How To Find My Uploaded Videos On YouTube Easily – A 7 Easy Step Guide [Video]

We have seen many YouTube users search for how to find my uploaded videos on YouTube easily because while uploading on the platform is relatively easy, finding the videos you have uploaded is not as straightforward.

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YouTube is now owned and managed by Google, which means it is now possible to use YouTube as a standalone application or on Google. This flexibility is especially important when we count the number of users who cannot access the app at all times.

We are not entirely sure how many users would need to access YouTube from Google. Still, we are guessing it is a significant amount as YouTube now has over 2 Billion active subscribers.

Think of more than a quarter of the global population being active on YouTube every month to put that into perspective.

If that be the case, then it is evident that there is a user out there right now wondering how to find my uploaded videos on YouTube easily, and if that is you, then you are in the right place.

How to Find My Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily

How To Find My Uploaded Videos On YouTube Easily
How To Find My Uploaded Videos On YouTube Easily

Every day, over 122 million people access YouTube to consume 1 billion hours of content, all of which are videos.

So if you make and upload videos on YouTube regularly, then you might be amongst those dishing out over 500 hours of new content every minute.

But it is not uncommon to see a user ask how to find my uploaded videos on YouTube. You could get this done in two major ways, and the step-by-step guide below will walk you through how to get this done without any confusion.

How to Find My Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily Using YouTube Studio

Most times, when people want to find their uploaded videos, it is often to edit them or see how they are performing.

This first method of using YouTube Studio will allow you to change the settings on your videos (whether you want people to see it or not) and edit the title, description, and other information on the video.

Step 1: Open YouTube

The first point of contact is YouTube itself. You will need to open either the application or the website using Google.

To open the application is straightforward; simply locate the app on your device and tap it to open. Alternatively, you can open “” on Google to access YouTube.

The second option may require you to sign in with your credentials if you are not already signed in on your account.

Step 2: Navigate to your profile.

Once you are inside YouTube, the next move is to find your profile. It is often located at the top right corner of the YouTube home page and is a round icon. Sometimes the round icon will have your image in the middle if you had gone through the trouble of putting up an image earlier.

Once you find the profile icon, click on it to open up a dropdown menu which would lead you to the next step.

Step 3: Click on the third option.

On the dropdown menu, count from the top to the third option titled “YouTube Studio” or “YouTube Studio (beta)” and click on it.

This is where all your uploaded content is located on the YouTube platform and the central place where all edits can be done and implemented.

Clicking on it will open up a sidebar menu to the left. On that menu, locate “Channel Content” and click on it. This will bring out all the videos on your YouTube.

The Studio may also open up a menu for your channel starting with “Dashboard” and followed by “Videos.”

Step 4: Click on “Videos”

You can click on “Content” or “Videos” on the menu that appears after you open the Studio to find all your uploaded videos.

This will be displayed in the middle column with all the details on each video opened beside it. These details contain “Visibility,” “Restrictions,” “Date,” and whether or not the video has been published or in a draft.

You can also open each video to see more options, including “Analytics,” “Editor,” and so on. You can then edit the title, description, thumbnail, and video settings.

You can also view the analytics to see the performance of the video in-depth. This could include sources of traffic, demographics, and average view time.

How to Find My Uploaded Videos on YouTube Easily Using the Search Bar

If you simply just want to see your YouTube uploads that are already out on the internet, you can use this option.

It is simple but does not offer you as much control as the first option. For instance, you cannot see all your videos, especially those that had been set to be private and those that are still in draft. The only videos you can view using this method are those that are made public.

This option is, in fact, what anyone else can use to search for your videos. There is no option to edit or view in-depth analytics here.

You can only see the videos and how many likes and engagement they pull.

Step 1: Open YouTube

As always, you cannot view any YouTube without first getting to YouTube. Open YouTube either via the application or website version and sign in.

However, you can still easily view YouTube uploads without logging in if you only want to view and watch content and nothing more.

Step 2: Click on the search bar.

The search bar is located at the top of the home page and is essentially where you can type in the video’s title or a keyword.

You will find it with a space to type in words and an “X” sign at the end. Once you have found it, click on it and get ready to type in words.

Step 3: Type in the title of your video

It is very tempting to want to search your videos with just the focus keyword or only the title, but we must emphasize the errors of this concept.

Videos are displayed on search results based on how they have been optimized and how well they perform when compared with other videos with the same or similar title and keyword.

This means that searching your video using only the exact keyword or title might end up displaying other videos that rank better than your video.

To avoid needing to scroll through pages and pages of search results before you find your videos, simply search for them using the exact title of the video followed by the name of your channel.

This will allow YouTube to skip through all the other videos and display just your video. You can then view the performance and move to search for the next video the same way.

How to Upload Videos on YouTube

How To Find My Uploaded Videos On YouTube Easily

Maybe you are not even asking how to find my uploaded videos on YouTube because you haven’t even learned how to upload videos on YouTube yet. The following section will walk you through how to upload videos on YouTube easily.

The first thing you need to do before you can upload a video on YouTube is to have a YouTube channel. This is like a Facebook or Instagram profile but only for videos. You will need to create one if you don’t already have one before you can start uploading videos.

Next, you will need to create and edit a video you can actually upload. Make sure the video is original and in the proper format. YouTube supports just about every file type, so it is almost impossible that your video type will be unsupported.

Also, not that you don’t necessarily need music on your video before uploading it. YouTube takes copyright infringements issues very seriously and will not hesitate to take down a video if it sees that you may be breaking some rules here.

