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50 Lucrative Online Businesses That Pay In Nigeria[2021]
50 Lucrative Online Businesses That Pay In Nigeria[2021]
The Internet provides many business opportunities. It has provoked a lasting change in relationships, the way we shop, and every aspect of human life. The internet has made things more accessible by leveling the playing field. In this article, we will be looking at a list of online businesses that pay in Nigeria. The Internet has opened up many new ways to make money. An Internet-facing device can start your business today. Even people with no technical skills create an online business using tools that simplify it.

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What is an Online Business?

Internet business is a business that operates on the Internet. Internet companies make money selling online through digital channels without first having direct contact with their customers or users. 

The main tools you need to launch online businesses that pay in Nigeria are not complicated; they include; an online presence (website, online store, and social media accounts) and a means of getting constant leads online. You can do this through SEO, social media advertising marketing, and content marketing.

Starting online businesses that pay in Nigeria involves less risk than setting up a physical store. Due to the nature of online business, it is straightforward to reach thousands and millions of potential customers without spending a lot of money on advertising.

Online Businesses That Pay In Nigeria

There are several options of online businesses in Nigeria today, but the choice can be challenging when considering several factors. The best way to do this is to analyze your strengths, interests, and skills sets carefully. With this, you will be able to build an online business with an increased chance of success. So, let’s begin our list of online companies that pay in Nigeria.

1. Sell Your Own Art Online

With so many possibilities accessible for every type of art, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. So we’ve chosen to assist restrict the field by discussing the ins and outs of the top online art selling venues. That way, you can sit back and concentrate on building a beautiful website and selling your work to the rest of the world. 

Is selling art online profitable in Nigeria?

You can sell art online and make money if you have a keen eye, a creative streak, and a little hard effort. Making money in the art world as a seller is all about establishing oneself as a trustworthy brand.

Website Case studies:

From high-priced fine art to specialized crafts, an increasing number of art collectors are becoming accustomed to purchasing art online. The creative skills have progressed more slowly than other industries with internet sales, although this has altered in the last five years. And many artists are preceding galleries entirely, opting instead to sell their work straight online, cutting out the middlemen.

How to make money selling art online

Thanks to the Internet’s global reach, anyone can make money online in today’s world, and artwork sells just like everything else. First, of course, you must select the appropriate platform and understand how to use social media or your presence on such platforms to attract consumers and persuade them to purchase your work. The most effective approach to successfully selling your work online is to use a platform like Jumia or Konga in conjunction with your social media or website. Whatever your artistic style, there will always be someone willing to purchase a work you have made.


2. Conduct online webinars

It is easier to plan a webinar than to have a seminar or conference in real life, mainly because you do not need a prominent location to entertain many people. This is one of the best online businesses that pay in Nigeria.

You may invite individuals from around the globe to meet in real-time, and you can record the webinar. It can either be done live, or you can send guests the tape later if they cannot take part directly.

What are webinars? 

Webinars (sometimes known as “webcasts”) are online video presentations, workshops, or lectures broadcast using webinar software. These online events are generally participatory and business-related, and they allow you to share your expertise with almost anybody on the planet.

Bests Sites/tools for hosting a webinar:

Do you need to launch a webinar? 

The fact is that most marketers create webinars because they are a great lead generation tool, not because they will benefit their audience. So consider whether or not what you’re offering is beneficial before you start developing presentations. If you were unsure, think if you would watch your webinar.

How to make money from webinars

You may make payment mandatory for access or provide a charged product at the end of a webinar to generate money. People can buy your product or service and apply what they’ve learnt to new situations. People will buy your goods live if you properly marketed your webinar, educated your guests, and provided a compelling presentation.

3. Become a YouTuber 

If all of the best YouTubers have one thing in common, it’s their love of what they do. YouTubers, by definition, like generating excellent material and sharing it with their audience. Then, because the content is interesting, fans remain around for the long haul. Youtube is considered as one of the top online businesses that pay in Nigeria.

Who is a YouTuber?

A YouTuber is a person who creates material on YouTube. Essentially, YouTube is one of Google’s platforms that hosts videos of various kinds. As a result, a YouTuber is a sort of “videographer” who makes videos for YouTube videos.

How Do I Make Money On YouTube?

You may generate money on YouTube in quite a several ways. But, unfortunately, everything seems to have been reduced to good content and heavy traffic. However, to enter the YouTube partner program, you must satisfy several qualifying conditions. 

