How to Bypass Coinbase ID Verification

It is impossible to bypass Coinbase ID Verification. Your account can be restricted for 24 hours while Coinbase ID verification is being completed. If you are stuck at the ID verification stage while trying to sign up for Coinbase, you can, however, give it 24 hours and try again.

One of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrencies is Coinbase. It has simplified the buying and selling of your cryptocurrency for you. It has started an ID verification mechanism to make sure your valuables are protected. If you want to get started with Bitcoin mining, check the News Spy.

However, since it is certain that you cannot bypass Coinbase ID verification, we will take some time to answer pressing questions about Coinbase ID verification.

How to Bypass Coinbase ID Verification

Can You Use Coinbase without Verification?

Since we are a licensed financial services provider, Coinbase is compelled to identify the users on our platform.

According to the Coinbase User Terms, we need all clients to confirm their identity before they may use our service again.

Therefore, access to purchasing and selling requires verification.

How to Bypass Coinbase ID Verification

How Do I Pass Verification on Coinbase?

Verification via online

  • Select Profile & Settings by tapping.
  • At the top, click Enable transmits and receive.
  •  Navigate to the Coinbase document verification page.
  • Decide on a document type.
  • Upload your ID document by following the instructions.
  • The procedure for confirming your identification is finished after you’ve finished the stages.
How to Bypass Coinbase ID Verification

Verification via your mobile app

  • Tap/Select Settings & Profile.
  • Go to Accounts and choose Phone Numbers.
  • Select and ensure that the phone number is valid.
  • Then press Next after entering your phone number.
  • Inputting the verification code that was sent to your phone.

What to Do if Coinbase Can Not Verify Your Identity?

If you don’t get confirmed on Coinbase, it’s only because you entered the wrong information or wrote it incorrectly.

Your account will be limited if your identity cannot be confirmed. In order to make sure you can prove your identity, Coinbase will assist you in any manner they can.


Can you verify Coinbase with an expired ID?

Unfortunately, Coinbase will not accept expired IDs, and other than the recognized valid kinds, Coinbase does not accept any additional IDs. 

You must apply for or renew a valid ID before proceeding with the upload if you don’t have a supporting document (usually, these include papers like a passport, ID card, or driving license) or if your ID has expired.

Why is Coinbase asking to verify identity again?

From time to time, Coinbase may request identification verification in order to protect both you and the company from fraudulent activity and to make necessary account updates. 

Also, we need you to authenticate your identity so that nobody but you may make changes to your billing details.

All identification documents must be confirmed via the Coinbase website or mobile app so that they can continue to provide the most reliable bitcoin platform. 

If you need to prove your identity, send them a copy of your ID. To allow or maintain trading services, they may ask for further verification information. 

The further verification process begins on the website. An ID type and upload method will be presented to you for selection. 

In this phase, you may use a webcam or the mobile camera option. 


Coinbase selfie verification Not working why

  • The light is shining too directly in your eyes.
  • Not looking straight at the lens
  • Avoiding taking selfies against a plain wall
  • You all seem to be wearing some kind of headwear consisting of sunglasses or hats.
  • In your ID picture, you’re wearing spectacles, yet in your selfie, you’re not.

Why won’t Coinbase verify my ID?

  1. It’s possible that the image is blurry or that not all of the document’s edges are clearly visible.
  2. The ID is blocked, obstructed, or censored so that it cannot be seen in its entirety.
  3. The document is out of date or severely damaged.
  4. If your account’s country is incorrect or does not match the ID you submitted, please double-check these details before attempting to log in.

Is Coinbase ID verification safe?

Absolutely! Coinbase ID verification is very safe. They are one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges and have a spotless record when it comes to hacking. 

If you wish to open an account with Coinbase, you’ll need to provide identification following KYC anti-money-laundering standards.

The major goal of gathering information about you is to provide you with a safe, smooth, and personalized experience. 

Authentication also helps in blocking fraudulent activity on the site. Your personal information is safe and will never be shared.


Coinbase Addresses the Verification Problem

We advise downloading the Coinbase app to assist with the ID verification process. Your Pro account will be linked to the same identity information that was used to open your Coinbase account.

90% of clients are able to address concerns with ID verification using the Coinbase mobile app and the camera on their mobile device. After installing the program, choose Identity Verification from the menu.

customers in the United States of America.

  • Upload a driver’s license or state ID.
  • Put your identity through its paces by answering some questions.

Customers in the European Union, Australia, Canada, and Singapore:

  • The minimum number of required IDs is two, and you may upload any combination of those two. Identification documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, and other national ID cards are accepted.
  • Contact support so that they can conduct a manual review if you are validating IDs from two distinct countries.

Customers in the UK:

  • Scan and upload a valid government-issued photo identification
  • Finish answering some ID questions.

How do I know if my Coinbase account is verified?

  • The verification procedure should take around 2-3 minutes to finish. 
  • If the verification process is successful, you will be sent to the page for your document. 
  • If the upload is unsuccessful, you will be prompted to try again.

What are Coinbase’s verification levels?

Digital assets may be purchased and sold without restriction. On Coinbase, there are three levels of verification, each with its own restrictions and privileges.

Level 1

allows for weekly purchases and sales using all available payment methods, but offers a restricted earning potential.

Level 2

requires you to provide evidence of your personally identifiable information, such as your address, in order to authorize wire transfers into and out of the account and to enable limitless investments.

Level 3 (the highest possible level)

It enables you to transfer and receive cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, but it requires you to properly authenticate your identity.

Any new Coinbase client and every current Coinbase user who has never confirmed their identity must now provide the identifying information in order to continue using Coinbase.


 In conclusion, it is impossible to bypass coinbase ID verification but if you have a problem with it you can always contact customer service. The best way to get verified is by using your local bank account and they will verify that you are who you say you are.

The only time I had problems with my bitcoin transactions was when I was trying to buy bitcoin with a debit card. The transaction failed and when I called customer service, they were able to fix the issue for me.

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