Step by Step Guide to Make a Bra Strapless [Video]

 How to Make a Bra Strapless ? While some life hacks are usually for the benefit of everyone in the house, some are meant to cater for personal needs and are directed at a particularly delicate matter.

For instance, a hack such as how to make a bra strapless may not necessarily affect the people around like a hack such as how to unclog a toilet would, but it would certainly make your life a whole lot easier.

Not every woman enjoys wearing a bra, and for very good reasons too. For some women, the bra is some form of entrapment. The straps tend to dig into their shoulders, causing discomfort. And you can tell the extent of this discomfort by how quickly they want to get rid of it as soon as they are in their safe place.

For others, it is the embarrassment that comes from having their straps poke out in public places. Bras are indeed a piece of clothing, but when the straps come out where they are not supposed to, they can often cause a flushed face.

Just imagine being at this awesome party. You are truly enjoying yourself until someone whispers in your right ear, “Hey, I think your straps are out!” the sheer embarrassment. Or maybe, you have experienced this a few times yourself.

All these have led many women to learn ways to keep their straps hidden. And we are about to show you how to not only hide those straps but completely make the bra strapless.

How to Make a Bra Strapless

Many women ask a very common question these days: “how do I make a bra strapless?”

By converting the straps, completely cutting them off, or sewing the bra into a dress.


The above is a general answer as the procedure for making a bra strapless depends on the type of bra in question, as we will see shortly.

Using Convertible Straps

These are usually those bras designed to allow you easily remove their straps. If you have never noticed these, take out your bras from the drawers and observe the point where the straps meet the rest of the bra.

Step 1: Try to unhook both straps from the back of the bra and then wear the bra.

Step 2: Still hooked to the front, adjust the dangling straps so that they become as long as possible

Step 3: Try to pass one strap around your ribcage towards the back of the bra. Then hook it right back where you removed it.

Step 4: Repeat this for the other strap.

Step 5: This should provide you with the extra support straps when they cross over your shoulders.

Step 6: Adjust the length of the straps, if need be, so that they fit you just right

Using Regular Bras

Some bras come with straps that are not easily removable, but you can still make even these strapless with the right knowledge.

Step 1: Take a bra that has enough bands to provide the right support and comfort. Make sure it is a bra that doesn’t rely heavily on shoulder support.

Step 2: Next, wear your bra like you normally do with the straps over the shoulder and clapped to the notch that gives the tightest fit

Step 3: Try to slip those straps gently off your shoulders. Then adjust the length to become as short as possible.

Step 4: Tuck in each strap to the bra cups by the side. Try to make it appear as neat as possible, so it doesn’t appear rough outside your dress. You can even use fashion tapes or boob tapes to secure them in place.

Using Cut and Fix

This is mostly for those with a few great bras but doesn’t have convertible straps and which they don’t mind making permanent modifications to. The steps are quite simple, but the bra will be altered forever.

Step 1: Pick out a regular bra you intend to make strapless. Make sure it fits you properly, even without straps.

Step 2: Using fabric scissors, cut at the straps just at the seams to prevent them from loosening off during laundry

Step 3: Use a sewing machine (if you have one) to create a zig-zag stitch at the seams where the straps were once attached to. Or use a needle and thread to do the same if you don’t have a sewing machine.

Step 4: You can throw the straps away now as your bra is now strapless

Using a Dress

This is a smart adaptation that many women use today to beat the many challenges that bras bring. It involves sewing the bra attached to the dress. Even though this cannot be done with every dress you will ever wear, it can relieve the discomfort and cancel any strap poking out embarrassment.

If you are making a dress, you only need to instruct them on this specification. The dressmaker will then sew in the bra cups. This can be done on just about any dress you want to be made for you.

Alternatively, you can do this yourself if you are great with the sewing machine or needle and thread.

Step 1: Take out both the dress and bra you intend to alter

Step 2: Cut off the straps of the bra just right at the seams.

Step 3: Next, cut around the band of the bra to remove the cups within

Step 4: Once you have the cups ready, put on the dress you intend to sew them into and then try to set out the cups inside the dress to be positioned exactly where your boobs are

Step 5: Once they are properly positioned, use some safety pins to keep the cups in place

Step 6: Carefully take off the dress, lay it on the sewing machine and set it to work. Sew the cups into the dress one cup at a time. Remember to use threads that match the color of your dress

How Do You Keep a Strapless Bra from Falling Down?

Strapless bras are great – they eliminate stress on your shoulders and never embarrass you by showing their straps.

But strapless bras that fall are simply the worst. They cause a similar feeling of unease when you feel them falling under your gorgeous dress.

So, you have used any of the hacks we described above to make your bra strapless, or you bought the strapless versions of this lingerie. How do you then stop them from falling while you are outside?

