How to Crop on Twitch Step by Step: Easy 5 Step Guide [Video]

You might want to learn how to crop on Twitch step by step as this can allow you to effortlessly crop and edit videos so that you can take out parts you don’t want and keep those you.

Twitch was launched in 2011 as a video-streaming platform that allows users to play and watch video games in a fun and most social way possible.

On the one side are the skillful players who live-stream the games they play with audio commentary for their intrigued audience. And on the other side are viewers and audiences who come to watch their favorite streamers go at it. Sometimes, the streamer could even be a real-life celebrity.

Together, these users give Twitch its over 2.5 million logins and activities at any given time on both its app and website versions. Aside from the game-related content, Twitch users also get access to content by streamers who focus on music, art or carry the audience along as they go about their daily activities.

And because Twitch is free to download and use, you may see the need to get any of these content or, more specifically, a part of these content. This is necessary when you want to live-stream a part of a pre-recorded video of a video game gameplay or use them on other social media platforms. To do this, you will need to gain knowledge on how to crop on Twitch step by step.

How to Crop on Twitch Step by Step

How to Crop on Twitch Step by Step
How to Crop on Twitch Step by Step

Whether it is a video game, a music video, or a video of you teaching art, you can follow these procedures to learn how to crop on Twitch step by step.

This guide considers that you are registered on Twitch and are already enjoying the free membership. We also assume that you already know how to use Twitch for the most fundamental part.

Step 1: Locate the Twitch Video

This should be obvious, but we still like to ensure we start from the beginning. First, log in to your Twitch account and open your user profile if you have the video saved there.

Alternatively, you can open the streamer’s profile to find a video you would like to crop. You can also use the dropdown button to see recent broadcasts and highlights from all your favorite players.

Step 2: Select the clip

Once you have located the clip, you wish to edit, simply click on it to open. Once it opens, decide where you want to crop and hover your mouse briefly above it.

Step 3: Open the clip feature

Next, move your mouse to the icons below at the bottom left corner of your screen and choose the clip feature. It is the icon right after the settings icon.

Alternatively, you can press “alt + x” on your keyboard to open the clip feature. This is where you will perform the cropping properly.

Step 4: Cut the clip

Move your mouse to the video slider again. But this time, grab the blue slider and move it to the point you want the video to begin.

This will cut the other part of the video off, allowing you to keep the part on your right. You can also move the blue slider on your right to cut off any unwanted piece on the other end of the video.

Depending on how much of it you intend to use, you can make the clip as short as 5 seconds or as long as 60 seconds.

Step 5: Publish the cropped video

The final step on how to crop on Twitch step by step is to publish the work you have accomplished. First, give your edited video a name by typing in an appropriate title in the section beneath the clip slider.

Once you have that taken care of, click the purple “Publish” button underneath to allow people to see what you have done.

When done right, a cropped video on Twitch has the potential to go viral seeing the millions of users that navigate Twitch every day.

How Do I Manually Crop A Video?

How to Crop on Twitch Step by Step

Regular Twitch users can easily learn how to crop on Twitch step by step and get the job done with the video-streaming platform.

However, if you wish to crop a video manually, you can employ the services of several video editing tools such as InVideo or Videomaker.

Let us see how to crop a video with these tools manually

Using InVideo

Step 1: Login into your account

To crop a video using InVideo, you will need to be signed in, so the first step to take is to log in to your InVideo account.

If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one quickly by visiting their website. Once you are signed in, navigate to “Blank Canvas” and click to open it. Next, select the appropriate ratio for the video you intend to end with, then hit the “Make A Video” button to get the video editor ready.

Step 2: Upload the video

Once you have launched and prepared the editor, the following step is to upload the video you intend to crop.

Next, move the video to the blank canvas in the center of your screen. Once the video is transferred, you will see a prompt asking to trim the video. Simply click on the video to get started.

Step 3: Crop the video

Clicking on the video will bring out editing options at the right corner of your screen. Next, click on the “Video Edit” button to see a dropdown menu, and this is where you will find the “Crop” option.

Step 4: Finish the cropping

As you crop, you will see a pop-up that allows you to see how the video will look after you are done. You can still select a preferred video ratio at this stage or move your video manually from right to left, then pause to preview what the finished product will look like.

Upon your satisfaction, hit on “Done” to save your work and press “Download & Share” to download what you have accomplished or share on the available social media platforms.

It would also help to hit the “Export” button to export the cropped video to your device for later use.

Using Videomaker

Using Videomaker products to crop videos on mobile devices is easy; however, the makers have separate applications for iPhone and Android devices, as we will see in the steps below.

Step 1: Get the applications.

The first step to editing a video on your phone is to get the appropriate application. You will need the Video Crop app for iPhone as it is both easy and free to use. For an Android device, the app Crop & Trim Video will work much better.

