How to Make a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix: In 6 Easy Steps [Video]

Most people who use Netflix for entertainment also like to know how to make a custom profile picture for Netflix.

Accounts on Netflix can usually support up to five profiles, and a custom profile picture is necessary to separate one account from the other by simply looking at it.

While Netflix may allow you to a default profile picture and the option of selecting from a list of Netflix-approved avatars, these do not suffice for a custom profile picture.

If you have experienced the above dilemma and are looking for how to make a custom profile picture for Netflix, then you are in the right place. In simple steps, we will show you how to do this using your favorite browser extension and show you how you can use Netflix for free.

How to Make a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix

How to Make a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix
How to Make a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix

Before we dive in to show you just how to make a custom profile picture for Netflix, it is worthy of note to know that your new custom picture will only reflect on the browser on which you run the steps below.

Your custom picture will not reflect across another browser on devices connected to your Netflix account.

Additionally, if you intend to change your profile picture across browsers and devices, the picture cannot be customized.

So if you want a custom profile picture for Netflix, you will risk only seeing it on the set browser.

Now that we have gotten the disclaimer out of the way let us get to it.

Step 1: Get the extension.

The first ingredient in the mix of things you will need to create a custom Netflix profile picture is an extension called Custom profile picture for Netflix.

This is a Google Chrome browser extension that can be downloaded from the Chrome store. To download, Open your Chrome browser, go to Chrome Store and search for the extension. Once you find it, go ahead and click on “Add to Chrome,” then select “Add Extension.”

Step 2: Sign in to your Netflix

Once you have downloaded and added the extension, login to Netflix using the same browser, then head to the profile page and open it.

Step 3: Open the extension

Now that you have your Netflix profile opened before clicking on “Extensions,” located at the top right corner of the browser tab next to your Chrome profile icon. Once the extensions open, locate the “Custom profile picture for Netflix” that you downloaded in step 1 above and click on it to open.

Next, click on the “Upload custom profile picture” to select the Netflix profile you wish to change the profile picture.

Step 4: Select the image

Once you click the “Upload custom profile picture” box, it will open up to show you a quick menu. Select “Image,” then click on “Select image” to head over to the folders on your computer.

Next, find the folder that contains the exact image you intend to use, open that folder, locate the image, select it, then move down to hit “Open.”

To work smoothly, you want to ensure that the image is about 5MB or less. Once you have done the above, patiently wait for the image to be uploaded. The speed with which this happens will depend largely on your internet connection speed. However, this usually only takes a few seconds to complete.

Step 5: Set the image

Once the upload is complete, you may need to perform a few tweaks to get the perfect Netflix profile picture.

First, open the “Alignment2 box and find any tool you think you need to do a few edits. You can crop out the parts you don’t want and shift the image to get it in a perfect position.

Step 6: Save your custom profile picture

Once you are satisfied with the editing, click on the extension one last time to close it. After that, reload the tab to refresh the Netflix profile page. Once the page loads again, you should see your new custom profile picture saved and ready to use.

Again, these instructions on how to make a custom profile picture for Netflix will only provide the picture for that browser. And while you will not see the fruits of your efforts on your other devices, it is still good to know you can repeat this procedure across different devices to set the same picture in all of them.

How Do I Use Netflix For The First Time?

How to Make a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix

If you are new to Netflix, you may want to learn exactly how to operate it before you dip your toes into learning how to make a custom profile picture for Netflix.

Netflix is very popular, and while it can seem overwhelming to use at first, we would like to say that is only at first glance.

The procedure to use it is straightforward, and we guarantee you that the steps below can help you quickly become an expert on Netflix handling and operations.

Step 1: Select the right device

Netflix is a streaming platform and, as such, requires a solid internet connection to work properly. Hence, you will need a device that has an internet connection and one that has a very smooth connection.

Devices that you can use include smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs. While you will need to download and install the Netflix application on both smartphones and tablets, smart TVs usually come with the application pre-installed.

Some smart TVs even have a Netflix button on their remote control for easy access and operations. It is always best to download the app from the Netflix official website or from the official App store of your device to avoid any security challenges.

In addition, you can also use your computer to stream Netflix, but computers don’t necessarily require the Netflix app; you can use the web version to enjoy premium entertainment.

