The 21 Best Free FRIV Games to Play Online: Everything You Need To Know About Them [Video]

If you are a hard-core, then you may want to find out the 21 best free FRIV games to play online because not knowing this may most likely leave you feeling confused.

FRIV platform, which is basically a conglomerate of websites, is filled with hundreds (more accurately, over 300) of free online games. This very fact leaves many players confused when deciding which to play.

Most of these games are exciting and can get easily addictive, but like all things, not all games are born equal; some are more exciting, interesting, and colorful than others.

Learning the 21 best free FRIV games to play online will equip you with sufficient knowledge to go straight for the most impressive games when you get to the FRIV website.

Playing a game on FRIV is as easy as jumping onto the website and selecting a tile. Each tile contains a different game with an abundance of games for every age group, including kids.

You can also use the search buttons to browse for more games if you already know what you are looking for. The purpose of this guide is to give you the 21 games to look out for when next you go to the FRIV website.

The 21 Best Free FRIV Games to Play Online

The 21 Best Free FRIV Games to Play Online
The 21 Best Free FRIV Games to Play Online

Game 1: Kill Covid 19

We have decided to place this at the top of our list because humanity is still dealing with the menace of this deadly virus even as these words are being written.

In this game, you get the chance to combat the viruses as a needle. Unfortunately, in reality, it has not been that easy to end Covid 19.

Regardless, take solace in the idea that you are doing something against this deadly killer, howbeit online.

The game is simple; viruses are moving across your screen, and your objective is to shoot them all as a needle.

Game 2: Feet’s Doctor: Urgency Care

Still along the lines of health-related games is this simple yet classic game. This game presents an exciting medical stimulator that you can take on if you want to do something besides kill Covid on the FRIV website.

However, you will need a solid heart to stomach this game as you play through some intense pedicure sessions.

Your goal here is to cure sores, corns, and deformed nails while stomaching the stench of calluses and the smell of cabriolets.

Game 3: Laura and Lucas Emergency Doctors

Playing a doctor just got better with this cool game that allows you to do everything from seeing patients to curing all kinds of basic illnesses.

If what you are looking for in a video game is more ways to help people, you can play this game and find amazing ways to heal people of diseases such as stomach pains and flu.

Game 4: Color Me Pets

This game is especially for kids as it gives them the pleasure and chance to paint with their favorite colors.

Kids quickly tend to get hooked on these games, which is not exactly a bad thing, considering that they will be having fun and learning simultaneously.

The mission of this game is to get creative and color the images of different pets displayed with beautiful colors. Staying within the drawn lines is something kids will soon learn adds to their points.

Game 5: Mitch and Titch Forest Frolic

This game is simple and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike – for kids, because it features two cute monsters as the main characters and, for adults, because it brings back nostalgia for anyone who played the arcade games of the late eighties and early nineties.

The gameplay is straightforward, and the mission is simple; jump and move as little monsters across the screen to gather gems on your adventure.

Game 6: First Day at School

We include this game in this section because it is most relatable – almost every child has experienced some form of bullying while starting school.

It is an absolute adventure where you are mandated with the responsibility of guiding your young character through his first day in school without getting bullied.

Game 7: Princess Wedding Dress Design

This is another game that will appeal to both the little ones and grown-ups. If your dream has always been to make wedding dress designs, you will fall in love with this game quickly.

It may be a virtual way to showcase your design prowess, but you can’t deny the fact that this game can add some real-life improvements to your talent.

Your goal in the game is to make a design for a wedding dress as commissioned by the princess who is getting married. You will need to develop great ideas to mix the right cut, length and color and sew an amazing wedding dress.

Game 8: Soldier Legend

You cannot discuss the 21 best free FRIV games to play online without mentioning the many games that feature war and heroism.

Soldier Legend is one of those games that keep your blood pumping and adrenaline rushing from start to finish.

The goal here is to fight against attacks by strange monsters out for blood. You will need to master both the act of shooting and evading attacks at the same time to become a Legend.

Game 9: Dino Mission

This is another game about heroism, and the fact that it is simple to play puts it on the list as many people’s favorite adventure game on FRIV.

This game aims to control two dinosaurs fighting each other and at the brink of destroying the Jurassic world.

You will require bravery to achieve this even as you jump around and collect precious coins on your journey.

Game 10: Battleships

Anyone who has played “Sink the Fleet” before will find this interesting. However, you are still bound to enjoy it regardless.

The mission in this game is to try to locate your ships while trying to discover your enemies’ ships simultaneously. You will then need to destroy theirs to win.

Game 11: Zombotron 2

In Zombotron, like the other classic survival games, you will find yourself coming up with very interesting ideas that will keep you alive for longer.

After your ship crashed onto a very barren and less friendly planet, your mission here is to survive on this new planet.

To accomplish this mission, you will need to shoot and kill zombies to prevent them from taking over your new home.

Game 12: Super Onion Boy

This game holds a simple story of a boy saving a girl or a princess, which is common in most movies. And if you have fancied this idea, then you will find this quite appealing.

