Why Does Crypto.com Keep Declining My Card?

If you’re trying to buy Crypto.com with a debit or credit card, you may have run into a frustrating error message: “Your transaction was declined.” Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common problem for people who are buying cryptocurrencies like Crypto.com (CRO) with their credit cards.

Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency wallet app that allows users to manage their digital assets through various platforms. The company behind the app is called Crypto.com, and it has been around since 1999 when it began offering payment solutions to consumers.

With over 30 million downloads, Crypto.com is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet apps in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, but sometimes you may run into issues when trying to purchase with your card or digital currency account.

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To help fix this problem, we’ve put together an easy guide on how to fix why crypto keeps declining my card errors!

Why’s Crypto.com Keeps Declining Your VISA/MasterCard

After a lot of research, we found that this issue was related to a security feature implemented by Visa itself and not by Crypto.com or any other entity involved in providing services related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, etc…

There are several reasons why your account may have been declined:

  • The card is not supported.
  • The card is not enabled to make online purchases.
  • You have entered your card information incorrectly.
  • If your payment method is a debit card, then there might be a restriction on your account that prevents you from making any purchases.
  • Your bank could be blocking the transaction because they don’t recognize the merchant name as one they support. If you are using a prepaid card, you will need to top up your balance before making a purchase.
  • Crypto may have reached its daily limit for active orders. Try again later or contact us for help Your card has been blocked by Crypto .com due to suspicious or fraudulent activities.
  • Your card is not activated yet. Your bank has blocked the transaction due to suspicious or fraudulent activities on Crypto’s website.

How to Fix the “Crypto.com Keeps Declining My VISA/MasterCard” Error?

If you’re still having trouble with this error, we recommend contacting your bank directly as well as Crypto.com’s support team here to get help unblocking your card.

So here are some steps that you can follow if your Crypto.com card is not working properly:

  1. Update your credit card information

If you’re trying to use a credit card that isn’t supported by Crypto.com, simply remove it and try another one. Some cards may be declined due to insufficient funds or other issues, so make sure your card is on hand when you start the transaction. If you’re using a prepaid card, check to see if it’s supported by Crypto.com first.

Why Does Crypto.com Keep Declining My Card
  1. Check your balance

If you have enough funds in your account and the problem still persists, it may be your bank or payment processor that’s blocking the transaction because of some security issue. In this case, try using another bank account or payment method instead of continuing with the same one which is causing problems for you.

3- If your address is in the same country as where your card was issued, try to add another country as well (if you travel abroad a lot).

4- If you still have issues, contact the customer support team for assistance through their social media channels like Telegram or Facebook Messenger or even through email support@crypto.com

In any case where there is an issue with payments made via credit cards to Crypto.com, please remember that refunds will not be granted due to technical issues such as these ones mentioned above; however, refunds may be issued under very specific circumstances (for example accidental transactions).

Why Is My Crypto Com Withdraw Still Pending?

There are several reasons why your crypto com withdrawal might be pending. We have listed the most common ones below:

1) The transaction is still being processed by the network. This can take up to 24 hours, depending on which currency you are withdrawing.

2) You did not provide a valid bank account number or any other information needed to process your withdrawal request. Please make sure that you have entered all the required information or contact us if you have any issues with this.

3) Your withdrawal limit has been exceeded due to excessive deposits or withdrawals within a short period of time. In order to increase your withdrawal limit, please contact our support team and ask them to raise it for you so that you can withdraw more funds at once.

Why Can’t I Withdraw Money out Of Crypto Com?

Why Does Crypto.com Keep Declining My Card

There are many reasons why you cannot withdraw money from Crypto com. Some of them are as follows:

  • You have not deposited enough money into your account.
  • Your account has been temporarily suspended for some reason.
  • If you have not activated your account yet, please log in and activate it first.
  • Your account is frozen because of some reason, please contact our customer service for further information
  • crypto.com server is down during scheduled maintenance and you can’t withdraw your purchased cryptocurrency.
  • The system flags a suspicious account, which prevents the user from making further purchases in the future.
  • You need to check your network connection if you’re experiencing problems with crypto.com

Why Is Your Bank Blocking Crypto.Com

The main reason that many banks are blocking crypto transactions is that they don’t have sufficient knowledge about how cryptocurrencies work and what they can do with them.

Most banks don’t even know how to deal with crypto assets yet so they can’t provide adequate support for their customers who want to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum as part of their daily lives.

Another reason why banks are blocking crypto.com is that they are trying to protect their customers. This is because there are a lot of scams out there that are using the name of this brand to scam people.

Why Does Crypto.com Keep Declining My Card

There are many fake websites that use this name and then ask you to send them money so that they can transfer your money into the crypto market. These websites do not exist and they have no connection with the real company.

It is important for people to know that these scams exist and that they should be careful when dealing with them. If someone asks you for money, then it is likely a scam. This is why it’s important for people to double-check before sending any kind of payment or information over the Internet.

The final reason why many banks are blocking crypto transactions is that they want to protect themselves from any potential risks that come with using an unregulated currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Banks don’t want to become liable for any losses suffered by their customers who invest in cryptocurrencies.

This means that they need to take steps to ensure that all transactions using digital currencies are


We hope this article has helped you understand why your card keeps getting declined and what steps you can take to fix it. If you still have any questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to ask for help in the comment section below!

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