How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer [Video]

Some players spend real money to buy coins, while others learn how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2022.

Gaming is enjoyable, but everyone who plays multiple games that require coins understand the challenge of spending real-life money. When you spend too much actual money, and for too long, it will not be long before you go broke and start to only play games that do not require the use of coins.


And it can be very easy to spend a lot on Dream League Soccer. For instance, buying Superstar players, healing players, and getting them to recover from injuries, changing your current team’s kits to any official gear, and even upgrading your stadium, all cost coins.

This is why a trick like how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2022 is essential – it gives you the chance to play the game whenever you like without spending any money.

And we are about to show you some easy ways to do this, as well as explain a few other hacks that make playing DLS thoroughly enjoyable.

Watch Video On How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2022

How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2022

How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2021
How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2022

To get the most out of Dream League Soccer 2022, you can pull out your credit card and purchase some coins, or you can patiently play a series of matches for a very long time to accumulate enough coins.


Alternatively, you can follow one or a combination of these hacks on how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2022:

Hack 1: Connect to Social Media

Connecting your DLS game to any social media is one of the easiest tricks to securing free coins. For instance, you will be given free 100 coins once you connect with Facebook. And because this is a very easy step, it is often advisable to take advantage of it.

To do this, simply go to your “Game Setting,” open it and scroll to find “Advanced.” Click on it and follow the prompt to log in to Facebook from there.

Enter your Facebook username and password and wait briefly for it to connect. Once successfully connected, you will be given 100 free coins.

Hack 2: Claim Initial Prize

Claiming your initial prize is another easy hack on how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2022, yet many players either skip it or are not even aware that this is possible.

This free money is available only for new players, so you need to do it as early as possible. Many players argue that the distribution of the initial prize of 1000 coins is automatic, but we have seen many players miss out on it because they didn’t try to claim it.

To receive this free money, open the game, go to the main menu and click on the coins icon. You will be able to collect your gift from there.

Hack 3: Complete Set Goals

Each match on the Dream League Soccer 2022 is laced with objectives and goals that deliver free coins to you when you meet them.

Some of these goals are short-term and need to be completed per match or daily, while others are long-term and take some time to complete. Either way, they are always designed to be as simple as possible.

Some objectives offer you tens of free coins on completions, while others offer hundreds. The more you complete, the more coins you earn.

To do this, simply keep your eyes peeled for the objectives and goals that pop up whenever you start a new match, event, or challenge.

Hack 4: Watch Ads

DLS laces each game with tasks and goals in the same way it places ads after each game. Both are to allow players to earn free coins for doing little things.

In this case, ads are loaded after each match, with each ad lasting only about 30 seconds or less. Players have described how watching ads gave them more coins than their actual game performance.

It is, therefore, one of the quickest ways to accumulate coins and get rich as long as you don’t mind spending a few minutes watching advertisements.

To earn from ads, wait for the ads to finish playing after a game rather than skipping it. You will receive 30 free coins or more for only a few seconds of your time. While this is neither the most interesting nor exciting way to get free money on Dream League Soccer, we know that it pays.

Hack 5: Use Lucky Patcher Application

Out of the many tricks on how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2022, this hack seems to be the most profitable. The Lucky Patcher App can help a player unlock unlimited coins while also modifying the game to taste.

To get this started, download and install the Dream League Soccer 2022 game on your device. Next, download and install the Lucky Patcher app on the same device.

Once this is complete, open Lucky Patcher and scroll to where you will find all the apps currently installed on that device.

Find Dream League Soccer on the list and open it. Leave that open, then go to “Open Menu” for patches and click on “create modified APK file.” A popup would appear, and on that popup, find “APK Rebuilt” and select it. Then click on “LVL emulation.”

Once you click on the emulation, the APK modification will commence taking about 5 minutes or less to complete.

Once the modification is complete, click on “OK,” leave the Lucky Patcher App for a second and go to the apps on your phone. Please find the original Dream League Soccer game you downloaded earlier and uninstall it.

