Nike Gift Card Pin Scratched Off [ How To Recover ]

If your Nike gift card PIN is scratched off, the best way to recover it is to visit or the contact us page and make a complaint. You can also call customer support at 1-800-806-6453. There is no guarantee that they can help you recover your PIN, but this is the best step to take. 

I can understand the pain you are feeling having scratched off the PIN on your Nike gift card. I know you are probably upset with yourself for making this mistake. And I want to help you get over it as soon as possible so you can check your order on the Nike website. If I did not have solutions, I would not be wasting your time. 

The good news is that if your Nike gift card PIN is scratched off, you can recover it. However, there is bad news. Even with the methods shared on how to recover your Nike gift card PIN, it is the sole discretion of Nike to decide whether or not you’d get a replacement. 

I am going to be walking you through the methods that you can use to recover your Nike gift card PIN if it has been scratched off. When you scratch off the PIN on your Nike gift card, there are two methods to recover it. This guide will explain each method and help you decide which one is best for you.

Here we go. 

Nike Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

How to Recover a Nike Gift Card PIN Scratched Off 

The methods through which you can recover your Nike gift card if it is scratched off include:

  1. Contacting Nike customer support
  2. Returning to the Nike retail store
  3. Guessing the missing digit

We would go over each of the three methods listed above. I have provided a detailed breakdown of how every step works as you journey on this path to recovering your Nike gift card PIN. 

Contacting Nike customer support 

In the recovery of every scratched-off gift card PIN, the first advice we give users is to contact the brand’s customer support. This is the first thing to do when you encounter issues while using a gift card or any other item. Always contact the brand’s customer support. 

For Nike gift cards, whenever you have issues, the place to go is the Nike contact us page. On the page, a user can report a damaged gift card or any other gift card issue. To go to the Nike contact us page, log on to You can use the chat feature to speak to a Nike representative. 

Instead of going through the long route of contacting Nike customer care from the website’s contact us page, you can call Nike customer support via the number 1-800-806-6453. Calling the Nike support team via that number is the quickest way to resolve any gift card issues. 

You will be asked to provide a couple of details that would be used to validate your claim as to whether your gift card PIN was scratched off or you are simply an impostor. The support team will require you to take pictures of the gift card, and provide the gift card’s receipt, and other important details. 

Nike Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

Returning to the Nike retail store

If you bought your Nike gift card from a retail store, the store should be able to help you recover your gift card PIN. When a buddy of mine scratched off his gift card PIN, it was the manager of the Nike retail store where he bought the gift card that helped him. The manager got him a new one while he sorted out the old gift card with Nike directly. 

Returning the damaged gift card to get a replacement should be a foolproof method to recover your Nike gift card PIN if it’s scratched off. Sadly, this method may not be effective for you if the store you bought the gift card from is small and does not know how to handle gift card issues. If you can convince the store that you actually scratched off the PIN on the gift card, they should be able to give you a new one. 

Guessing the missing digit

This method is a wildcard method. Now, it does not work in all cases. The only time you can use this tactic to recover your Nike gift card PIN is if only one digit from the gift card is scratched off. Nike gift cards have a 6-digit PIN which is concealed under a scratch-off area. If, as you try to scratch off the gift card, you scratch off a digit, then you can apply this method. 

Since there is one digit that is missing, you can try the other 5 digits which numbers from 0 to 9. Let’s assume that the five digits that were not scratched off are 40367. Now you are looking for one more digit to complete the PIN. Here are possible combinations you should try:

Nike Gift Card Pin Scratched Off











One of these combinations is bound to work. You can try this method only if you are looking for one digit to complete the code. Anything over one will require a lot of permutations, and you may never get the right combination. 

Nike Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

How do I find my Nike Gift Card PIN?

Your Nike gift card PIN is located at the back of your Nike gift card and it is concealed under a scratch-off area. To reveal the gift card’s PIN, you will have to scratch off the area. If you ordered the gift card online, you will have to check the Nike confirmation email that was sent to you when you completed your purchase. 

When you are trying to scratch off the Nike gift card PIN, you must be careful as the PIN can be scratched off. 

Can you inactivate a gift card?

No. Once activated, a gift card cannot be inactivated. The activation of a gift card is irreversible from the user’s end. The brand that issued the gift card can deactivate the gift card and make it nonfunctional. Once they have been activated, they can only be redeemed once and, if kept for too long, will expire. 