Here are tips to help with this issue:

Tip 1: Only buy high-quality strapless bras. The quality of the bra fabric generally dictates whether or not the bra will be supportive. These types of bras may cost more, but this is nothing compared to the pain that hits you when your bra falls in public.

Tip 2: If you are using any of the above hacks, remember to do it with bras that fit you perfectly. The right bra size will always stay up with or without straps.

Tip 3: Only work on bras that have strong bands. The rubber band around the bra is usually what allows it to stick to your body, so make sure you are wearing a strapless bra with a lot of this.

Tip 4: Sew your bra or its cups to the dress. This will keep your bra up as long as you are wearing that dress. It even works for backless dresses as well.

Tip 5: Use the removable straps for more support. Passing the convertible straps around your ribcage can add more support and keep the bra in place.

What Can I Wear Instead of a Strapless Bra?

Maybe you haven’t invested in high-quality strapless bras, or you did and your favorite sister, Jess, borrowed it and conveniently “forgot to return it.”

And you absolutely want to kill it at this weekend’s event but without a strapless bra. Below are some of the routes to take:

Tip 1: Try pasties. These reusable silicone nipple covers are the perfect solution for ladies that require only little support

Tip 2: Go braless. Wear a dress that is thick enough to conceal your nipples, and you can go braless.

Tip 3: Sew the bra cups into your dress. This may take some time and effort, but it works, and your bra will not fall at any point.

Tip 4: Use a stick-on bra. They are not usually the first choice on every woman’s list, but they work just right in a formal or backless dress.

Tip 5: Wear a sexy and delicate bralette. They come with subtle and slim straps and will appear like a piece of your dress if you can pull off a perfect combination.

Tip 6: Wear a comfortable and chic bandeau bra. It is technically still a strapless bra, but it stays on always and can be very comfortable.


For as long as bras have existed, they have caused many women varying amounts of challenges. Bras with straps take a toll on your shoulders and create almost permanent lines that you don’t want.

If you decide to eradicate that pain and lines by making the straps very loose, they can still pop out while you are in public and cause you to keep adjusting your shoulders and dress to be unembarrassed.

Therefore, making a bra strapless takes care of these major challenges while adding style and chic to the way you appear. The hacks we have provided here allow you to do this easily and quickly.

How to Reset Graphics Card: 6 Easy Steps You Need to Know [Video]

Learning how to reset graphics card could be a good place to start if you’re having display problems with your computers.

The hardware causes the majority of problems with your graphics card. This does not mean that you have to buy a new card every time the old one malfunctions. In some cases, cleaning your graphics card can have a lot of impacts.

Watch Video on How to Reset Graphics Card

The graphics card is necessary for your PC to function properly (especially if you are a gamer), yet it can also be a major source of frustration.

It is a known fact that whenever the PC shuts down while you are gaming, there is a good chance that the GPU could be the cause. You’ll learn how to reset graphics cards easily in this article.

How to Reset Graphics Card

How to Reset Graphics Card
How to Reset Graphics Card

Resetting your graphics driver is as simple as pressing the command “Win + Ctrl + Shift + B.” This command will blacken your screen for a second, but it will restart your graphics driver, which may fix any issues you’ve been experiencing.

With this keyboard shortcut, you can reset the graphics driver without closing other programs. Thus, if the problem occurs while working or playing a video game, this technique will help clear it up without compromising your progress.


The steps described below will guide you on how to reset the drivers on your graphics card:

Step 1: Find The “Start” menu, then click on the “Control Panel.”

Open the control panel by clicking the start menu.

Step 2: Locate the Control Panel and click “System.”

From the control panel window, select the system from the scroll-down menu.

Step 3: Open “Device Manager”

Open the Device Manager by opening the search bar and typing “device manager,” or go to the Control Panel and click on “System.”

Step 4: Open “Display Drivers” In the Device Manager

Click “Display Adapters” in the Device Manager after it opens. There will be a list of all your display adapters, including your GPU.

Step 5: Uninstall the Driver

When you right-click on your GPU, it will say “Uninstall.” Confirm the uninstallation and close the Device Manager.

Step 6:  Restart your Computer

The final step on how to reset the graphics card is to restart your computer as soon as you are prompted. After Windows loads, the new graphics card will be detected, and drivers will be reinstalled automatically.

Occasionally, reinstalling your GPU drivers does not happen automatically on some PCs. Hence, having a setup of your GPU’s drivers on your hard drive/SSD may be a good idea.

Resetting Video Driver Settings

How to Reset Graphics Card
How to Reset Graphics Card

Aside from learning how to reset graphics card, it is also important that you learn how to reset the settings for your video driver.

The computer’s display of graphics and game performance can also be affected by your video card driver settings.

