Doordash Gift Card Pin Scratched Off [ How To Recover]

If your Doordash Gift Card Pin is Scratched Off you should call customer care at (855-431-0459) within 24 hours from when you bought the gift card and doordash support will offer you a replacement card.

To avoid this problem, ensure the pin area (scratch-off patch) is untouched before buying the Doordash gift card. In other words, the pin should not be revealed at all and should still be under the scratch-off on the back of the card.

It is essential to avoid any problems while scratching the gift card pin. If you mistakenly scratch the gift card pin off the card. This article would help explain how you can use your Doordash gift card if the gift card pin came off upon removal.

Doordash Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

How to Recover Doordash Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

There are two ways to use your Doordash Gift Card if you scratched off the pin.

Recover the Gift Card Pin

This method may only work if the pin was scratched entirely off the card and is stuck to the scratch-off paper. Part of the pin must be seen on the scratch paper to do this successfully.

This method works using a mirror. Straighten the scratch-off strip and place it directly opposite a mirror. You may use lighting to make the numbers a little more visible. Carefully copy the gift card pin. This method will take only a few trials before you get it right.

This method will only work in very few cases and is faster than contacting customer support.

However, you may have no option, especially if the gift card pin scratched off is not visible at all.

Contact Customer Support

When you cannot use your card due to the pin scratched off, you can contact Doordash gift card customer support and solve the problem.

Call doordash customer support on 1 (855-431-0459), contact the help admin and explain carefully what your problem is.

Say something like, “My gift card pin came off upon removal, and I am unable to use the card. What should I do?” or “I am unable to redeem my Doordash gift card because I scratched part of the pin. What should I do?”

After getting a reply, you will be sent instructions explaining how to recover your Doordash gift card pin.

This process may be a little slow, but Doordash Support is good at solving problems and will help you out.

Doordash Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

Can You Use Gift Cards on Doordash

Yes, Doordash accepts gift cards. Gift cards can be used to pay for most items on Doordash. Some gift cards are only valid for specific orders and cannot be used in all cases.

For example, some gift cards may be limited to certain types of food delivery orders only or only valid for one day only.

You can find out what kind of gift cards are accepted by using the link below:

Gift Card Acceptance

How To Get The Pin Off Doordash Gift Card

The best way to remove the PIN from Doordash Gift Card is by using a fingernail file or knife. You’ll want to make sure that whatever tool or blade you choose is relatively sharp so that it will be able to scratch through the plastic coating on the back of the card’s serial number area within seconds of cutting it open.

If you’re wondering how to scratch off the PIN on a Doordash gift card, it’s actually quite simple. All you need is some kind of sharp object (like a knife or fingernail file) and some patience.

Why Is My Gift Card Not Working on Doordash?

There are only a few reasons your gift card is not working on Doordash. The most popular reason is that the credit balance is not enough for what you want to use it for.

If your credit balance on the Doordash gift card is not enough, it will not work until you top the credit with the primary payment system in your account.

How To Activate Your Door Dash Gift Card?

Follow the steps below to activate your Doordash Gift Card:

  • The first step is to create your Doordash Account.
  • Login to your account and go to settings. You can find it by clicking on the three dots icon on your Doordash dashboard.
  • Click on gift cards
  • Select “redeem gift card code.”
  • Note that gift card codes are different from promo codes and should not be redeemed in place of each other. 

Doordash Customer Care Support

To contact Doordash Customer Care, use the contact information below. There is no email address as the requests are usually urgent.

Doordash United States English: 855-973-1040

Doordash Canada: 647-957-7219

United States (Español): 855-834-8733 

Doordash Contact Address: 901 Market Street Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

Doordash Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

Where Do They Sell Door Dash Gift Cards?

If you cannot redeem your Doordash gift card pin and wish to purchase a new one, many platforms sell Doordash gift cards. Some popular ones are Paypal, Doordash (website), Amazon, Bestbuy, and Walmart.

To purchase a Doordash gift card, visit any of these websites and purchase the cards.

You can also buy a Doordash gift card at Best Buy, Giant Eagle, Target, Albertsons, and Safeway.

Can You Gift Someone Door Dash?

Yes. You can gift someone any package using Doordash. The delivery system is relatively fast, and after your order is confirmed, it takes only some minutes before the recipient is notified of the gift.

How Does a Gift Card from Door Dash Work?

Gift cards from Doordash do not expire and can be used to place orders on the Doordash website,, or the mobile app version. You can also use the gift cards from Doordash at no cost.

Can I Order Door Dash for Someone Else in A Different State?

Yes. You can order Doordash for someone else. Using the doordash website, you can order food for someone in a different state. You may need to provide the contact information of the recipient. The recipients will be informed of their delivery about twenty minutes before it arrives.

Can You Use a Vanilla Gift Card on Door Dash?

No. Doordash does not allow users to use vanilla or other branded gift cards to place orders. The restaurant brand gift cards are ineligible on Doordash regardless of any trick you use. These gift cards are only eligible for use at restaurants directly.

Other delivery service apps like Grubhub, Ubereats, and Cavier do not accept restaurant gift cards too.

How Much Money Can You Put on A Door Dash Gift Card?

Doordash gift cards are valued between $25 and $500. If you need a $5000 Doordash gift card, you will have to get ten $500 cards instead.

To purchase a Doordash gift card, visit the Doordash website or the mobile app.

Can You Buy Door Dash Gift Cards for Less than $25?

No. You cannot buy Doordash gift cards for less than $25. The cards are valued at between $25 and $500. The denominations are $25, $50, $75, $100 and so on. Enter a custom amount if you do not want to select the defaults.

Does the DoorDash gift card payments for food or just delivery?

Your Doordash gift card can pay for the food and delivery service fees. It covers all the costs and tips you need when you place orders.

Do you have to use your real name on DoorDash?

You do not necessarily have to use your real name on Doordash. However, some problems may arise with your identity verification, so using correct personal information during your Doordash registration is safer and time-saving.

Doordash makes sure that your information is safe with them, and you do not need to enter any personal info except during verification on the Dasher app. 

Here are some answered questions you may have about your gift card scratch card pin scratched off.

Where Do I Put My Address on Door Dash?

Follow these steps to add an address on Doordash for your delivery:

  • Login to your Doordash account.
  • Click on the account.
  • Select add address and search for your address.
  • If your address does not come up automatically, use a landmark near you or any company/school close by.
  • Input your room number.

After saving the address information, that address will become your default Doordash delivery address.

Where is DoorDash USA?

DoorDash is located in the United States and is one of the country’s best-known food purchase and delivery organizations. Doordash is located in San Francisco, United States of America, and the full address is mentioned above.


This article helps Doordash users to recover their Doordash gift card pin if you scratched it off while removing the scratch. It is a problem that often occurs when users attempt to use the gift card. The two methods mentioned above will help you use your Doordash gift card if the pin is scratched off.

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