide on how to change Snapchat notification sound covers both Android and iOS separately as the process works differently for these devices.

How to Change Snapchat Notification Sound on Android

Step 1: Open the “Settings” icon on your Android

Go to your phone’s Homepage and find the “Settings” icon, then tap on it to open a list of various settings you can make on your device.

Step 2: Locate “Apps & Notifications”

Once you have opened your phone’s Settings, scroll down until you find “Apps & Notifications,” then click on to open.

Here you will find various options, locate “See All Apps” and tap it to open a list of all the applications on your Android device.

Step 3: Find the “Snapchat” app.

Once you have opened the list of all the apps, scroll through to find the “Snapchat” app, then strike it to open other options.

What you will get next is the app info screen, and when you get here, look for “Notifications” and open it.

This will open another menu once you click it and on that menu, locate “Snaps and Chats” and tap on it. This, too, will lead to another menu screen where you will find “Notification Category” and click on it, then find “Advanced” and click it on the following screen.

Step 4: Find “Sound” and open it.

Upon opening the “Advanced” screen, what you will get are several options, including “Pop on Screen,” “Vibration,” “Sound,” and so on.

Click on “Sound” to open a list of several tones from which you can choose any to set as your Snapchat notification sound.

Alternatively, you can click on “Custom Ringtone” on the same screen to set a custom tone for your Snapchat.

Once you are done here, you can kindly exit the “Settings” and return to your Snapchat to enjoy your new notification sound.

How to Change Snapchat Notification Sound on iPhone

Sadly, you cannot change the notification sound for Snapchat on iOS as you did above with an Android device.

We are not sure why, but the developers of this app are yet to provide the feature for iPhone users. However, you can change a sound notification anytime you want on your iPhone.

The only clause here is that the same sound will be used for every other application, including iMessage.

So while you can set new ringtones, it will not be unique to Snapchat alone. If you don’t mind and still want to proceed with changing a notification sound, then the steps below will guide you.

Step 1: Open “Settings”

Locate the “Settings” icon on your iPhone Home Screen and click on it to open, then scroll down until you find “Snapchat.”

Next, click on it to open a list of menus available for Snapchat on your device.

Step 2: Open “Notification”

On the screen that opens once you tap on “Snapchat,” scroll down to “Notifications” and click it to open.

Locate the “Sounds” slider and ensure it is toggled on, then exit it to return to the main Settings menu.

Step 3: Find “Sounds,” or “Sounds & Haptics”

Depending on what version of iPhone you use, you can locate “Sounds,” or “Sounds & Haptics” from the main Settings menu.

Step 4: Find “Text Tone”

Once you have opened the menu on step 3 above, scroll down to find the “Text Tone” option and click on it to open a list of alert tones you can select from.

Again, keep in mind that this tone will be used for other apps on your device.

Can We Use Snapchat on PC Online?

How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound

One thing that makes social interaction so attractive and addictive is the ability to use it across different devices and gadgets.

This means you can easily use it on both mobile devices and computers. However, not all messaging platforms allow this to happen.

For instance, while you can easily use the Snapchat app on any mobile device, you cannot easily use it on a PC online.

Emphasis should be placed on the words “cannot easily” as it means it can be done but only through some complex mechanisms.

Because Snapchat does not have an official desktop version, you will need to first install tools like an Emulator to be able to use Snapchat on a PC successfully. Otherwise, the only thing you can access when you try to open Snapchat on a computer is your account page and nothing more.

You will be unable to view stories or send messages when using Snapchat on PC online without a proper Emulator.

How to Use Snapchat on PC Online

Some Snapchat users may prefer to run their Snapchat on a desktop because it offers a broader view than what is obtainable with a mobile phone.

Some features are tiny on phones, especially when using a small screen resolution phone. This is not so with computers that have huge screen sizes.

Secondly, using a computer eliminates the need to scroll with your hands and fingers; you can simply sit back with your laptop not very close to your face and enjoy scrolling with a mouse.

This adds to the overall experience and more reasons why people would like to use this messaging platform on a computer.