Below, we have listed what to do for the most common brands in the market.


Step 1: Find AMD Radeon Settings.

First, right-click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings.

Step 2: Go to the Preferences Tab

Select the Preferences tab.

Step 3: Restore factory defaults.

Choose to restore factory defaults.


Step 1: Choose the Nvidia Control Panel by right-clicking on your desktop.

Then go to the Nvidia Control Panel by right-clicking on your desktop.

Step 2: Select “Manage 3D Settings.”

To manage 3D settings, click Manage 3D Settings.

Step 3: Right-click on Restore Defaults and select it.

Finally, you can restore the defaults by clicking “Restore Defaults” in the upper-right corner.


Step 1: Right-click on your desktop and select Graphics Properties.

Select Graphics Properties from the right-click menu of your desktop.

Step 2: Select 3D

Once you have opened the menu for Graphics Properties, find and click on 3D.

Step 3: Choose to Restore Defaults

To restore the defaults, click Restore Defaults.

What Happens If I Disable My Graphics Driver

Graphics Driver
How to Reset Graphics Card

An important thing worthy of note when searching for how to reset graphics card is what happens if the graphics card is disabled.

If your graphics driver is disabled, your screen will instantly go black. The reason is that the hardware sending visual data to the screen is inactive.

Regardless, the issue is solely a software problem, and it can easily be rectified by resetting the CMOS, which controls the BIOS.

As mentioned earlier, if your graphics card is disabled in Windows using the Device Manager or another app, you will need to boot into a safe mode to re-enable it.

You can start your computer in Safe Mode by holding down Shift + F8 during startup. Try re-enabling the graphics card if your screen is working, which it should be unless in cases where your graphics card has failed, or you have a faulty screen cable or screen. Make sure the drivers for your computer are updated. In addition, it can be reset to factory defaults if the problems are with the software.

You might have a severe problem if you don’t see a display when you first boot your PC (the BIOS splash screen). The operating system on your PC does not control the boot screen, so if you’ve tried everything else and still don’t see anything, you might have a faulty CPU, cable, or graphics card.

You can try several things to fix issues where the graphics card is disabled. Yet the most important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to re-enable it the same way you disabled it. For example, if you disabled it in BIOS, re-enable it from BIOS and if you disabled it in Windows, re-enable it from Windows.

What is the difference between CMOS and BIOS?

What is the difference between CMOS and BIOS?
How to Reset Graphics Card

The common terms “BIOS” (basic input/output system) and “CMOS” (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) are often used interchangeably, but they are different, though related, components of a computer.

The BIOS is the program that starts up the computer, and the CMOS is where the BIOS stores date, time, and system configuration information it needs to start the computer.

CMOS and BIOS terms refer to components of your computer’s motherboard. Even though they work together, they are not the same thing.

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and BIOS (Basic Input Output System) are terms used in computer technology.

They have a lot in common since they are closely related. However, they are different. BIOS is described as software that manages computer hardware during startup.

Think of it as a primitive operating system that initializes all the resources needed by the operating system. On the other hand,  CMOS is a type of integrated circuit.

The reason why these two are so closely related is the fact that a CMOS chip stores the information necessary for the BIOS. You can switch between these settings and a menu during boot-up by pressing F2.

One of the main reasons CMOS was chosen is its low energy consumption. When the system is off, a CR-2032 battery keeps the CMOS chip powered to keep the information stored. This means that the settings are lost if the power goes out.

The BIOS, on the other hand, does not require constant power as the code is stored in non-volatile memory. It also runs for a short time before handing control over to the operating system.

CMOS and BIOS are also different in terms of importance. Even though CMOS contains data, losing it will not cause major problems for the entire system.

It can be restored by looking at the menu when the computer is powered up. The BIOS code is important because the computer cannot boot without it.

To repair the computer, the BIOS chip must be removed and reprogrammed. The BIOS is protected by safeguards, including several restrictions to prevent accidental corruption and the use of multiple chips with the same BIOS for disaster recovery.

We may summarize the above explanation as follows:

  1. While CMOS is a type of chip, BIOS is a simple operating system.
  2. The CMOS should always be powered up, but not the BIOS.
  3. In contrast to CMOS, BIOS is vital.
  4. The CMOS chip is no longer in use; the chip’s BIOS is.

Is An Old GPU Better Than Integrated?

Guide to Reset Graphics Cards
How to Reset Graphics Card

Other information that people seek out when looking for how to reset graphics card is whether or not they are better off with a dedicated graphics card or a processor with an integrated graphics chip?

The next section examines the differences between both options to help figure out which one will work best.

The term “integrated graphics” refers to when a CPU and a GPU are built into the same chip. Thus, choosing a processor with integrated graphics will handle both CPU and GPU processes.