You can download either app from the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

Step 2: Launch the app

Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your device, you will need to launch it before starting with the cropping.

Once you launch the app, the crop icon will appear in the middle of the screen on iPhone, and for Android, you can find the “Crop” at the lower portion of the screen.

Click it immediately you see it, and this will take you to the videos on your device. Select the video you intend to crop and wait to upload it to the app.

Step 3: Start cropping.

Once the video has been uploaded successfully, a box will appear around the video frame on iPhone, and a rectangle can be seen over the video on an Android. You can drag any of the edges of the box or rectangle to the points in the video you wish to crop.

Any part of the original video that falls outside the box or rectangle will be cropped off. You can click on the video with the box or rectangle to preview and see what the end product will look like.

Step 4: Save your work

Once you are satisfied with what you have done, tap the arrow found at the top right corner of your iPhone screen or the check-mark button located at the top right corner of your Android screen to save your work.

How Do You Crop A Screen Recording On A PC?

How to Crop on Twitch Step by Step

Most videos are done to display certain things to the audience, and screen recordings have become very popular for this exact reason.

Screen recordings are often done to deliver crucial messages to the audience. They are often used for tutorials. But to make them even more helpful, there is sometimes the need to cut away some parts of the recordings, leaving just what you want the audience to pay more attention to.

Cropping is one of the easiest ways to take out what is not necessary for a video, and you can crop a screen recording on a PC by using tools such as a Video Editor.

More precisely, you can easily crop on your PC using your VLC for Windows or iMovie for Mac. Follow the steps below to get this done.

Using VLC

Step 1: Launch the VLC

Your PC with Windows already has the VLC software, which you use to watch a video. Simply launch it to get started. Once it opens, click one “Open File” under “Menu” to upload the screen recording you want to crop.

Step 2: Crop the video

Once the screen recording has been successfully imported, select the portion of the video you wish to cut out, and you will receive a prompt asking you to “cut out this area.”

Next, navigate to the “Tool” menu and open it, then go to “Effects and Filters” and open that as well. Then head to “Video Effects” and hit it to open another menu. In the tab under that, click on “Crop” and enter the options you want for the Top, Left, Right, and Bottom.

This will remove any parts of the video you don’t want to retain.

Step 3: Save the video

Once you have completed the step above, your screen recording will contain just what you need. Next, hit “Save” to save the cropped recording to your PC.

Using iMovie

Step 1: Open the app

Your Mac already has this software installed, so find it and open it to get started. Once it is open, go to “File” then open “New Movie.”

Step 2: Import the screen recording

Next, click on “Import Media” to find the screen recording, then click on it to attach it to the video track. Your Mac screen will now be divided into three sections.

Step 3: Crop the screen recording

Click on the timeline section to reveal three options for editing the attached video. Click on “Crop to Fill,” then keep adjusting the screen frame until you get what you want.

Finally, hit the “Apply” button to apply the changes you have just made.

Step 4: Save the video

Once you have applied the cropping and adjustments, hit the arrow key at the top right corner of your screen to save the video to your Mac PC.

Does Windows 10 Have A Built-In Screen Recorder?

How to Crop on Twitch Step by Step

A skill such as knowing how to crop on Twitch step by step will not be of much use if your operating system does not have an inbuilt screen recorder.

Luckily, Windows 10 has an inbuilt screen recorder known as Game Bar, which comes pre-installed on all PCs and can be easily accessed using the Windows key + G.

The name may imply that it can only be used to screen-record video games. However, this is not so, as the software can easily record anything on all versions of Windows 10.

The process of using this tool to screen record games or other videos is described below.

  • Open the game, web browser, application, folder, or anything you intend to make a screen recording.
  • Press the Windows Key + G on your keyboard to open the Game Bar software. If this doesn’t work, the software may need to be enabled first. To do this, type “Game bar settings” n your system menu bar, then open it and toggle the “Enable Xbox Game bar” button.
  • Once the software opens, the recording will not commence immediately, but the tool will appear on the top left corner of your screen.
  • In the case where “Capture” does not appear as described above, simply go to the extended toolbar at the center top of your screen and click on the icon that resembles a webcam.
  • Using the “Capture” tool, click on the white circle to commence recording with a small bar at the right part of the screen showing the duration of the recording.
  • You can also add a voice-over to the screen recording by clicking on the Microphone icon located inside the “Capture” menu.
  • Once the screen recording is complete or you wish to end the recording, click the white box inside the recording timer or “Capture” menu.
  • Your screen recording will be saved under “Captures” in your PC’s videos folder. You can also use the “show all captures” menu in your Game bar to find your screen recordings.


If you are a Twitch user, then a time will come when you will need to know just how to crop on Twitch step by step.

Our guide here teaches you how to do this, including using other tools, whether it is on Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac Pcs.


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