Step 2: Create your account

Once you have the issue of the right device sorted out and have installed the application or opened the web version, the next step is to open a Netflix account.

This step is as easy as selecting “Create an Account” and filling in the correct details. But before any of that, you will need to select a subscription plan suitable for you.

The plans often include a Basic plan for $9/Month, a Standard plan for $14/Month, and a Premium plan for $18/Month.

You can also click on “Join Free For A Month” to enjoy Netflix for one month free. Once you have selected a suitable subscription plan, proceed to create an account with your correct email and a password.

Step 3: Enter a payment method

After creating an account, you will need to set up a method for Netflix to bill you whenever your subscription is due to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of their services.

You can set up your details for a debit/credit card or PayPal. You can also use a gift code if you recently received a gift voucher.

Your subscription will not be charged until the 30-day free trial is over, and you can cancel at any time.

Additionally, Netflix will send you a reminder via email about three days before your free trial elapses to help you decide whether or not you want to proceed to the paid subscription.

Step 4: Open the app/menu/website

Once you have the account and payment options settled out, the next step is to open whatever medium you intend to stream Netflix through.

For instance, if you will be using the application on a smartphone or tablet, then you will need to download the app from the Netflix official website or your App Store. Then install and open it to sign in using the details you had just used to create an account.

If you are using a smart TV, then go to the menu on the TV and locate the pre-installed app, open it and sign in using your details as described above. Some smart TVs have a button on the remote control to make locating the Netflix app easier.

Alternatively, you can go back to their website and log in to your computer. The login details work across software and devices.

Step 5: Finish setting up the account.

Upon signing in, you can do a little setting on the account before starting streaming. For instance, you can add up to about five profiles by clicking on “Who’s watching?”

You can also go to “Kids” and set some limitations and control over what is shown to your kids. Once you are satisfied with the settings, go to the search space and type in the name of a movie, show, or documentary you want to watch.

You can also select any popular shows listed on the home screen to start watching. Netflix will study the kinds of movies and shows you watch to make recommendations as soon as possible.

How Can I Use Netflix For Free?

How to Make a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix

Aside from looking for how to make custom profile pictures for Netflix, many users (especially new users) are also asking how to use Netflix for free.

This is coming on the heels of Netflix’s current policy to stop the free trials. As it was, it was possible to stream shows and watch anything on Netflix for 30 days without a charge.

A user needed to create an account, set up a payment method, login, start watching shows, and return after receiving the email reminder.

They could then cancel their subscription without breaking any rules. But Netflix no longer offers these free trials, and those who cannot afford a paid subscription need to find new ways to use Netflix for free.

A common way to use Netflix for free is to hop on somebody else’s account by asking for their email and password or asking them to add you up as one of their five profiles.

This way, you can watch movies and shows and get personalized recommendations without paying a dime. The account owner covers the subscription, and you get to enjoy great entertainment for free.

Alternatively, you can go to “” and watch shows for free. However, this only allows you to watch only the first episodes of the free shows, which frequently change without warning.

Consequently, this option is only recommended if you don’t know anyone willing to add you to their Netflix account.

A final method is to check if your phone or cable company offers Netflix services for free. You can do this by first contacting the phone or cable company to find out what they offer for their subscriptions.

Technically, this is not getting Netflix for free as you often have to buy a particular service from the cable or phone company to enjoy. However, it is still counted as an option as you don’t have to pay for a direct Netflix subscription.

One major company, T-Mobile, is well known for offering free Netflix accounts for some particular customers.

Can I Install Netflix On My TV?

How to Make a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix

Yes, you can use Netflix on your TV if you are using a smart TV, but you will not need to install the Netflix app as it often comes with a pre-installed app.

In the case where your smart TV does not have the app but has the capacity to support Netflix services, you can head on to the App Store on the TV, locate new apps and search for Netflix.

You can also do the same thing if your app gets outdated. Using Netflix on your smart TV is easy, and it shouldn’t take too long for you to figure it out.


Netflix has served millions of audiences worldwide as the biggest streaming platform for years. It hosts a wide array of great TV shows, movies, and documentaries, so much so that it is not believed that if the show or movie is out, then it can be found on Netflix.

While many people use its services, not many people know how to make a custom profile picture for Netflix.

Our guide above aims to explain this in the simplest way possible and help you add that extra feel to your Netflix profile.


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