Top 10 Legit Investment Companies In Nigeria

Legit investment companies in Nigeria
Legit investment companies in Nigeria

Becoming a passive income earner is a common goal for many individuals. As an active investor in legitimate business ventures, you will be able to achieve this. In this article, we will be looking at 10 legit investment companies in Nigeria.

What is an investment?

Before we go ahead, let’s cover the fundamentals.

An investment is simply a valuable asset secured for the purpose of gaining more value after a set period of time. The core purpose of an investment is to ensure the growth of capital/assets.

Funds left in your bank account will continue to reduce due to fees. Compared to keeping your money in your bank where you don’t get returns, investing will allow your money to keep growing.

What Are Investment Companies?

Investment companies are built on strong asset management prowess and protocols structured to generate interest for their clients.

Simply put, an Investment company is an organization specifically established to help its investors manage and grow their assets. In return for helping clients to manage and grow their assets, there are rewarded in form of fees and continuous patronage.

In the long run, the main goal of the partnership between the company and the investor is to ensure that both parties make it again.

What are Investment Companies/Platforms?

Investment opportunities present themselves in different forms. Some take the form of companies which a strong physical presence, while some are more of online platforms.

These online platforms are basically internet-based investment vehicles, they allow investors to grow their capital by earning an agreed percentage in returns. These platforms are the new trend in the financial world and they have begun to get more popularity.

There are so many new platforms and companies coming into the industry. It is sometimes hard to differentiate legit businesses from fraudulent businesses. No need to worry. In this article, we will also give you details on how to identify legit investment companies in Nigeria.

However, in terms of the difference between online and offline companies is a blur. Investment companies, online and offline, accept their investments through the internet.

In many cases, when investors wish to stake their capital, in both online and offline investment platforms, the overall payment process is usually completed over the platform’s online portal. This portal usually presents itself in form of a mobile application or website.

What Is The Average Percentage Of Interests On Investments in Nigeria?

Aside from credibility, the percentage of interest is one of the most important things to look out for when you want to invest. Although investments percentages across various companies might fall into a range, they do not have a uniform percentage.

In general, the amount you earn on a given investment is dependent on the agreement between you and any said company you put your money in.

Types of investment

Commodities are invested in through various forms for the purpose of getting returns. Generally speaking, there are several investment types that guarantee a steady passive income stream. Below are a few common examples. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Derivatives
  • Livestock and Crops
  • Commodities
  • Real Estate

Many investment companies form their core structure around one or more of the above-listed examples. It is important that you have a fair understanding of which one your company of interest generates income from.

How to get started With Investments?

Once you have decided on the company to invest in, the remaining processes are not complicated. In order for you to commence investing with legit investment companies in Nigeria, there are a few items you need to have.

  • A valid means of identification: As for many online and offline companies, having a legal means of identification is very important. This helps to make various procedures easier and more smooth sailing. A valid means of ID can be your, national ID card, driver license or international passport.
  • Smartphone or a laptop: Our smartphones give us access to the world and alongside it, a plethora of opportunities. For easy internet access and communication, having a functional gadget like a smartphone or laptop is important.


Characteristic Of A Good Investment

What makes a good investment? How can you differentiate between a legit company and a fraudulent one? Some fraudulent businesses do an awesome job of disgusting their true nature.
However, there are some keynotes to look out for that will unmask hidden intents. There are a few pointers to look out for. Some of which will be pointed out in this section. Without any further delay, let’s get down to the details.

A. Secure the interest of clients

The number one quality of any competent investment company is its ability to fulfil the interest of its investors. For every investor dealing with a company, there is always a goal that they desire to achieve.

Without the ability to reach the expectations or agreement with investors, the company like less likely to be legitimate.

Therefore, it is important that you look out for companies that have fulfilled their agreement with investors over an extensive period of time.
With the trust they have built through a healthy reputation, they are more likely to help you reach your financial goals.

B. Assets Security

As an investor, one of your first concerns is the safety of your funds. Ensuring that the investment company you deal with deliberate in the security of client assets is important.

Investment isn’t a one-way street where only profit is guaranteed. In the world of investment, there are both low and high-risk assets. As an investor, you need to be aware of this fact.

However, the managerial ability of a legitimate firm has a greater capability of dealing with even high-risk investments. While fraudulent companies are more likely to keep client investments for themselves in the name of a “failed high-risk investment”.

C. Favourable Return

While we all seek amazing returns on our investments, it is important to strike a balance between interests that are too good to be true and those that are also worth our investment.

How consistent is the investment company? Consistency is a good indication of dedication to the interest of their clients. Without this essential attribute, investing in the company is not a good idea.

One basic rule of investing is making sure your risk is worth your returns. Therefore, when making a higher risk, it is important that you strive for higher returns.

When dealing with companies that deal in high-risk securities, it is important that to make sure the returns are worth the while. Take extra care to make sure that they check out with the other qualities in this list.

D. Inflation Security

The last thing you want as an investor is to have your capital affected by inflation. Being able to hedge your investment against unforeseeable inflation is a smart move for any investor.