  • You may generate money through displays of overlays and video advertising on YouTube.
  • Get part of a membership cost for a YouTube Premium subscriber when viewing your content.
  • Your followers pay their fees in chat streams for their messages.
  • In exchange for the particular membership benefit you give, your members make recurrent monthly payments.
  • Your followers may explore and purchase official branded goods on your watch sites.

Before you may go to your desired destination, you must first complete a few particular tasks. Every YouTuber must consider a variety of criteria, ranging from niche selection to content quality. Fortunately, only a few YouTubers became famous only because their videos went viral. However, nearly all YouTubers face the same challenges that you are experiencing as a newcomer.


4. Start your Podcast

It is not as simple as putting on a microphone and babbling for an indeterminate period to start a podcast. It would help if you took specific measures to create a thrilling performance that will do well among your chosen audience and compete with the best of the best. 

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a serialized collection of audio recordings that people may subscribe to download and listen to. To make a podcast function, you must have an audio file and an RSS Feed to which users can subscribe to keep updated and download new episodes as they become available.

There is a lot of information on the Internet that praises the ease with which anybody can create a podcast. And, for the most part, it is correct; it does not require years of skill or a long career in a production facility to put out an excellent performance. Podcasting is one of the most reliable online businesses that pay in Nigeria.

How to make money on a podcast

You’re not alone if you want to create a podcast and make money from it in Nigeria. However, many individuals find the idea of being paid to speak into a microphone perplexing. You may monetize your podcast in two ways: 

Is picking a podcast Niche important?

Podcasts are pretty popular, and there are dozens of them available on a variety of themes. To compete, you must identify your specialty and choose the subjects you will discuss on your podcast. 

You must understand your target audience and consider what will pique their attention. This easy activity can help you figure out what you want to discuss in your podcast. Remember to write it down. Limit it to a few particular subjects. For example, if your podcast is about music, you can focus on a specific genre, era, location, or performer.


5. Launch an Amazon FBA business

FBA is a business strategy that allows you to use Amazon’s vast distribution network and consumer base. You’ve undoubtedly figured out that Amazon stores your inventory, fulfils your orders, and offers customer support when you utilize this business model. Are you looking for stable online businesses that pay in Nigeria? This is a good pick.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon fulfilment centres manage storing, packaging, and delivering orders and returns and exchanges under the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. You may ship your items to these fulfilment centres for a fixed monthly charge plus selling costs. This more extensive staff then handles the actual shipment, tracking, and customer support experience, allowing you to grow your business and reach more consumers possibly.

How to sell on amazon from Nigeria

You cannot sell your items unless you have an account on this site. The good news is that you do not need to fly from Nigeria to the United States to open such an account. But, at the same time, nothing can be done online from the comfort of your Nigerian home or office because our nation is not officially eligible to join the platform as a vendor.

Suppose you cannot establish your location as Niger, Namibia, or another approved nation. In that case, you should look for a US-based partner that can rent you a virtual physical address in the United States of America. 

In addition, you will need an internet connection, your papers (the account must be validated), and some of your time to establish a non-US seller account through a partner or with the assistance of friends/relatives. You’ll also need a VPN to conceal your Nigerian IP address.

How much can you earn from an FBA business?

There are several aspects to consider. However, several Amazon FBA business owners have profited anywhere between N50,000 and N500,000 in the first 30 days of operation. Others have gone from having no income to having N1,000,000 per month in less than a year. These aren’t average results, but they show the tremendous potential of establishing an Amazon FBA business. Essentially, using an FBA business model and using Amazon’s strength, it is possible to make a five, six, or seven-figure income.


6. Buy and Sell Domains

Domain Investing is a time-tested business concept based on low entry costs, substantial investment returns and a rise in demand for quality domain names from new companies or brands rebranding to strengthen their online presence.

It might take months or years to build a high-quality domain portfolio. Looking forward to what names may become popular in the future and hedging with numbers by acquiring hundreds of domains is frequently the key. Others opt to buy a few existing well-known domains and hold them hoping that their value will increase over time.

What is domain reselling?

Domain Investing is the process of purchasing a domain name for a long or short period in exchange for a profit when a user is interested in it. This is the beginner definition for anyone interested in starting domain flipping.

How to make money with domain name flipping

While we all enjoy hearing inspirational stories about how some lucky people gained millions by selling a high-profile domain name, this does not happen very often. 

