British Columbia Achievement Scholarships : How To Get It

British Columbia Achievement Scholarships recognizes student’s performance during their study years if such students are willing to continue their education in higher institutions or teachers who want to advance their teaching careers.

The purpose  of the scholarships provided by the Canadian government  of British Columbia is to maintain high standards of performance among both and teachers.

The British Columbia Achievement Scholarships provide students in British Columbia with the chance to obtain scholarships. To enable students at British Columbia Schools to apply if they so choose, we will go through the details of this award in this post, including what it is, how it functions, and the qualifying requirements.

Additionally, the application procedure and many award categories offered by the British Columbia Achievement Scholarships will be discussed.

Overview of the British Columbia Achievement Scholarship

Students in British Columbia who are enrolled in a post-secondary program at a public post-secondary institution in British Columbia are eligible for British Columbia Achievement Scholarships.

Those who have been accepted as full-time undergraduate students and have finished at least one year of their degree as well as Canadian nationals or permanent residents are also eligible for the rewards.

Your financial need, individual situation, academic standing, and attendance will all play a role in how much you might earn.

What is BC Achievement Scholarship?

The BC Achievement scholarships is a scholarship award which is available to credible and outstanding students graduating from the British Columbia High Schools.

Up to 8,000 students receive scholarships from the British Columbia Achievement scholarship program each year.

How Does the British Columbia Achievement Scholarship Work?

  • Students who are eligible for the British Columbia Achievement scholarship have this option.
  • Recipients are chosen at random from all high schools in the province of British Columbia.
  • The British Columbia Achievement scholarship is based on a subset of classes taken from years 10 through 12, which are the classes needed to graduate.
  • Elective courses are considered while evaluating the graduation requirements in grade courses.
  • The state ministry of education and child care will compensate students who use their $1,250 scholarship voucher after they enroll in their chosen post-secondary institution in the British Columbia province.
  • . As a recipient of the British Columbia Achievement scholarship, you have up to five years from the date of award to use your BC achievement scholarship voucher. can’t be extended.

Why British Columbia Achievement Awards Scholarships?

Students who meet the requirements can receive up to $1,250 annually through the British Columbia Achievement Scholarships. High school graduates who have shown academic excellence and financial need are eligible for the rewards.

You must be a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident of British Columbia, an international student who has successfully finished at least one academic year at a BC university, or both.

Since this scholarship is an achievement reward granted to a limited group of the top-performing 8,000 high school graduates in the Canadian province of British Columbia, students do not need to apply.

British Columbia Achievement Award: Eligibility Criteria for Students in British Columbia Schools

The British Columbia Ministry of Education provides high school students in British Columbia with the British Columbia Achievement Award. This award was established to honor the accomplishments of students from British Columbia while also promoting academic excellence and leadership abilities. You must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible for this scholarship award:

1. Age: Applicant must be 16 years old or older

You must be a permanent resident (Land immigrant) or a citizen of Canada, and the school you registered for in grade 12 must have your land immigrant status on file.

2. You must be a British Columbia resident

You must have attended or be attending a public school in British Columbia (including distributed learning schools)

3. You must fit in or have attended a school during the year the grant was given.

Before submitting an application for any rewards, you must reside in British Columbia for at least six months out of the year (or prove that you have attended school there during this period)

The ministry considers your overall academic performance while determining which scholarships you should be awarded.

You must be qualified to receive a British Columbia diploma (Dogwood Diploma)

4. You must complete the graduation requirements for British Columbia.

Regardless of the credit value of the courses, you must record one or no transfer standing (TS) or standing granted (SG) among your course grades in order to meet graduation requirements.

The course must be utilized to satisfy the language arts 12 requirements, and you must have a score percentage of up to 75% or more, which is a B grade minimum, in order to graduate.

The British Columbia Scholarship Application Process

For the fact that the British Columbia Achievement scholarship is merit-based and administered by the British Columbia provincial government of Canada, students are not required to apply for it.

NOTE THATonly 8,000 students receive the prize each year for their academic success upon leaving the public school system. British Columbia’s ministry of education chooses eligible pupils after considering each one’s academic year performance. based on each student’s overall average achievement over their last three years of high school, which corresponds to grades 10, 11, and 12.

 Different Categories of British Columbia Scholarships Awards?

The province of British Columbia provides three different types of scholarships for students and many different types of scholarships for teachers which includes the following:

  • District/Authority scholarship
  • Pathway to Teacher Education Award
  • British Columbia Achievement Scholarship
  • British Columbia Excellence scholarship

District/Authority scholarship

This scholarship offer is available to 5,500 high school graduates who have excelled in their chosen field of study during their high school years. When a student is sent in by their school, the Ministry of Education and Child Care verifies that they all match the basic eligibility standards and program guidelines before awarding them this scholarship, which is worth $1250.

The local scholarship committee chooses the program’s conditional recipients as well as the criteria for giving the scholarship each year.

After the committee chooses the conditional grantees, the Ministry of Education and Child Care verifies that the chosen students satisfy the scholarship’s essential requirements and then provides them a voucher for a $1250 stipend.

If the student is enrolled in a school approved for student loans by the provincial government of British Columbia or an authorized industry authority in the province, they may redeem this voucher with the ministry and receive reimbursement for tuition they have already paid after the scholarship offer.


While applying, the district or the student’s school must be used to submit an application for the scholarship.

Students have five years to use the vouchers they get before they expire and can no longer be used. Vouchers cannot be increased in value.

How to use a British Columbia Scholarship Voucher

You must meet the following number of requirements before you may use your scholarship voucher, according to the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care. You must follow these steps in order to use your scholarship voucher:

  • Verify the validity of your scholarship(s).
  • must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution that the Ministry of Education and Child Care has granted permission for students loans to be used at.
  • You must have paid tuition that is at least as much as the amount of your scholarship that will be repaid.
  • Your program need to be active and running.
  • After receiving your check, you must then submit the necessary documentation as proof of your registration in the program and tuition payment. You can send a submission to the ministry by physical mail or online.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When submitting your documents online, you’ll get your cheque quicker than when mailing it in on paper.



How do I get a BC Achievement scholarship?

you must take your studies seriously when in high school, especially from grades 10 to 12, if you want to be considered for the British Columbia achievement scholarship. Also, you must satisfy the provincial of British Columbia’s general scholarship standards as well as the basic requirements for the British Columbia Achievement scholarship.

What is a BC Excellence scholarship worth?

Students who are awarded the British Columbia Excellence scholarship will receive vouchers worth $5,000 that can be used to pay for their preferred program’s tuition. Only once the student has enrolled and begun the program of their choice will they be paid for this money.

Is the BC Achievement scholarship taxable?

No, because the achievement scholarship offered by the province of British Columbia is not taxable and is valid for all other British Columbia Scholarship programs.

Can I cash my British Columbia Scholarship money?

Your British Columbia Scholarship grant cannot be cashed; instead, the ministry of education and child care is supposed to refund you for the cost of your expenses.

The scholarship recipient must enroll in the program of their choice, provide documentation of their participation, and pay their tuition to the ministry before receiving this reimbursement.


This scholarship is a great opportunity for you if you want to attend a university in British Columbia. If you’re applying for a scholarship that requires a student to submit an application, you must make sure that your application is submitted within the allotted time frame.

It is important to know that the 8,000 students who will be chosen by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care do not need to apply for the British Columbia achievement scholarship.

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