How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger – Quick Guide in 6 Easy Steps [Video]

As more people get thrown into the Facebook jail and are unable to use Messenger, this guide aims to shed some light on how to unblock yourself on Messenger.

Because as it turns out, a Messenger block is a real thing, and it can lead to frustration when you are denied access to all your chat and contacts on Messenger.


Frustrating, we know. But you must also know Facebook takes such measures to uphold its authenticity and the dignity of its users, protect the privacy and improve safety on the platform.

This means that even the slightest detection of questionable actions can result in any degree of blocks.

It was announced in September of 2019 that Facebook would now be more stringent with its rules and regulations in other nip hate and extreme practices right in the bud.

It is a worthy improvement, but it also meant more people are getting blocked than ever, and the blocks are not restricted to Facebook itself; they also extend to Messenger.

The new adjustment has also made it easier for others to block you on Facebook. This type of blocking may be justifiable or not, but it is now rampant and very easy to.

This is why you will need to know how to unblock yourself on Messenger, should any of these ever befall you in the time when you least expect.


How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger

How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger
How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger

Before we dive into how to unblock yourself on Messenger, let us pause briefly to mention that being blocked on Facebook or different from being blocked on Messenger.

While many people often confuse this to mean the same thing, they really are not. For instance, if you get blocked on Facebook by a user, you will cease to be able to view their Facebook profile or call and message them.

However, if someone were to block you on Messenger, their Facebook profile would still be visible to you, but you would be unable to call or message them.

Hence, it is important to know which of these blocks you have been hit with to know the best way to approach it.

The steps below show you how to unblock yourself on Messenger only and not Facebook. Another thing to note is that these steps only provide an alternative means to reach the person who has blocked you.

This is because when someone blocks you on Facebook, only they have the prerogative and power to unblock you. It is practically impossible to unblock yourself from your end.

But the steps below allow you to reach them nonetheless, and, technically, that can still be counted as unblocking yourself.

Step 1: Log out of your current Facebook account

To get started, log out of the Facebook account that has been blocked on Messenger. This will also log you out of the connected Messenger application.

Step 2: Get a new Facebook account.

Once you have logged out of your Facebook account, the next step is to get a new account. To do this, go to and click on “Sign Up.”

You will also be required to pass the CAPTCHA test to continue registration.

Then proceed to provide all the necessary personal information required to set up your new account.

Step 3: Enter confirmation code

Facebook will also send a confirmation code to the email address or phone number you have entered for the new account.

Be sure that you are not using a number or email already linked to your existing Facebook account. Once you get the confirmation code, enter it to proceed.

Step 4: Finish the registration

The new Facebook account will be ready after you have confirmed the email. Once you are done, go ahead and log in to your new account.

Step 5: Search the Facebook user

After you log in, search for the friend who had blocked your other account using their name. This should not be too hard. Once you find them, go ahead and send them a message on Messenger.

The message will be sent and delivered as they haven’t blocked your new Facebook account.

Step 6: Hope and pray

The message you just sent will be delivered as a message request, and while you can now contact the Facebook user, there is no guarantee that they will respond to your message, especially if they do not want to speak to you.

However, the block could also have been done in error, and sending them a message using a new account may call their attention to it.

The only thing you can do now is hope and pray. You should hear from them shortly, and if they don’t reply after a while and you see that the message is marked as “Seen,” you may want to contact them using some other means.

Alternatively, you can call them and ask them nicely to unblock you on Messenger. This is the only effective way to get unblocked on Messenger, but it will only work if you have another means of reaching them.

Why Is My Messenger Locked?

How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger
How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger

Now that we have looked at the indirect method on how to unblock yourself on Messenger when a friend blocks you, let us now see why Facebook itself may lock your Messenger.

Your Messenger can be locked for several reasons, including when Facebook detects that you have posted something suspicious or abusive to the Community Standards or when your messages have been marked as unwelcome.

Another issue that could lead to a locked Messenger account, as reported by many Messenger users, could be trying to log in without a Facebook account.

Since 2019, users have complained of the inability to access their Messenger after Facebook made some changes to allow only those with Facebook on Messenger.

While Facebook says this is to simplify the process of using both platforms, those who only want to use Messenger without the hassle of being on Facebook have been struggling with this and have reported multiple locks on their Messenger accounts.

Regardless of the reason for your locked Messenger account, Facebook says the block is only temporary, and you should be able to start sending messages after some time.

The duration of the lock always depends on the severity of the offense Facebook believes you are guilty of, but it could last anywhere between a few minutes to 3 days.

However, if you require more immediate action or find out that your locked Messenger has gone on for too long, you can reach out to Facebook through their Help Center.