Because very few domain names may be sold for six-figure prices, your prospects of becoming a billionaire overnight are limited. However, there are several methods to profit from domain names. 

Many traditional domain registrars, like, will handle auction sales. Meanwhile, specialist websites, such as Sedo, are only dedicated to purchasing and selling domain names. Finally, parking domains with a “for sale” page is an excellent method to generate focused interest from prospective buyers.

Risks of domain reselling

Before buying or selling a domain, would-be domain investors should carefully evaluate several dangers. Liquidity, subjectivity, and legality are the three most significant concerns, but several more range from erroneous appraisals to defective escrow payments. Therefore, before purchasing a domain name, potential purchasers should carefully examine these dangers.


7. Business plan writing services.

Starting a company is an incredible adventure and one of the most authoritative and beneficial decisions. This is the climax of all you have learnt, created and conquered over your career. A well-designed business plan is critical to the success of a new firm or organization. Unfortunately, only a few businesses have the time or expertise to establish a successful company plan.

What does business plan writing entail?

Businesses seeking funding must communicate their research-based ideas in clear and succinct language to investors and lenders. Such information is documented in business plans, which can be produced by business owners themselves or professionals. Businesses that write business plans specialize in this sort of writing.

How so make money as a business plan writer

Many writers who help companies’ create business plans end up consulting. As authors gain knowledge in a particular industry, this is a logical service to give the customer. On the other hand, some authors provide PowerPoint presentations that business owners may utilize for live productions. After developing a company plan, creating an indication is simple and displays complement plans well.


8. Offer voice-over services.

Even if you’re a seasoned voice-over artist or a newcomer to the industry, starting a voice-over company from the comfort of your own home allows you to generate recordings without having to go far. 

The quality recording has become possible because of low-cost equipment and electronic transfers in the digital age. You may not only advertise yourself and record voice tracks once you have a home studio, but you can also rent your space and services to those searching for voice-over work.

How to make money as a voice-over artist

Educational voice actors are increasingly in demand to voice content for eLearning courses and corporate training. Speaking of corporate training, business employment exists in the voice-over area daily. Business voice over will always be in demand, whether a company wants a brand voice to conduct their IVR and telephone voicemail system or speak for their brand across all of their internet advertisements. In today’s environment, customers are always on the lookout for intriguing story material. Audible and Spotify and audiobooks and podcasts have become more popular platforms for many voice-over possibilities in any sector.


9. Trade the forex market and Nigerian stocks

Buying and selling foreign currency to profit from an international foreign exchange market is known as forex trading. A stock or share represents the ownership of a firm or corporation. A shareholder who holds shares in a company or corporation owns a portion of the firm or corporation’s assets and earnings.

Stock trading is the process of purchasing and selling shares on a stock market in the hopes of making a profit, whereas stock investing is the act of collecting equities for the long term. The term “day trader” refers to traders who buy and sell equities on the same day.

The Foreign Exchange Market is the world’s largest trading market, with an average daily transaction of US$6.5 trillion. This is greater than all of the world’s stock exchanges combined.

In both cases, success is all about timing the buying and selling of commodities, trading one against the other, such that the trader profits from fluctuations and sustains minimal losses. If you’ve ever gone outside of the nation, you’re well aware of the value of foreign currencies and exchange rates.

One of the most significant benefits of trading the forex and stocks market is that there are no official criteria for launching a forex trading business. So we’ve put together a detailed tutorial on how anyone in Nigeria may make money online by trading Forex on a smartphone or laptop in this post.


10. Curate and distribute a press release

Getting to know how to prepare a press release is a valuable ability to have as a marketer. However, it is not a simple process. If you’re used to writing other types of inbound content for the web, you might believe press releases are difficult to produce.

What is a press release? 

It’s a single source that contains all essential facts covering a particular concept. A well-written press release may attract significant media attention while allowing the firm to mold the story as they see fit. Press releases can be available on a company’s website under press releases, Media, Media Center, or similar titles. Some businesses prefer to have an account on a public relations website and post their news there.

Press release distribution sites to explore as a writer

How to write a quality press release?

Start with the most crucial material first and work your way down to small details towards the end when writing a press release. That implies you should start with who, what, where, when, why, and how. Next, include a few practical and relevant URLs, such as a link to your website and sites where visitors may get more information about your announcement, as applicable.


