UTSA Scholarship Hub 2022/23 Application Portal

The UTSA Scholarship Hub portal is created to help students  find amazing scholarship opportunities they are eligible for. Apply Here!

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Overview of  UTSA Scholarship Hub

The Financial Aid and Scholarships office manages a number of scholarships that are funded by the university and UTSA sponsors.

For consideration for these awards (UTSA scholarship hub), you must submit the General Application through the Scholarship Hub each year.

Review the requirements and submission dates and deadline for each scholarship opportunity carefully. Many UTSA departments give scholarships to deserving students, some of which are mentioned on the UTSA Scholarship Hub.

Contact the department that handles your major to find out more about the scholarships that are available, how to apply, and the deadlines.

UTSA Scholarship Hub Application Requirements

  • Be prepared to write essays, email addresses for those writing letters of recommendation, and any other materials that may be needed.
  • If you are awarded the UTSA scholarship, the governing organization will contact you, typically by email.

Your overall need-based financial assistance award may need to be changed if you get a scholarship.

How to Apply

  • visit the UTSA Scholarship using your myUTSA ID and password,
  • Complete the Scholarship Hub General Application.
  • To complete the general application for your Scholarship Hub, click Finish and Submit. Depending on this application, you might be eligible for further scholarship options.
  • You can read the terms and conditions by clicking Apply next to each additional scholarship option. After answering each question, click Finish and Submit if you meet the requirements.


October, 11, 2022


Fall Payment Deadline – Second 8-Week Term

Deadline for payments for all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the second 8-week semester. Make sure you send money or arrange for a payment before the due date. Students will be charged a $100 late fee if they don’t pay by August 11 at 5 p.m. The academic calendar includes a list of payment due dates.

IMPORTANT NOICE! The UTSA scholarship hub awards are only available to accepted students. However, applicants who have already submitted an application but haven’t heard back yet can login in and finish the general application on the Scholarship Hub. I wish you luck!


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