As a citizen of the country of Nigeria, we can see how inflation greatly affects the purchasing power of the average citizen. Having an investment that is inflation-proof is very important.

As you grow into an experienced investor, you must learn to pick investments that are hedged against inflation.

E. Tax Secure Investment

It comes as no news that many investment moves are decided upon based on the tax system that is in effect in the country. Nigeria is no different.

One important thing to look out for when it comes to some investments is front-end tax incentives. Also, securing rear-end tax reliefs is of equal importance.

legit investment companies in Nigeria

legit investment companies in Nigeria

From online to offline legit investment companies in Nigeria, there are many choices to take advantage of. Let’s take a look at some companies that have proven to be reliable and consistent with the results they provide.

For many that experienced the Ponzi Scheme trend, making investments have become almost impossible. The trauma valuable asserts lost cannot be easily forgotten.


Opay is regarded as one of the legit investment companies in Nigeria for several reasons. On this platform, you are allowed to invest and even earn on a daily basis based on certain packages.

This mobile money operator was created by the fintech company, Opera. In terms of investment, there are a few investment offers. Let’s dive deeper into their details.

  • Owealth: This is one of the city investment packages offered by this platform. Owealth is an amazing investment option that allows its clients to make passive income on their investments. By taking advantage of this package, investors can earn up to 15% on their capital, annually.
  • Flexifixed: the second investment package is Flexifixed. This one is rather interesting and will be preferred by many. With this package, investors can earn daily on their capital.

Opay provides many financial services to its customers. Some of these services include loaning, savings, investment and more.

2. PiggyVest

PiggyVest prides itself on providing one of the best savings and investment services.
This company has built a platform that is known by many for being resourceful and secure. Over the years, they have established a strong reputation based on customer trust.

I have personally had a lot of experience navigating and saving with this app. The experience has been quite insightful. With the future of the finance world in the hand of companies like PiggyVest, they are certainly worth the try.

They also offer amazing investment opportunities ranging from high to low-risk options. To learn more about this platform, feel free to read our full PiggyVest review.

Piggyvest gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to build an extra stream of income with the ease they provide in terms of profitable returns on capital.

3. Risevest

Founded by by Eke Urum and his Co-founders: Bosun Olanrewaju, and Tony Odiba. Risevest is one of the legit investment companies in Nigeria that is actually consistent and allows investments in dollars.

When it comes to making profitable investments, doing your own research is important. Risevest is worth the find. With a good online and offline presence, they are able to constantly stay in touch with their clients. Risevest generates income from investing in assets like real estate and even the stock market.

Risevest also offers investors an opportunity to earn money daily. With as little as a $10 deposit, you can start making money today.


Have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to dive into stock and bond investing? Now is your chance to explore one of the best platforms the industry has to offer.
Trove makes it easier for the average individual to access valuable information on stocks, bonds, and ETFs before making investments.

With this application at your disposal, you can invest in stocks like Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and more. Your investment journey can be started with as low as.

5. Thrive Agric

Very few people notice and take advantage of investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Thrive agric is regarded as one of the most reliable investment platforms in Nigeria. Since their founding in 2017, they have slowly made their way up the ladder in the investment world.

They are driven by a firm resolve that keeps them focused on producing profitable results for their clients. The main objective is to facilitate the creation of a stable society that is self-sufficient.

With a perfect mix of experienced farmers and current technology-driven best practices, they are able to produce outstanding results.

6. PorkMoney

Listing legit investment companies in Nigeria would not be complete without a platform like PorkMoney. With a stable presence online and offline, this company thrive to make itself available on all fronts.

This brand has done an awesome job in identifying and filling a market gap. On the PorkMoney platform, pig farmers are granted the opportunity of being connected with investors.
With this opportunity, farmers are able to earn minimum funding of N250,000 from sponsors.

7. STANBIC IBTC Asset Management

This financial institution is well known for its banking services. However, this division is especially dedicated to providing an investment opportunity to customers.

They have gained a good reputation for their assets management and financial markets prowess. No doubt, this institution is by far one of the top legit investment companies in Nigeria.

8. Lotus Capital Limited

Lotus Capital is a well-known investment company that is well known for services like:

  • Asset management
  • Private wealth management
  • Financial advisory services.

Over the past few years, they have grown into being one of the best investment platforms. They specialise in providing quality service for both individuals and organizations.
As one of the few legit investment companies in Nigeria, Lotus capital distinguishes itself by providing professional and excellent services.

9. Bamboo

Bamboo is an application that allows you to make investments with one of the most secure investment platforms in Nigeria.
With the Bamboo investment platform, you can invest in foreign and local stocks like GT Bank, Tesla, Google, Unilever, Zenith, Intel, and more. With as little as $20, you can start investing in the Bamboo platform.

10. CowryWise

Last but not least on our list of legit investment companies in Nigeria is Cowrywise. It is an amazing platform that allows investors to earn profitable interests annually.
CowryWise has given a lot of Nigerians the financial freedom they desire. Cowrywise partnered with strong brands like Afrinvest and Meristem, this helps to boost its reputation even more.
To learn more about their services, feel free to check out our CowryWise review.







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