If you need to deactivate a gift card, maybe because it was stolen or something, you will have to call the brand’s customer support and explain things to them. 

Can Nike gift cards be refunded?

Nike gift cards cannot be refunded. According to the brand, once a gift card has been issued out, it cannot be returned, resold, canceled, or exchanged for cash or another gift card. An activated gift card cannot be used for unauthorized advertising, marketing, sweepstakes, promotional, or commercial purposes. 

When you are buying a Nike gift card, it is important to note that the brand does not accept refunds.  , there are certain exceptions. The Nike terms and conditions page covers all of them. 

Why is my Nike Gift Card not working?

Nike gift cards do not expire, so when a Nike gift card is not working, the following are some reasons:

  1. Wrong card details at checkout
  2. Card balance not enough 

Wrong details at checkout

Your Nike gift card may not be working if you are entering the wrong details. During checkout, you would be required to enter your Nike gift card number, which is a 16-digit number at the back of your gift card, and the Nike gift card PIN, which is concealed under a scratch-off panel. If you are not entering your details correctly, you will get an error message. 

Crosscheck your card details as you enter them during checkout to be sure that’s not where the problem is coming from. 

Card balance is not enough 

Your Nike gift card balance may not be enough for the purchase you are about to make and you are bound to get an error response. If your Nike gift card has a $100 value and you are trying to purchase an item that is worth $250, you can bet it would not work. Check that your gift card’s balance is commensurate with the item you are buying. 

Before I wrap up this article on Nike gift card PIN scratched off, I have answered some popular questions that relate to the subject to provide more perspective. 

How to Activate a Nike Gift Card

Nike’s e-gift cards are available in a variety of denominations and can be redeemed online or in our stores. You’ll find the option to purchase Nike e-gift cards at checkout during the checkout process.

If you have a physical gift card, follow the instructions below to activate your e-gift card.

1. Go to the Payment section during checkout

2. Click on the gift card, product voucher, or promo code option

3. Input your Gift Card Number and Pin, Press “Apply” (This is located at the back of your physical gift card)

4. Finally, click on Pay.

Can I Use a Nike Gift Card on Amazon

No, Amazon does not allow gift cards from other stores for purchase. But you can use your Nike gift card to purchase items from only.

You can use your credit card or another payment method to make a purchase on and then apply the payment toward your order. If you have an existing gift card balance, you can also transfer it to and use it toward your purchase.

Your gift card balance will be applied to the purchase price of the item(s) and will not be refunded if you return any items that were purchased with that balance.

Can I use a Nike gift card at Foot Locker?

 No, foot locker does not allow gift cards from other stores for purchase, you can only use Nike gift cards on

If you want to buy a gift card from Foot Locker, you will have to buy it in-store or online at the Foot Locker website. You cannot redeem another store’s gift card at Foot Locker except for

How many numbers does a Nike gift card have?

A Nike gift card has two sets of numbers. The first is the Nike gift card number and the Nike gift card PIN. These numbers can be found on the back of the gift card. A card number is a 16-digit number, while the gift card PIN is a 6-digit number under a scratch-off area.

How do I find my Nike gift card PIN?

The Nike gift card PIN is under a scratch-off area at the back of the gift card. It is a 6-digit number, and you would have to scratch off a silvery panel to reveal it.

Do Nike gift cards expire?

Nike gift cards do not expire. You can buy a Nike gift card and keep it for as long as you want. When you’re ready to use it, simply scratch off the PIN and checkout. 

Can I use a Nike gift card on Snkrs?

Yes. SKRS allows the use of Nike gift cards during checkout. You can use a Nike gift card for items you buy from Snkrs. The platform is a subsidiary of the Nike brand, and they sell Nike gear. It is simply logical to be able to use the Nike gift card at checkout on SNKRS. 

Where can I use a Nike gift card?

You can use the Nike gift card to pay for items on the Nike official website (,, Snkrs,, and any Nike-related app. The gift card can also be used to shop at Nike and Converse retail stores in the United States. 

Final Thoughts

Getting some parts of the Nike gift card PIN scratched off can be a big issue. However, by contacting Nike customer support via the Nike website or by calling the number 1-800-806-6453, you can recover your scratched Nike gift card. I believe this guide has provided enough information on what you are supposed to do when you accidentally scratch off your Nike gift card. 

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