11. Offer tech support services

Tech support, often known as customer service, refers to a company’s assistance before or after purchasing or utilizing a product or service. Customer service activities include making product recommendations, resolving problems and complaints, and replying to general inquiries.

No one likes being kept waiting or feeling neglected, especially when they have a significant situation that has to be resolved. When you’re dealing with a problem, even one hour might seem like an eternity. Ensure your tech support lines are adequately operated to prevent consumers from becoming unhappy and perhaps venting their rage online.

How to make money in tech support 

Tech support firms make money by providing services including server, computer, and network management. You may charge your customers depending on a variety of criteria as well as industry norms.


12. Become a video editor 

As the name implies, video editing is the process of editing and putting together segments of video footage, audio footage, VFX, graphics, music, sound effects, and other components in post-production using specialized computer tools to create polished, completed material. It is essential in all forms of video creation, such as films, TV shows, advertisements, music videos, and more.

Who is a video editor?

A video editor studies movies for editing reasons, searching for mistakes, lengthy portions, or elements that do not fit the story or follow the plot. They will collaborate with others to add sounds, voices, and music appropriate for the screenplay and position them where they belong. 

Offer your video editing services on platforms like:

With the advent of computers and modern technology, a video editor’s job got more complex, requiring computer graphics to assist in the editing of films and the provision of the required materials to make the final result.

How to make money as a video editor

Concentrate on developing a good portfolio, online presentation, or even a website. Before hiring you as an editor, your clients will want to see samples of your work. As a result, employ digital media to create a visually appealing portfolio. You may also start writing about video editing or making Vlogs on YouTube to attract clients’ attention. Of course, you must specialize in a specialty to be noticed and establish your reputation.


13. Invest in Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills are government-guaranteed debt instruments issued on their behalf by the CBN to fund spending. The CBN also employs treasury bills to regulate the economy’s money supply. It is short-term security with a tenor ranging from 91 to 364 days issued at a discount. 

How to make money with treasury bills

Your TB investment yield is redeemable upfront, and you can choose to reinvest it for a more significant income automatically. The investment’s yield or income is highly competitive with returns on other money market products of similar maturities. The securities offer no default risk and a tax-free return on investment. They are negotiable bearer securities, and the Treasury bill can be exchanged on the stock exchange.

The income earned from the investment is the difference between the purchase price and the amount received at maturity or before the sale. To purchase Treasury Bills, you must first contact your bank and get a form. You fill out the form with your personal information, the quantity you wish to buy, and the bid rate.


14. CV & cover letter writing services

In a job search, a curriculum vitae (CV) is an important document that often attracts a hiring manager’s attention, resulting in an interview and employment. A cover letter’s primary function is to supplement the content of your resume. Your CV emphasizes your credentials and accomplishments, while your cover letter expands on those accomplishments, highlights your personality, and explains why you’d be a good match for the firm. This is one of the “formal” online businesses that pay in Nigeria

Offer your CV writing services on platforms like:


What is a CV writing service?

A CV writing service offered by a company or freelancer might be beneficial. The objective is to assist customers in improving the quality and efficacy of their documents so that recruiters and hiring managers will notice them and hire you. Many CV writing services vary in price, method, clientele, and services, but they all promise to help you enhance your chances of being invited to an interview.

Strong CVs formally demonstrate your abilities, personality, experience, and qualifications, yet crafting one can be difficult. Using a professional CV writing service may assist you and new employees obtain a well-rounded and well-constructed CV.


15. Invest in mutual funds

Small investors benefit from mutual funds because they have access to professionally managed, diversified portfolios of stocks, bonds, and other assets. As a result, each stakeholder shares in the fund’s profit or loss proportionately. ​Mutual funds provide a legit oppourtunity as one of the online businesses that pay in Nigeria.

What are mutual funds?

A mutual fund is a financial entity that pools money from several different investors with the express goal of investing it in stocks, bonds, and Treasury bills, among other things, to create a portfolio of investments. Depending on the fund prospectus, gains from the varied pool of assets is paid to fund investors annually or semiannually.

Mutual funds provide a chance for those who do not have the time or knowledge to participate in the money and capital markets or who are unfamiliar with the business of buying and selling securities to invest and profit. It also allows them to put money aside for the future.

How to Make Money with Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are subject to the same risks and rewards as any other business, deciding whether they gain or lose money. However, because no firm intends to lose money from the start, they will frequently claim to be profitable. However, if the fund’s owners have a track record, you can tell how good a mutual fund is or maybe. The majority of the fund managers have prior experience managing funds and must thus have a track record of past success. You should also consider the sort of profits they plan to provide to their investors.


