How To View Facebook Stories Anonymously: 3 Easy Methods That Work [Video]

Some persons want to learn how to view Facebook stories anonymously, because most people cherish their privacy and don’t like people knowing about their online activities, and if you are one of these people, you may want to learn tricks like this .

Even if you are not quite a private person, there are still moments when you want to simply check a story or two without being added to the viewers.

Or a case where you want to check out a friend’s Facebook story but are not presently on talking terms with them.

All of the above scenarios make a skill such as knowing how to view Facebook stories anonymously very valuable.

And in this simple guide, we will teach you three easy methods to get this done and provide you with other basic knowledge regarding Facebook stories.

How To View Facebook Stories Anonymously

How To View Facebook Stories Anonymously
How To View Facebook Stories Anonymously

The tricks and hacks described below come with little or no risks. This is in stark contrast with some techniques that require you to deactivate your Facebook account before viewing stories on Facebook just to stay anonymous.

Therefore, we present you with the methods on how to view Facebook stories anonymously, starting with the most advance to the simplest trick.

Using Airplane Mode

This method takes advantage of the Airplane mode operations on your device. It begins with loading the stories and ends with clearing the Facebook app cache to empty the data.

Done the correct way, not only will you be able to view entire stories, but you will also be able to stop Facebook from adding your name to the list of users who viewed that story.

Step 1: Open your Facebook App

First, open your Facebook app, log in and scroll through your timeline like you normally do. Then move over to the stories and scroll through all of them, including the stories you intend to view anonymously.

But you need only to scroll through and not click on any of them. Doing this will let the stories load fully even though you haven’t viewed them yet.

Step 2: Activate Airplane mode

Once you are satisfied that the stories have been loaded, pull down or up the dropdown menu on your phone and turn on airplane mode.

If you are unfamiliar with what the airplane icon looks like, it is usually found amongst the mobile data connection and Wi-Fi icons and often resemble an airplane.

After you find it, click it once to turn it on.

Step 3: Return to Facebook

Next, exit the dropdown menu and go back to Facebook. This time, click on the stories to begin viewing them one after the other.

Since the stories had loaded fully in step one above, they should display properly at this stage even without an internet connection.

Step 4: Clear Facebook cache data

Once you have attained maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from viewing stories anonymously, you can go ahead and clear the Facebook app cache to make Facebook forget what you have just done.

First, exit the Facebook application, go to “Settings” on your phone menu, click on it, and scroll down to find “Apps and Permission,” then click on that too.

On the next menu, scroll down to find “Apps Manager,” and click on it. This action will open all the applications installed on your phone. Find Facebook on that list and click it to open.

Once it opens, locate “Storage” and open it, then hit “Clear cache.” This will automatically clear the cache data on the Facebook application.

Step 5: Restore internet connection

Once the cache has been successfully cleared, you can turn off the airplane mode and continue using your device for everything else except Facebook.

To allow this trick to work, you will need to stay off Facebook for 24 hours from when you viewed the stories.

Facebook stories take about 24 hours to disappear, and returning to Facebook anytime earlier than that can recover Facebook cache and cause it to update your name amongst the viewers.

Using the Halfway Method

While the above method works for any type of story, including text-only, images, and videos, the halfway technique only works for texts and images.

It only allows for a preview of the story and not the entire length of it. But it is also a good option, especially if you can’t risk putting your phone on airplane mode at the moment.

This could be because you are expecting an important call or message that you may otherwise miss if you activate airplane mode.

Step 1: Upload your own story

A general start for this method is to first upload a story on Facebook. This will then put your story first and every other Facebook story after yours.

However, the hack can still work without you having to upload anything.

Step 2: View the stories by swiping halfway

To watch stories the right way, you will need to open the story and play the full length along with it. And until you have watched it this way, Facebook will not register your name under the viewers.

But in this technique, all you need to do is swipe each story halfway, and instead of letting it play out, you will quickly swipe to the next story and so on until you have viewed all the stories you intend to view.

However, the caveat here is that only the first story on each user’s uploads will be seen this way.

Using a Friend

As we said, this is the easiest trick on how to view Facebook stories anonymously as it allows you to see whatever you want to see even without getting involved.

The hack here involves using a mutual friend to watch the stories you want. Emphasis is placed on the word “Mutual.” A mutual friend on Facebook is one you both are friends with the person/people whose stories you wish to view anonymously.