You can peruse their free and vast library for songs if you really want to add music but are not entirely sure if it would break a copyright rule.

Once you have your channel ready and have created a video you would like to upload on YouTube, you can follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open YouTube

Open YouTube on any of your devices by either using the application or the web version. If you are using the web version, you may need to log in if you have already done so.

If you are confused about whether you are signed in or not, check the profile icon at the top right corner. If it doesn’t appear or show your image in the middle, then you are not logged in.

Step 2: Open your profile

You can find the profile icon at the top right corner and with a round appearance. Once logged in, navigate to it and click it to open up a menu. On that menu, find “Your Channel” and click on it to open up the channel you have created.

Step 3: Open the camera icon

Once you have entered your channel, you will find some icons at the top of the page next to the profile icon. Go to the icon in the middle that resembles a camera and click on it.

If this is your first upload, the application would require you to grant permission to the app to read the files on your device.

Then select the video you want to upload from the videos on your device. If you haven’t verified your YouTube account yet, you can only upload videos up to 15 minutes in length. A verified account can upload longer videos, even up to 12 hours long.

Step 4: Edit your video

This is optional and only important if you haven’t already edited your video to taste before trying to upload it.

However, here you can shorten the video, add filters, and include a soundtrack of your choice.

Step 5: Add title and description

If you are done with step 4 above or skipped it because your video is perfect the way it is, you can proceed to add a title and description to the video.

Most people skip the description because it is optional. Still, it helps to provide unique information about the video, which the viewer can use to understand the content of the video even before watching it.

It will also help if you include specific keywords in the description to help it appear under relevant searches and boost the video’s ranking.

You can also set the privacy at this point and select whether you want the video to be public or private. You can also select visibility to be “Unlisted” to ensure only people with the video link can access and view it.

Lastly, you can add a location even though this is entirely optional. However, it can help to categorize your video by a geo-location when you include an address or name of a place in the location.

Step 6: Tap on “Upload”

Once you have included every detail you deem necessary, you can navigate to the “Upload” button at the upper-right corner and tap it to send the video to the internet.

Once you are done, you can use the guide above on how to find my uploaded videos on YouTube to see the content on your channel.

Can YouTube Pay You?

How To Find My Uploaded Videos On YouTube Easily

Uploading videos on YouTube is a fun thing to do. But it is also a fascinating way to make money, and the best part is that your revenue can grow even to unprecedented heights with dedication and consistency.

In 2020, a 9-year old YouTuber was reported to make an estimated $29.5 million within a year from his over 12.2 billion views and 41.7 million subscribers.

Now, while you might not be able to pull such an amount of view or pay in the nearest future, it is no longer a secret that YouTube pays, and owning a channel as well as regularly uploading high-quality, valuable content can increasingly pay you.

Earning on YouTube is based on video views and engagement, so you may want to focus on a concept that you are sure can give you both constantly.

And once you have chosen a comfortable niche, there are several ways that YouTube can pay you, including the following;

  • Through ad views which pay based on cost per thousand views (CPM) – where viewers watch at least 30 seconds or more than half of an ad, or cost per click (CPC) – where viewers click on the ad
  • Through the YouTube Partner Program, which requires you to have over 1000 subscribers to your channel, exceed 4000 valid public watch hours over the past year, have a linked AdSense account, abide by their monetization policies, and be based in a location where the program is available.
  • You can also earn through paid promotions, selling products and services, hosting events, or through direct support or crowdfunding.

What Is The Trick To Get More Views On YouTube?

How To Find My Uploaded Videos On YouTube Easily

One of the things you may worry about when trying to earn on YouTube is how to get more views on your videos since this determines how much you will be earning.

Make the Video Compelling

People don’t watch videos until they are compelled to. Hence the best way to gather views on your videos is to make sure each video is as compelling as it can be.

The first place to start is to pick a niche then you know you would excel at. Then run intensive research on your target audience to find out what they might want to know.

You can focus on creating “How-To” videos as they can offer both value and education to any target audience prompting them to watch until the end. This video can also have them repeatedly come back for more valuable content.

Arrange Your Videos in a Playlist

Once you have gotten the hack on creating compelling content, the next thing to do is always arrange your videos in a playlist.

Playlists help to inspire people to watch more videos as each video plays after the previous one using the Auto-play function.

And following the law of Loss Aversion, people would watch a video that lines up to play next just for fear of losing out on any valuable information.

Include Watermarks in Your Videos

Each video should contain a watermark that allows people to get back to your channel to view even more content.

The watermark could be a simple image that remains the same on each video. And once the user hovers their mouse over that image, it can prompt them to subscribe to your channel.

Always Use End Screens and Cards to Promote Other Videos

If you want people to watch your other videos and increase your total viewership, then you have to reference your other videos in each video.

This allows the user to understand that there is more from where that video is coming from. End cards can also be set up to pop up at different intervals during the video, especially towards the end. It directs the viewer to other content on the channel.

Always Allow For Embedding

It can be pretty tempting to set it up so that your videos cannot be taken out of your channel or YouTube. And while this is great for copyright protection, it can work against increasing your viewers.

Making your content embedding enabled ensures that they can be easily shared on different websites and blog pages. This, in turn, ensures you get more viewers for free.


We are sure this article has answered your question if you have been asking how to find my uploaded videos on YouTube quickly.

The guide also teaches you how you can ensure your channel and videos get more views and how actually to upload videos on YouTube.