16. Become an Instagram influencer

Instagram influencers are users who have established credibility and an audience. They succeed in convincing others through their trustworthiness and authenticity. Influencers make money in various ways, such as sponsored posts and advertising from top brands, affiliate marketing, and sales own products.

17. Start an Ad Agency

Ad agencies promote their client’s products or services by publishing their details on several websites and platforms. If you know how to communicate with people, you can link the two companies. All you have to do is learn how to make compelling ads and improve your skill with each project.

18. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the perfect way to make extra money and start a home-based business. It doesn’t require much money, and you don’t have any products, inventory, or product or service offerings. Instead, get paid for referring new customers and customers to other online companies.

19. Sell Photos Online

As a photographer, you can make money online by selling stock images. There is an opportunity to make a considerable income by selling your photos on the Internet. There are dozens of photo-sharing sites out there that you can upload your image to and earn money with every download. This is one of the best online businesses that pay in Nigerian.

20. Write EBooks

If you enjoy writing and have a firm grasp of how long to write fiction or non-fiction, writing e-books can be a lucrative route. You can upload your books on the Kindle store or any other platform and make money with every sale.

21. Become a Blogger

If you can deliver engaging content that will grab your audience’s attention, you are steps away from making money from what you love. As a blogger, the bigger your audience, the more money you can make. Various brands and advertisers are willing to pay you cash to get ads on particular pages of your blog.

22. Website Design

If you are knowledgeable about web design and technology, many small businesses and individuals would love to use your skills to improve their web presence. You can start building a portfolio by volunteering websites for small public events and using that portfolio to find paid customers.

23. Create and Sell WordPress Themes

If you have a knack for website design and HTML coding, you can make lots of money creating attractive website themes. Create them and then sell them on online marketplaces like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster to generate good residual income based on how talented you are.

24. Become an SEO consultant 

This is one of the most well-known online businesses that pay in Nigerian. SEO plays a vital role in the success of digital businesses. SEO consultants are in great demand and can make a significant profit. SEO consultants need to know how to do keyword research. This will help them make the best use of titles, headings, descriptions, articles, or any other text that appears on a website to improve its ranking. 

25. Take Virtual assistant Gigs

The demand for virtual assistants continues to grow as companies increasingly outsource essential tasks like scheduling and email management to capable freelancers instead of doing tasks themselves. They also hire new, permanent employees.

26. Legal Writing Services

Legal drafting is a type of technical writing used by attorneys, lawmakers, judges, and other legal professionals to formulate legal analysis, legal rights, and obligations. This type of text requires references or quotations from a judicial authority and often must follow a prescribed format and contain technical terms.

27. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, all you have to do is help your client create visually stunning content. The aim is to help communicate their brand message to a target audience. The commissioned projects include creating marketing materials such as posters, billboards, logos, and packaging.

28. Social media management

Social media managers work with individuals, brands, and companies to build and manage their social media presence. As a social media manager, your daily responsibilities are to monitor, measure, and impact the performance of your customers’ social media accounts and make the appropriate changes to improve your online presence.

29. Email marketing consultant

The role of an email marketing consultant is to work with companies to improve email communication and expand their marketing campaigns. In this work, consultants help clients evaluate and improve their email communications as a marketing technique.

30Application developer

This option is ranked among one of the best online businesses that pay in Nigerian. Application developers are in demand and will not go out of style anytime soon. You can market that skill for a significant profit if you have specific application design and development skills. Almost every business has had an app in the past few years, from airlines to supermarkets to fitness influencers and online dictionaries.

31. Logo designers

Logo designers can make money online by selling logo designs online. You can start with just a website and some design software, and you’re good to go. However, to increase your chances of success, you need a work portfolio. Your portfolio will help showcase samples on your website for potential customers to see examples of your work.

32. Sell Your Fashion Products Online

The fashion industry generates enormous revenues every year, and more and more designers are selling online. As a fashion designer, you can sell shoes, clothing, and accessories to your designers.

33. Become a Dropshipper 

Dropshipping is an ecommerce system that allows individuals to buy and sell products without ever having physical contact with them. Instead of storing the products you have available in your store yourself, all you have to do is order products from a supplier when you receive your orders and receive them directly from your customer.