For instance, say Ken and Ben are both friends with Billy on Facebook; we can say Ben and Ken are mutual and share Billy as a mutual friend.

Ken can then watch Billy’s stories anonymously through Ben and vice versa.

Step 1: Be sure it is a trusted mutual

Being mutual friends with the person on Facebook is important, but what is more important is making sure they can be trusted.

The goal is to view the stories anonymously, which means regardless of the method, the owner of the stories will never find out your viewed their stories.

It will defeat the purpose if the third party eventually rat you out.

Step 2: Ask them to send a screen recording or screenshot of the stories

Once you can be sure your mutual friend can be trusted, the next step is easy; ask them to view the person’s stories and make a screen recording or take screenshots as they do.

These will be sent to you, and you can view them without registering your name as a viewer.

Step 3: View with their phones

Alternatively, if you and the mutual friend are in the same location, you can use their device to view all the stories you want, and your name will not be captured under the viewers.

What Is The Point Of Facebook Stories?

How To View Facebook Stories Anonymously

So now that we know how to view Facebook stories anonymously let us understand the point of Facebook stories and why people post them.

Stories across all social media are generally considered a visual way to share content such as texts, images, and videos. Facebook stories, specifically, are equipped with several tools to add filters and increase the beauty of this content.

For individuals, the point of Facebook stories is to keep friends updated about what is happening in the user’s life and to encourage better connections. For businesses, the point is often to reach specific people with specific content and consistently reach audiences.

Stories are both entertaining and educational and can be viewed by other users on your friend list for 24 hours before they disappear into your archives.

Additionally, Facebook stories are considered far more human and can be easily personalized compared with other ways of sharing content, such as News Feed.

Hence, it is not a surprise that tens of thousands of users employ it on a daily basis as the primary medium of sharing things with their friends.

Are Facebook Stories Effective

How To View Facebook Stories Anonymously

Currently, Facebook records an average of 2.23 billion users every month, and out of these, about 500 million users engage in Facebook stories by either watching or making theirs every day.

62% of these users also confessed to becoming more interested in a brand after watching their stories for a while. 58% of active users who watch stories say they have browsed a brand’s website after seeing their Facebook stories, 50% said they went to the brand’s website to make a purchase.

So if you own a business and are wondering if Facebook stories are any effective for marketing, the answer is yes, Facebook stories are effective for communication and marketing.

Aside from the huge chunk of users who will develop an interest in your brand following engagement with your stories, this medium also offers other benefits.

First, the audience is more organic than many other forms of video marketing. Your stories can be seen by your friends and followers, who can either respond to them directly or immediately or save them up to refer to them later.

Secondly, and most interestingly, Facebook stories are free. This doesn’t just give you the chance to engage with your followers with your product and services for free, but it also affords you the luxury to experiment with different forms of marketing at no cost at all.

You can test and experiment until you figure out what works best and brings the greatest engagement from consumers without having to spend a dime.

How Long Can A Facebook Story Video Be?

How To View Facebook Stories Anonymously

Each video for a Facebook story can last for only 20 seconds. And while you can post a longer video, it is worthy of knowing that it would be split into 20 seconds each.

This knowledge is crucial if you ever intend to make a Facebook story in the future. We have taught you how to view Facebook stories anonymously. Now let us see how you can create your own stories on Facebook.

Step 1: Open your Facebook App

The first step to creating a story is to get into your Facebook. You may do this using the web version or the app on a phone or computer.

Step 2: Go to “Create Story”

The “Create Story” button is often located at the top of your News Feed and is the icon that precedes other people’s stories.

Step 3: Select type of story content

A typical Facebook story may constitute an image, a text, or a video, but there are several formats in which these can be done. You can select “Gallery” to choose photos or videos on your device or “Boomerang” to quickly take a burst of photos and turn them into animation.

You can also select “Text” or “Layout” for text-based stories and collage configuration, respectively.

There is also the option for “Superzoom” and “Poll” for zooming in on a particular subject or object and for getting viewers’ opinions between two options, respectively.

Step 4: Post the story

Once you have selected the format of the story you wish to share, you can add any preferred music and then hit the “Share to Story Button.”

You can also add stickers, location, time, or choose a feeling. While these are not essentially mandatory, they help to make your stories more relatable.


Facebook stories offer entertaining and educational content that can bring both fun and unique experiences.

And if you are like most Facebook users, you have viewed a story at one time or the other. Our guide teaches how to view Facebook stories anonymously so that you can also have the option of watching stories without being seen.


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