How To Delete Western Union Account: Fast And Easy Steps [Video]

We see most Western Union customers search for how to delete Western Union account once they have had it with this service provider.



Western Union, or WU as it is popularly known, has been around since 1851, and in 1914, it offered the first charged card and monopolized the US telegraph industry.

Since 2006, it has been laser-focused on public financial services allowing for easy transactions such as person-to-person transfers, money orders, business payments, and commercial services.

Today, most people know WU as an in-Person or Online Money Exchange and Transfer service provider, which allows people all over the world to send money to each other.

Like many great businesses from the past, Western Union now has better and faster alternatives, especially since it could take 2 to 5 working days to transfer money when you use a direct bank.

Admittedly, it could take a shorter time of just a few minutes when you do it through an agent, but these alternatives still seem to be safer and cheaper than Western Union.

So if for any reason, you think you would like to leave Western Union, this guide will work you through how to delete Western Union account in straightforward steps.


How to Delete Western Union Account

How To Delete Western Union Account
How To Delete Western Union Account

As of writing this, Western Union has serviced over 150 million customers and helped transfer money in over 200 countries.

But now that we see better services from competitors like PayPal and Venmo, we have also seen several of these customers ditch their Western Union accounts from these better options.

But ditching an account isn’t always enough. With the majority of the world now having a substantial presence on different social media with sensitive information scattered across the internet, it has become easier to link social media users to financial platforms like a forgotten WU account.

Hackers can then use these to commit terrible crimes that might be traced back to the user even if they no longer use said services.

 It is imperative to remove inactive accounts permanently, and why we are here to teach you how to delete Western Union account.

However, there is no direct way to delete an account through the website when it comes to Western Union. And this makes the process even more frustrating.

Also, getting a timely response from their representative is something most customers believe hardly ever happens.

Consequently, there are not several options when it comes to deleting an inactive or active Western Union account.

Fortunately, we know two options on how to delete Western Union Account that work.

Using Email

Step 1: Open your email

To use the email option to delete an account, you first want to open the email app on your phone.

Alternatively, you can use your favorite web browser to open your email then go to “Compose” to send a new email.

Step 2: Enter the Western Union email address

Once you have clicked to write a new email, enter the recipient address as

This is the official email address for the company and the main route to reach the financial services provider.

Step 3: Enter a subject for your email

Next, enter a subject matter at the subject section of the email you are about to compose. The subject can be as simple as “Request for Account Deletion.”

Step 4: Write a body for the email

The next step is to write a proper body for the email. Start by addressing your reasons for requesting for your account to be deleted.

Then add other details, including the email address and phone number(s) associated with the Western Union account.

Step 5: Hit “Send”

Once you are satisfied with the composing email, go ahead and hit “Send” to send the email to Western Union.

While they may kick-start the deletion process right after receiving your email, it will take about 3o days for the process to be complete and for your account to be correctly removed from their database.

Using Their Website

As said, there is no direct link on their website to allow you to delete an account, but this does not mean you cannot use the website to initiate the process.

Step 1: Visit their website

First, open your browser and type the URL then scroll to the end of the Home Page to find “Contact Us.”

Next, click on it and find the Customer Support Page.

Step 2: Fill out the form

Once you click on the Customer Support page, you will be required to fill out a form that contains spaces for your names, phone number, WU number, and email address.

Then on the textbox found under the page, write a brief description of why you are reaching out. Stating how and why you would like to delete your account.

Step 3: Complete the form and submit it.

Once you have finished writing the description, cross-check to ensure all the provided information is correct. Then hit “Submit” once you are satisfied.

Then wait for 30 days for the account to be deleted or for one of their representative to reach out to guide you on what next to do.

Alternatively, you can call the Western Union Customer Service on 1 (800) 325-6000 or 1 (800) 989-3268 and make an express request to delete your account.

Of course, there is a greater chance that you might not reach a representative with the call, but if you do, they could help guide you on what to do to have your account removed.

How Do I Delete My Western Union History?

How To Delete Western Union Account
How To Delete Western Union Account

The following section is for those who are looking for how to delete a transaction history rather than how to delete Western Union Account.

