FRQNT Scholarship Program 2022-23 Application Guide

The FRQNT Scholarship Program has access, through its strategic networks, to financing specifically intended to facilitate graduate students’ worldwide mobility. This is now open for graduate students who are members of CQMF/QCAM. The top applicants will receive two (2) FRQNT foreign scholarships.

among the applicants for the 2022–2023 academic year.

Funding conditions and utilization for the FRQNT Scholarship Program

  1. • Must be utilized to pay for travel and living costs;
  2. • A minimum 2-month internship and a maximum 6-month internship;
  3. • A maximum of 2 500 dollars per month, up to a total of 15 000 dollars;
  4. The internship must begin by September 30, 2019, at the latest.
  5. • Locations: For students attending a Quebec university or for students from overseas, the internship must be located outside of Quebec.
  6. • Within one month of the internship’s conclusion, FRQNT must receive a final report and a summary of the research activities and findings.

FRQNT Scholarship Program Eligibility conditions

  • Being a full-time graduate or doctoral student at an institution in Quebec or one outside of Quebec.
  • The suggested research must fit into the CQMF/scientific QCAM’s agenda.

For full-time students enrolled in a Québec university

For foreign students enrolled in an university outside Québec

  • The applicant must have a valid student visa or permit for the period of the internship;
  • A co-degree program from more than one institution, including a university in Québec, is not permitted for the candidate. See the Frontenac program rules for students enrolling in a co-degree.

Application package for the FRQNT Scholarship Program

The following files must be submitted by students to CQMF/QCAM in electronic PDF format:

  •  A description of the internship can be found in the Word application form;
  •  The supervisor must complete parts E and F of the same application form;
  • A current curriculum vitae (CV);
  • A current transcript from school (university only; copies and scans permitted);
  • A letter of encouragement from your advisor;
  •  A letter of encouragement from the professor whose lab you will be working in during your internship.

Other Eligibility Requirement

At the competition’s cutoff time of 4 p.m. on October 7, 2023, applicants must satisfy all eligibility requirements. Both applicants and recipients of scholarships must satisfy all eligibility conditions in force at the time of application, as well as the CGR for the full period the scholarship is valid.


 Eligibility period and target group

  • The criteria for establishing the scholarship eligibility period consider master’s and doctorate level semesters that were finished before May 1, 2023, regardless of whether they were financed or not.
  • If the registrar’s attestations are submitted with the application, the FRQNT will take part-time or unregistered semesters into account when determining the eligibility period.
  • To ensure that overall financing does not exceed 18 semesters, the FRQNT additionally considers the number of semesters during which the applicant got financial help from all recognized funding bodies (such as SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, Fonds de research du Québec, etc.).
  • Holders of scholarships who advance to the doctoral level before using all of their master’s scholarship installments may utilize them to start their doctoral degree. To be eligible for further scholarship payments, they must submit a successful application for the Doctoral Scholarship competition.

Doctoral Scholarship eligibility period

During the first fifteen (15) semesters of the doctoral program, a candidate is eligible for a doctoral scholarship for twelve (12) consecutive semesters of doctoral studies (or the equivalent). The PhD thesis must be submitted before the conclusion of the twelfth semester to qualify for funding for the eleventh (11th) and twelfth (12th) semesters. After the fifteenth (15th) semester of PhD studies, no money will ever be given.

Master’s Scholarship eligibility period

  • Before May 1, 2023, a candidate for a master’s scholarship must not have been enrolled at the master’s level for more than three semesters at full time.
  • For the first six semesters of a master’s program, a candidate is qualified for a master’s scholarship (or equivalent).
  • The period of the scholarship will be reduced by the number of master’s program semesters (or equivalent) completed before the scholarship’s start date. No money will ever be provided to a student after their sixth semester of a master’s program.

Doctoral Scholarship eligibility period

For twelve (12) consecutive semesters of doctoral study (or the equivalent) throughout the first fifteen (15) semesters of the doctoral program, a candidate is qualified for a doctoral scholarship. However, the submission of the PhD thesis prior to the conclusion of the twelfth semester of funding is a requirement for both the eleventh (11th) and twelfth (12th) semesters of funding. After the fifteenth (15th) semester of doctorate studies, no financial support will be given in any circumstance.

Funding requested

A CQMF/QCAM review committee will assess the applications using the following standards:

  •  The candidate’s excellence (academic prowess, competence in research, and skills) (50 points);
  • The internship’s alignment with CQMF/scientific QCAM’s program (25 points);
  • The internship’s relevance to CQMF/international QCAM’s networking activities (25 points).

FRQNT Scholarship Program Deadline

Wednesday, October 31, 2022/23

• Send Mr. Petr Fiurasek your entire application package by email in one PDF file at


How Can I Check My Results?

• Within the next two weeks following the deadline, the FRQNT Scholarship Program applicants will be chosen and be notified.


Will the Results be Announced Online?

Yes, the Announcement of results will be made at the End of April 2023

What is the FRQNT Scholarship Program Duration?

The scholarship will last for  a period of 6 semesters / 12 semesters

What is the FRQNT Scholarship Program


Master’s: $17,500 / Doctorate: $21,000

How can I apply for the FRQNT Scholarship Program?

To apply, visit the website portal and complete the form


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