What to Do In Messenger

How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger
How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger

It is important that you learn how to unblock yourself on Messenger, but is chatting on Messenger the only thing the platform is good for? Or are there other things you can do on the platform?

Yes, there are tons of ways to use Messenger differently for your utmost enjoyment, and below, we describe some of the best things you can do in Messenger.

Make Calls

Most people know Messenger is a messaging application and have stayed with the method of communication all these years.

While in reality, the platform has evolved beyond that. It is now very easy to make a call using Messenger. The available options are voice and video calls that you can make by tapping either of the buttons at the top right corner whenever you enter a chat window.

Alternatively, you can leave voice notes which are also very easy to record, with the button represented as a mic near where you type messages.

Set Fancy Nicknames

Most users don’t also know this, but you don’t always have to appear by your full names every time you send a message on Messenger.

You can set up a nickname on Messenger and make things a little more interesting. Nicknames help breed familiarity between friends, and you can always add one for your close friends.

Nicknames also make it easy to recognize users regardless of how often they change their real Facebook names. Once you have it set, the user can change their name to new terms you are unaware of, but you would still recognize them.

Easily Talk Cross-Platform

Messenger and Instagram are properties of Facebook, and as such, it has become very easy to link them and reply to Instagram messages directly from your Messenger.

This makes it unnecessary to move from one platform to another every time you have new messages. You can simply set it up and link your Instagram account with your Messenger.

Once that is done, you will receive the messages directly on Messenger and respond from there too.

Create Rooms

Another very interesting thing you can do on Messenger is to create rooms that would contain your friends or colleagues from work.

When you create a room, you can invite the participants if they are on your Facebook, and once everyone is in, you can share your screen, watch video clips and TV shows or movies together and even play games all from the comfort of the room.

You can also do a group call with every member of the room. The room can be left open for any group member to walk in and drop something at any time, or it could be closed and opened only during meeting days.

Send Disappearing Messages

Disappearing messages are becoming increasingly important because of their ability to boost privacy without the need for full encryptions.

And Messenger now allows you send to send these little private messages that wipe off once you exit the app.

Open a chat window and swipe up before typing or sending a message to send a disappearing message. Messages, including videos, images, gifs, and screenshots, sent this way will disappear upon closing the app.

Send Encrypted Messages

You can take privacy further and send encrypted messages rather than disappearing messages.

This feature was added to allow users to use end-to-end encryption to share information they don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

You can send an encrypted message by opening a chat window, then tapping the receiver’s name at the top of the screen, and selecting “Go to Secret Conversation.”

Then you can send out the message which would appear different from regular chats. You can also set the secret conversation to elapse and return to regular discussions after some time by using the Stopwatch icon located at the “Secret Conversation.”

Use as Board Pass

This concept is new and generally applicable to all Airlines, but it is now possible to use your Messenger account to receive updates and check-in notifications.

You can use the chatting platform as a boarding pass upon arrival at the airport. It is also very easy to rebook your flight via Messenger if the Airline supports that.

What Should I Play In Messenger?

How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger
How to Unblock Yourself on Messenger

As you can see from the above section, there is so much you can do apart from chatting on Messenger.

There are numerous options for games you can play alone or with friends. You can even create rooms like we described above and have a great time playing any of these games remotely.


You can play this game as a fairy whose job is to fly around and blast demons back to hell. It is a one-player that you can have fun playing alone. The rewards for shooting the monsters are coins that you can use to amp your arsenal later.


Most people are familiar with the Tetris block game, in which colorful bricks fall from above for you to rotate and build at a very quick pace.

Building quickly will allow you clear levels and advance, while failure to act quickly enough can have you stuck in one level for a while.

Space Invader

Nothing helps you relax more than a journey to space to fight aliens and defend your territory. You can enjoy this classic anytime you want and destroy aliens to advance to higher levels.


Facebook built this one especially for poker lovers, but anyone can enjoy this game of cards. You can either take the Solitary Lightening mode or Tournament mode to gather your winnings.

Words with Friends

This game is best enjoyed in a group where you and your friends can challenge each other to see who can form the most words using only the letters provided. Obviously, the person with the highest words wins at the end of each game.

Sadly, these games were recently moved from Messenger to the Facebook platform and can now only be accessed and enjoyed from Facebook. So you may not find them on your Messenger the next time you go to look.

However, they started on Messenger, and most users still refer to them as Messenger games.


There are over 1.3 billion users on Messenger every month, each with their reasons for being there and their unique challenges.

And if your challenges include a Messenger block and you are looking for how to unblock yourself on Messenger, then this guide will lead to it.

You can also do several other things on the Messenger app apart from texting, and even until recently, you could play a wide collection of games either alone or with friends.


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