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Target was founded in 1960, and it has grown to be one of the most popular retail chain stores in the United States of America. Target is a massive company, operating a network of more than 1,900 stores and also employing more than 35_000 people around the world. Target Apple Pay will be the subject of this article.

As with many companies, Target-owned stores are susceptible to data breaches which can put the financial information of their customers at risk- that’s where mobile wallets like Apple Pay come in. With Apple Pay, your credit or debit card numbers or identity information with merchants are not shared, thereby making it impossible for fraudsters to hack merchant databases and steal customers’ financial information. Moreover, all data is securely encrypted by Apple Pay, so customers won’t have to worry about wrongdoers walking by with scammers.

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Does Target accept Apple Pay? Of course, Target accepts Apple Pay.

Any credit or debit card through Apple and contactless payment can be used. Apple’s credit card has been many customers’ go-to card whenever they use Apple Pay. Apple credit cards in both physical and contactless versions are accepted by Target.

You can make purchases with just a swipe of your phone, and you will have no issue doing so at Target.

 Can You Use Apple Pay on the Target App?

The ability to order pick-up has been one of my favorite ideas to have gained a massive amount of popularity in the last decade. The idea of placing an order online, then heading to the store and having an employee bring them out to your car is nostalgic, and on par with having your favorite meal served when you wanted it.

The Target app allows you to shop like you’re actually in a Target store browsing through the aisles, and not comfortably sitting in your homes with your PJs.

It is even better that Target accepts Apple Pay. You can even stay in your car, and you don’t have to worry about using your wallet to get a card out!

To use Apple Pay on the Target App and shop as you’d normally do. Once you are done placing all the items you’re looking to purchase into your cart, you can head to check out where you can select Apple Pay as your preferred method of payment.

On your Apple Pay transaction history, the transaction should appear immediately as you place it, and the employees over at Target would have started assembling your order.

Once done, you can head to the store and find one of Target’s pick-up parking spots. Each of the parking spots has a number, which indicates which customer you are to the Target employees. The Target employee should arrive soon with your orders once you enter the number in the app.

How Do You Use Apple Pay at Target? 

In my opinion, using a traditional debit or credit card is much more difficult than using Apple Pay at Target.

If you intend to use the Apple Pay option to complete your order at Target, all you have to do is to come along with your iPhone. You can head to the “Wallet” Apple on your iPhone or you can either tap your lock button twice thereby bringing up your mobile wallet.

Once there, bring up the card you intend to use on your iPhone and hold the phone close to Target’s scanner. There should be a logo that indicates that contactless purchases are accepted on the scanner. You then tap your phone on the device where the logo is or waive your phone right above it.

The machine should accept your form of payment once you’ve heard a beep. Your transaction will be complete and your receipt should print out automatically.

When using Apple Pay on the Target app or through Target’s website works so easily. Choose Apple Pay as your method of payment and shop like you normally would head to check out.

Does Target Take Apple Pay Online?

Apple Pay is accepted in Target stores and through the mobile app, but do they take Apple Pay online through their website?

Of course yes, you can make use of Apple Pay as your method of payment when shopping on If there is an item you are searching for and your local Target doesn’t have such an item, your best option would be to use their website to place your order. 

Go to Target’s website on to use Apple Pay and shop for your favorite items. Head to the checkout once you’ve found what you’re looking for and have placed your order in your cart. You will be asked by Target to sign in if you’re a member of their reward program.

Once you’ve signed in and entered the address where your item is to be shipped, confirming all the items in your cart are items you intend to buy, Target will ask you how you’d like to pay. From the list of approved payment methods, find Apple Pay and complete your transaction.

Does Target Take Google Pay?

Google Pay is another hugely popular way to make contactless payments, so Apple isn’t the only way to use your credit cards without ever getting them from your wallet. In the United States alone, Google Pay has over 25 million users, Google Pay is right behind Apple Pay in the user base.

Google Pay is well accepted at Target, leaving room for just about any means of contactless at their terminals. Whenever you’re purchasing on Target either through their website or through their mobile app, you can use your Google Pay to make your payment.

On, you can use Google Pay as well, thereby giving you the ability to link your bank card to your Google account to make your shopping experience much faster.

Does Target Take Samsung Pay?

Samsung Payment is the third most popular way to make a contactless payment. Samsung Payment can as well be accepted at Target. Over 16 million users in the United States are supported by Samsung Pay, and Target has made sure all of its users can use the popular platform at their retail shops, mobile apps, and on their website.

If you’ve always been using Target App and intend to use Samsung Pay to complete your transactions, Samsung Pay works as well.

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