34. Sell Products on Jumia or Konga

Finding suitable investment products plays a vital role in this business venture. Some of the more lucrative ideas include selling gadgets, selling clothes, selling accessories, and more. Selling in Jumia or Konga is fast, cheap, and reaches millions of potential customers.

35. Become a Copywriter 

Copywriters create various types of marketing materials by writing sales copy to grab readers’ attention and sell a brand, product, or service. A portfolio of copywriters generally includes sales brochures, web content, sales scripts, marketing emails sheets, and white papers. 

36. Market Researcher

Knowing your target group, your competitors, and your market is crucial for the success of any company. Unfortunately, many companies lack the skills and resources to do this vital market research and are happy to pay to outsource this service elsewhere. As a market research analyst, this presents an opportunity for you.

37. Offer HR Consultancy online 

If you have a background in HR, there is no reason why you can’t work alone and digitize your business. Industry experience often goes hand in hand with a helpful network that provides a solid foundation for finding customers. Have a solid online presence and develop a marketing plan to promote your services.

38. Build a Chrome Extension 

At first sight, this option might not be considered as one of the online businesses that pay in Nigerian. However, you can easily monetize your tech skills by creating a functional Chrome extension that fills a market gap. Chrome extensions personalize a user’s browser and act as add-ons that allow users to customize their browsers to perform certain functions. They are there to improve the user experience by expanding the capabilities of Chrome.

39. Offer Transcription Services

If you are a skilled typist and enjoy working on your own, this is a great way to make money. A transcriber is someone who converts a recorded speech into a text document and typically works. You can work with clients in law firms, courts, conventions, and trade associations.

40. Build Custom Software

If you are an avid software developer, there is plenty of money to be made with bespoke software solutions for freelance clients. Often, freelancers cannot use the same software as larger companies that offer a similar service because they are a much smaller version.

41. Become a White Hat Hacker

White hackers use their hacking skills to break into secure networks, computer systems, and equipment to test their security and identify loopholes. Many companies base all their activities on trade secrets that need to be protected. As a white-hat hacker, your job is to expose vulnerable parts of a system to prevent future security breaches.

42. Trade Cryptocurrency

If you want to make money in cryptocurrencies, you need to understand the market. You need to study cryptocurrency trends and have a solid understanding of the stock market before investing. The best way to make money is the buy and hold method: buy an asset, such as stocks, at a low price and wait for interest rates to rise. Then withdraw the money and make a profit. No doubt, this is one of the most profitable online businesses that pay in Nigerian.

43. Start and Manage Membership Site

Starting a membership site is an easy way to increase your income, especially if you already have a website that offers some content. It’s a simple addition that can generate a lot more revenue on an existing platform.

44. Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring is an easy way to monetize your skills in any field you are versatile in. There are several ways to become an online tutor. First, you can find a job through online tutoring websites without finding and reaching out to customers or offering your services yourself.

45. Start an Online Travel Agency

In our list of online businesses that pay in Nigerian, starting an online agency is one of the most lucrative. This is best suited for travelers with a background in the tourism industry. Starting an online travel company is a fun way to make money. The tourism and travel industry is one of the largest in the world and is growing continuously.

46. Sell Books Online

Books are always in high demand, and despite the advent of e-books, printed books are still more popular than ever. Most novels are read once and thrown away or kept on a shelf. You can make decent money buying and selling second-hand items. 

47. Launch a Daily Deals Website

A daily deals website is, as the name suggests, a website where consumers can find significantly discounted products and services for just one day. However, as the website owner, you need to find many brands and retailers to succeed, which can be time-consuming.

48. Setup an Auction Website

Selling on an online auctions website is an easy way to make money as you can start with your junk items. Then, once you’ve made a good amount of money, you can invest in other products online and resell them for a profit.

49. Become a proofreader

As a proofreader, your job is to examine and correct your customers’ text material for spelling, punctuation, and formatting, typographical or grammatical errors to improve the readability and professionalism of the document as a whole. Knowing spelling and grammar, and enjoying reading, makes this an inexpensive business to build at home.

50. Become an App Tester

Application testers work with an application development team to test standard application functionality in areas such as performance and usability. Application tests reveal all areas that can be optimized or improved.


Setting up an online business requires hard work; however, it will be worth it in the end. Building an online business is simply about focusing on what you do best and pushing to achieve an even better result. The business ideas presented in this post are legit online businesses that pay in Nigerian. They also offer a kind of freedom that most people don’t experience.



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