Return to the Lucky Patcher App, open it, and scroll to the bottom. You will find “Rebuild & Install” click there, and a menu will open. On the menu, find “Lucky Patcher” open it and scroll to “Modified” and click on it, then look for the Dream League Soccer APK and click on it.

This will install the modified game APK to your device, allowing you to earn and play the game differently and more conveniently.

How Do You Get Barcelona Players in Dream League Soccer 2022?

How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2021
How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2021

Having learned how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2022, what if you want to use that money to build a better team, such as getting the best Barcelona players on your team?

There are two different ways to get Barcelona players in Dream League Soccer 2022. The first is to simply download the game app, install it, open and select Barcelona as your custom club. The other way is to download and install the latest Barcelona Profile.dat file.

If you are taking the first route, you will need to play and win all matches to be able to develop your players to become exceptional and formidable. This requires time and some serious dedication.

Alternatively, you can use a Profile.dat file and make things a lot easier and faster for yourself. You can begin this process by first downloading and installing a DLS game application on your device or skip this step if you already have one installed.

Next, open the installed app, then close it almost immediately to create all the DLS team folders you would need for this to work.

Following this, download the ZArchiver App and extract all the files you need from the download folder.

Head on to the file manager of your device and find “data,” then look for the folder “com.firsttouchgames.dls3” and clear or delete it.

Use the ZArchiver App to unzip the data and once the unzipping is complete, find the folder “com.firsttouchgames.dls3” and find the file “FC Barcelona profile.dat,” then import or copy it.

Finally, open your file manager again, go to your data and paste the above file where you had first made the first delete at the start of this procedure.

How Can I Play DLS 2022 Offline?

How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2021
How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2022

Aside from wanting to know how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2021, most people also want to know whether or not they can play this game offline.

You can play DLS 2022 offline once you have installed the game and played the first match using an internet connection.

After that, you only need to open the game again with an internet connection and click “OK” when a prompt appears to inform you that you will be playing without an internet connection.

However, matches played while offline do not get saved automatically, and you will need to switch on your data connection if you want to save that match.

Yet, playing without connecting to the internet is great for those who may find themselves in areas with bad internet or simply want to play matches to pass the time.

How Many Divisions Are There In Dream League Soccer 2022?

How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2021
How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2022

There are eight separate divisions in Dream League Soccer 2022 which must be completed before a player can get the chance to compete in over 10 cup competitions.

There are also about 3500 FIFPro licensed players that games can select from to build highly competitive and formidable teams.

You could easily build your team with 11 players and nine substitutions to get you through the lower divisions. However, you will need a much larger roster of players if you intend to perform exceptionally well in the higher divisions.

Promotion from one division to the next occurs when you attain Champion status from the prior division by gathering a cumulative of 12 points or more. However, it is still possible to get promoted upon earning 7 points or more from the current division.

As you get promoted from lower to higher divisions and start to need more players, you will need to hire the services of Recruit Scouts to help you discover new talent and recruit them.

The new and even old players’ abilities are developed and improved through the help of Coaches. Admittedly, the better the Coach, the faster and better this process will be.

Games can be played in either Career Mode or PvP mode. The former involves playing against an AI-controlled team, while the latter involves going against a real-life human gamer controlling a team just like you are doing.

PvP matches are often more difficult as they come with less intuition and less prediction. Consequently, they are often more rewarding – giving you more coins and gems whenever you win a PvP game.

Is Dream League Soccer 2022 Out?

How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2021
How to Get Free Money on Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer 2022 is out and now available for download on both iPhone and Android devices from App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

The first version, 9.00, was released on 10th December 2021 and features, amongst other things, new soundtracks and better graphics.

Additionally, the number of FIFPro licensed players increased from 3,500 to over 4,000 to include younger and recent top players from across the globe.


When looking for how to get free money on Dream League Soccer 2022, there are five different routes that you can take, just like we have explained above. You can combine them all or use them separately based on your discretion.

While the 2022 version of the game just got released recently, we believe that these hacks and tricks that we have described here can work equally in the new release.

The makers of this game also tried to include the option of playing offline in the newest release. However, it is necessary to point out that it is not until you play with an internet connection that you will gather enough coins and gems needed to enjoy this game fully.


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