How To Get Someone’s Instagram Account Deleted Fast In Minutes

There are various different reasons why anyone should want to learn How To Get Someone’s Instagram Account Deleted Fast In Minutes: When you’re trying to get someone’s Instagram deleted, there are a few things you Must Know, however. Know them Well! Here is a Step by Step Guide on How to Get Anyone’s Instagram Deleted Fast in minutes or hours. Learn what it takes to bring down a scammer and get them off of Instagram fast without them continuing their illegal activities.

How To Get Someone’s Instagram Account Deleted Fast In Minutes


If you feel someone is scamming other Instagram users using diverse means, or if you feel a user is scamming you, impersonating a public figure, or just anyone at all, it’s just enough reason to want to take their accounts down.

If you also think a particular Instagram account is being used to engage in some kind of illegal business, you can consider being a good samaritan by helping to delete such a business’s Instagram account for them to stop their illegal activities.

In this guide, I’m going to show you all the methods on how to get anyone’s Instagram account deleted faster, and stop them from impersonation.

Please, we advise you don’t use this guide/tricks against any legitimate business, or user for any personal reasons. And sometimes, it is not wise to just start deleting people’s accounts without trying to find out what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. And this post is also for educational purposes.

Most importantly, you might want the Instagram account of a deceased to be deleted as well and this guide should also provide a solution.

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How To Get Someone’s Instagram Account Deleted Fast In Minutes

Now that we’ve explored some reasons why you should want to get someone’s Instagram deleted ASAP, let’s see again all the various means by which you can get someone’s Instagram account deleted if they are caught doing illegal activities or impersonating a personality, an organization or a business.

Recently, I noticed my religious leader’s Instagram account was duplicated. I reported back to my team. I instructed them on what to do and within a few hours, the Instagram company replied to me that the so-called scammer’s account has been deleted after reviewing my complaint. And I’m going to show you the same thing so you can get someone’s Instagram account deleted fast when they are involved in illegal activities.

Method 1: Reporting The Instagram Account

To get someone’s Instagram account deleted, you’ll need support from your various friends such as schoolmates, WhatsApp groups, Facebook friends, or Telegram.

These friends are going to help you together with yourself in order to take down the Instagram account of any suspected scammer or impersonator.

Follow these steps how to get someone’s Instagram account deleted fast in few minutes.

Step 1. Open the hacker/scammer/impersonator’s profile on your phone and take a screenshot of his/her profile

You need that screenshot to share on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Telegram for your friends to help you report it. Before this, make sure you’ve reported it yourself.

Step 2. Copy the Instagram profile link

For ease of reference, in addition to your screenshot, you’ll need a link to the profile so as to save your friends the stress of typing the username to search. this also increases your chances of getting people to click and report which takes less than 5 seconds to do so.

An Instagram profile link should look like this: or

Step 3: Make a post on social media

If you are with large contacts, just your WhatsApp status should be enough for this. Or combine it with Facebook stories or a public timeline photo.

Make a post with the screenshot and adding the profile link for ease of reference. Then ask your friends to help report it.

Step 4: Wait for Facebook/Instagram team to respond

You should receive a notification shortly after from the team that your request was reviewed and the so-called scammer, impersonator, or whatever reason you reported has been deleted from their platform.

Now the account is successfully deleted.

Method 2: How to delete the Instagram account of a deceased person

Like we earlier stated, it is important to delete the Instagram account of a deceased person for so many good reasons and good for you, Facebook provided this option for a close relative of a deceased person to be able to delete a deceased person’s social media accounts. To do so, note the following;

To remove a deceased’s Instagram account, you are required to provide a valid means of identification that you’re an immediate family member of the deceased.

This is import and you do so by providing necessary documents such as that of the deceased person’s birth certificate, the deceased person’s death certificate, or proof of authority under local law that you’re the lawful representative of the deceased person, or his/her estate. Learn more about removing a deceased person’s Instagram account here.

When you are sure that all the information you need is available to delete such a person’s account on Instagram, you can proceed to fill this form to get the account deleted. This option you don’t have to mobilize people to report it. It can be legally deleted and no one else can use such a username again.

Why You Need To Learn How To Get Someone’s Instagram Account Deleted Fast

Sometimes your personal account can get hacked by hackers and you would need to know how to get someone’s Instagram account deleted fast so as to delete such account.

You get hacked through different means, when you fall victim to Ponzi schemes or illegal businesses who send you phishing links and when you are tricked to enter your details, hackers get access to them.

That’s why we advise you to do legitimate businesses only because no one would just wake up and start doubling money for you for any reason if not with the intentions of scamming you.

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