Step 1: Download an Emulator

There are several Emulators on the internet, but most people recommend using the Bluestacks Emulator.

Not only is this third-party application free to use, but it is also safer than other Emulators on the web.

Step 2: Sign in to Bluestacks

Once you download the app, you can do well to sign up if you have never used their services before or sign in if you already have an account.

Alternatively, you can skip this step and complete it later, especially if you are in a hurry. However, signing in will allow you to enjoy more services.

Step 3: Find “Snapchat” App

Once you are in, locate the Snapchat App on the list of applications and click it to open it. Then install it to your computer from the Emulator.

Once installation is complete, you can exit the Emulator and return to the Home Screen of your computer to find the app icon.

Click on it to open and use it on your desktop

How Do You Have Fun On Snapchat?

How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound

Now that you have learned how to change Snapchat notification sounds, perhaps it is time to get into the app properly and understand the different things you can do to have fun on Snapchat.

Let us now consider some of the most exciting features on the platform:

Ugly Selfies

There are selfies, and then there are ugly selfies. While regular selfies are used to catch the best pictures and are very popular on other messaging platforms, Snapchat invites you to set all your insecurities aside and deliberately take photographs that make you look crazy and ugly.

With this feature, you can distort and caricature your face as much as you want. The results are selfies that are barely recognizable but fun and interesting nonetheless.

Emojis & Bitmojis

While emojis are features that are used on every social media platform, they tend to perform extra functions in Snapchat – adding fun to imagery.

Some emojis are static and can be resized to give more details or hide specific details in a photo, while others are live like the cry-laughing face emoji.

Additionally, you may try the Bitmojis, which can now be easily integrated into your Snapchat and used to design a character that could look like you.

Also, integrating Bitmojis into your Snapchat gives you more features and characters to play with your friends who also use the service.

Story Telling

Like other platforms, you can set up stories that run for 24 hours, after which they disappear. However, on Snapchat, you can use these stories to tell an actual story.

You can do this by capturing a series of Snaps as an event unfolds while adding tiny bits to infuse a slight exaggeration and make the stories more appealing.

You can use this to turn everyday happenings into intense comedic series that has both you and your audience fully invested in the occurrence.

Face Swaps

The platform really does sell itself as a camera company and has many features that point towards a really excellent lens program.

For instance, the Ugly Selfie feature indicates tremendous lens capacity, which is emphasized through the Face Swap feature.

This works by taking an inanimate object or random images from different places and replacing your face in photos with these objects.

You can grab the Spiderman design from a separate image and place it where your face is, and this can sit pretty well on your neck.

You can point towards any image using this feature and wait for Snapchat to recognize them and use them to perform Face Swaps.

Try It with Friends

This is another testimony of Snapchat’s impressive camera functionality. The feature can be tried with friends, whether in images or videos.

All that is required is to make videos or take pictures using this feature and allow Snapchat to cover your faces with silly and quirky masks that make everything look even more fascinating.

The best part is the faces and lenses tend to change every day, so you will hardly ever repeat a mask or face even if you use this feature every day.

Drawing Objects

This may be a little outdated as it existed even way before all these excellent lens features were added.

Regardless, it is still an exciting feature that can make Snapchat even more enjoyable. If you love to draw, this could quickly turn into your favorite thing on the platform.

You can select various colors and gently move your finger across your phone screen to draw.

While this may take some time to finish, you can end up with fascinating drawings that anyone would be happy to view.

You can place it on your story and show it off to your friends.

What Are Hidden Channels on Snapchat?

How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound

Hidden channels are simply channels and fodders that can be hidden and unhidden using passwords and safe locks.

A user can set this up and make it difficult for anyone else to access or view the content of these folders.

However, channels are not the only things that can be hidden on Snapchat, and if you are big on privacy, you can basically hide anything from Snaps to stories and even messages.


Snapchat is a popular messaging service provider known and loved for its unique features. It currently has over 300 million daily users.

If these many people enjoy it, a skill like how to change Snapchat notification sound should be something some users would like to know.

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible on iOS, but you can easily do this on your Android device.


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