Using the Website

Step 1: Visit the website

Open your browser and visit the WU website using their URL. From there, sign in to access your account.

Step 2: Open the menu

Once you are in your profile, click the Menu icon above to access your information. Once you click it, a dropdown menu will appear.

On the menu, click on “My Receivers.” This will show the list of all the receivers on your account. Next, click on “Show Details” found in front of the receiver you would like to delete.

Step 3: Press “Delete”

Performing the above operation will open up all the information about that particular receiver. Scroll to the bottom of the information to find the “Delete” button and click on it.

Finally, click “Yes” after the confirmation pop-up.

The transaction history with that receiver will be deleted immediately. You can repeat the same process for every other history you would like to remove.

Using the Mobile App

Step 1: Open the App

Find the app on your mobile device, open it, and go to your WU profile. Once you are there, find “Contacts” and click on it.

This will display a list of all the people on your receiving contact.

Step 2: Select receiver

Once the contacts are displayed, select the exact contact whose history you would like to delete and click on the receiver.

Next, tap on “Edit” to show all the information about that receiver.

Step 3: Press “Delete”

Upon tapping “Edit,” scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “Delete” button and press it. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed to warn you about your actions; ignore that and tap on “Yes” on that pop-up.

The receiver with all their history will be deleted immediately. You may also repeat the above for any other history you wish to delete.

Can Western Union Payments Be Traced?

How To Delete Western Union Account
How To Delete Western Union Account

Yes, Western Union payment can be tracked online using a WU tracking number or Money Tracking Control Number (MTCN).

Tracking a WU payment is crucial if you want to stay abreast of any transaction until it reaches the recipient. Doing this allows both the sender and receiver to keep track of the transaction and to ensure the money does not vanish at any point.

The process and steps below explain how to trace a WU payment online:

Step 1: Visit the website

The first point of contact is to visit the Western Union website after the money has been sent out. And once you have logged into your account, click on “Track Transfer.” Then select an option as either the sender or receiver.

Step 2: Enter the tracking number

Next, you can enter the tracking number or the MTCN to proceed. If you do not have either of these, you can use the sender’s phone number.

You can also use details such as the sender and receiver’s names, the receiver’s country of residence, the amount being sent or received, and the date of the transaction.

Step 3: Provide other additional information

You can also add any other information requested by the website and confirm your identity, then click on “Finish2 to commence tracking.

Benefits of Using Western Union

How To Delete Western Union Account
How To Delete Western Union Account

Western Union has been around for over 170 years, and while some users are searching for how to delete Western Union account, there is also a reason or two why Western Union has been around this long.

Some of the benefits of using WU include versatility, the safety and security of the transactions, the ease of tracking payments online, and the transparency of their operation, including payment fees.

Easy to Use

Western Union is easy to use. It involves using a bank, an agent, or an app to send and receive money from people worldwide.

And while there are now newer and faster options like PayPal, the ease of use is still a valid benefit as some alternatives like PayPal do not work in certain countries, making WU the preferred option.

No Hidden Charges

Unlike bank transfers that come with undisclosed exchange rates and transfers fees that tend to change always too often, WU makes their exchange rates as transparent as possible and their service fees permanently fixed and made known to customers before making a transaction.

Accepted All Over the World

Servicing customers in almost 200 countries makes WU one of the financial service providers with the highest range of acceptance.

You can easily send all kinds of monetary payments to overseas accounts without breaking a sweat. Some transactions may take longer to arrive, especially when you use the direct bank option, but most WU payments only take a few minutes to go through.

Easy To Track

The easy way with which payments can be tracked online also adds an extra advantage to this service and is one reason why most customers trust it.

Both the sender and receiver can track a transaction to ensure its progress and ensure nothing gets lost in the process.


People have been using Western Union for several years now as it clearly offers several advantages as payment and transfer service provider.

However, suppose you have cause to opt-out of their services and stop using your WU account. In that case, it is often advisable to remove the account from their database, and this guide shows you the different methods and steps on how to delete Western Union account.


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