In the game, you will become a young character from Veggieland who is on a mission to save the kingdom’s princess who was kidnapped. You will run, jump, shoot and do whatever it takes to rescue and return the beautiful princess.

Game 13: Burger Truck Trump

This game makes it to the list of the 21 best free FRIV games to play online because it covers one of the most controversial people of recent times – Ex-president Donald Trump.

The game begins with Trump out of the White House, and your mission here is to drive a van used as a travelling burger joint all the way to Washington while satisfying customers and making them happy along the way.

Game 14: The Last Ninja 2

No gaming list is ever complete without one game, including Ninjas doing Ninjas’ stuff. Fighting is unadvisable in the real world (except you are a professional martial artist), but in this game, you get the chance to fight a strong enemy to defend yourself.

The mission is to use a wide array of weapons to fight an equally competent foe whose main objective is to continue to harass you. And he doesn’t stop until you overwhelm him with your weapons and skills.

Game 15: Funny Soccer

No football fan can resist the allures of this simple yet interesting game. While modern football video games are filled with complex instructions that need to be properly mastered to enjoy and win games, this game stripes soccer of all that complexities.

The mission is simple; you play against another player and try to score as many goals in their post while they try to return the favor.

Game 16: Penalty Shootout Multi League

This is another favorite for football lovers. There are several moments in a soccer match, but one holds the highest anticipation; penalties.

In this game, you will build that anticipation and excitement by picking a country and a team and playing penalty shootouts against another player.

Game 17: Goalkeeper Challenge

While many want to play entire matches against their opponents, other gamers just want to test their goalkeeping skills.

If you happen to be in the latter category, this game is for you. Your mission here is to use your mouse to move your goalkeeper’s gloves around the screen to prevent the penalty taker from netting a goal.

Game 18: Moto X3M

Some gamers just love fast cars and the excitement of virtual breeze pouring against their virtual faces, and this game offers that but with a motorcycle.

The player’s objective is to drive through the highway, carefully accelerating and braking to prevent falling while also dodging obstacles on the road.

Game 19: Real City Driver

Just because it is a virtual world doesn’t mean you can’t drive through real cities and sharpen your driving skills while at it.

The beauty of this game is how it teaches you how to drive in real life while giving you full control of the car within the game.

Game 20: Extreme Car Parking 2

And if you are already a great driver but still need to work on your parking skills, then here is your chance.

The game will stretch your nerves and test your patience as you take various cars out of the parking without scratching them or hitting obstacles.

Game 21: Bob the Robber

We save this for last on our list of the 21 best free FRIV games to play online not only because it stands in its category on this list but also because it may get a bad rap at first glimpse.

But it is an absolute delight that ironically teaches the player how to do some good in the world by being a robber.

Your goal in this game is to steal from the rich and wicked by cracking safes and opening security doors while still trying to evade your enemies. The stolen loot is then redistributed to the needy in the game.

Is FRIV Gone?

The 21 Best Free FRIV Games to Play Online

If you are only hearing about the 21 best free FRIV games to play online for the first time, then it is natural to wonder if this great gaming platform is still around or whether it is gone.

The answer is no, FRIV and the many games it provides are not gone and are still very much around, and you can hop onto their website to enjoy them all for free.

As we said earlier, playing FRIV games is incredibly simple. You go to, and you will be presented with several tiles.

Each tile contains a game. You can click on a preferred tile, wait for the game to load up on your device, and begin playing immediately.

All you need is a great device with a good internet connection. You don’t have to subscribe or download the games. Even more appealing is how you don’t even need to register on the website to enjoy all the amazing games.

Are FRIV Games Safe?

The 21 Best Free FRIV Games to Play Online

We are all becoming painfully aware of all the risks of using the internet. With many reports of viruses and malware for playing video games online, it is very common for people to ask if playing FRIV games is safe.

Another very common question that most users ask is if FRIV games are safe for children and the underage.

To both questions, the makers of this platform answer a resounding yes. Users do not contact viruses and malware from playing any of FRIV games. And anyone can play FRIV games, including kids.

Many games are designed with children in mind and built for their maximum enjoyment and entertainment.

Kids can also learn and enjoy while playing some of the educational games like Fireboy and Watergirl or Color Me Pets.

Some players have recommended ages ten and above as the most appropriate age for kids to play FRIV games, but we think it is safe enough for even eight years old kids.

Does FRIV Use Flash?

The 21 Best Free FRIV Games to Play Online

Many people also ask whether or not FRIV uses Flash. This is because Adobe Flash was officially discontinued in December 2020, and many websites that need it to run smoothly took it off towards the end of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021.

It means that Flash’s websites and services are no longer supported as it stands today.

Most FRIV games were based on Flash, but FRIV no longer uses Flash for the same reason we have just described above. Most of the old classic games designed to run on Flash have since been modified to work without Flash.


A simple user interface, an abundance of games, and an easy mode of play are some of the features that define the FRIV platform.

Therefore, it is not surprising that both the young and old troupe over to the FRIV website when looking for a nice time exploring a variety of games.

Our list of the 21 best free FRIV games to play online is purposefully designed to help make the task of looking for a great FRIV game easy for you.