A dedicated graphics card is independent of your CPU. The graphics card that contains the GPU is used to process graphics-related data and instructions independently from your CPU.

The majority of modern processors come with an integrated GPU that is minimized and does not affect the CPU’s performance.

However, a dedicated graphics card has PCB, memory (VRAM), and a cooling solution, so its performance is not limited.

By freeing up CPU resources, you’ll be able to utilize integrated graphics on your computer to carry out graphics-related calculations instead of a dedicated GPU.

In other words, depending on how powerful the GPU on it is, a dedicated graphics card will provide more GPU power and reduce the load on your main processor, and the computer will perform better as a result of both of those things.

Even if dedicated graphics cards improve a computer’s performance, that doesn’t mean everyone should use a computer with a dedicated GPU.

Integrated graphics are becoming a more powerful tool useful for basic computing; they offer more than enough power to satisfy the average user.

The reality is that, while dedicated graphics cards usually deliver more GPU power, some users are better off with integrated graphics if their system is capable of doing so.

This is especially true if they don’t have the budget to purchase a dedicated graphics card and if the system will only be used for tasks that do not require the extra GPU capacity that a dedicated graphics card offers.

What Does Processor Without Graphics Mean?

What Does Processor Without Graphics Mean?
How to Reset Graphics Card

Having a processor without integrated graphics means you won’t be able to boot the system unless you have a dedicated GPU installed, i.e., if your GPU fails, your PC will not be able to display anything.

A graphics card (GPU) is the most expensive component of the computer, and you can run a PC without a GPU if your CPU has integrated graphics.

A CPU with integrated graphics (APU) or Vega graphics can render graphics with more RAM. It is enough for a PC without a graphics card to perform tasks with an APU (accelerated processing unit).

Despite the absence of a graphics card, the computer runs perfectly well. As long as you know what you’re doing, you can handle all tasks properly. If you do not want to see what you are doing, you do not need a graphics card.


A reliable graphics driver is crucial to ensure that your system performs as expected, and your computer’s display might freeze or stutter when it is faulty. However, the solutions provided above can help you resolve the issue.

The steps on how to reset graphics card can be surprisingly easy or frighteningly easy, depending on your experience with computers and how many peripherals are in the way.

If you perform tasks like gaming, 3D modeling, or others where graphics are crucial, you should buy an external GPU instead of an integrated one. If you use your PC for tasks like writing, excel, or watching, you can skip the GPU. You should also remember that you can easily use a CPU with integrated graphics if you do not want to buy a graphics card.


How to use tap and die set | Complete Guide [2022]

Learning how to use tap and die set allows you to repair significant metal problems that would otherwise leave you high and dry. It is critical to grasp the terminology while utilizing a tap and die set. When you cut or recut threads into a hole or nut, this is referred to as “tapping.” In this article, we will go through how to use tap and die in great detail.

Screw threads are made by tapping and threading with a tap and die set. The nut is cut with a tap and the bolt with a die. They can also be used combined to clean the thread in a procedure known as chasing. Damian from Damian McCovey plumbing says they utilize this technique for water heater repairs and regular plumbing work daily.

Taps die, and drill bits of various sizes are included in a tap and die set. Turning handles are included in the package. At a premium price, some sets may include twist-lock guides, coarse and fine taps, and additional tools.

What are a tap and die?

Taps and dies are cutting tools used to generate threads on components such as screws, bolts, and nuts, as well as to create a threaded hole into which components can be screwed.

A tap and die set is one of those toolbox items that, once acquired, become indispensable to your work. To this end, knowing how to use

tap and die is important. A tap and die set would be quite valuable to you whether you are a mechanic, a craftsman, a metal or woodworker, or even a DIY enthusiast. 

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How to Use Tap and Die Set

How to Use Tap and Die Set

Let’s discuss in detail, how to use tap and die.


1. Determine the Thread

First, determine the number of threads per inch. This assists in determining which set to utilize. The total threads per inch can be calculated using a gauge system. You can now choose the settings to use based on these readings. Examine reviews on reputable websites to find the best tap and die set for your needs. To guide and hold the die, use the appropriate wrench. They should be equal whether they are making new or old threads to increase their quality.

2. Choose the Right Tools

Get the proper instruments before attempting to cut threads. A matching tap and die set would be excellent. Calibrations and standard measurements are included with these tools. Match the size of the die and tap to utilize the proper tools. Your tools should be able to hold your pieces together. 

The majority of tap and die sets are constructed of steel. Carbon and tool steel is ideal for lighter-duty applications. Use high-speed steel for harder jobs. The proper tools ensure that neither the set nor the item being drilled breaks in the middle of the job. It also improves precision and efficiency. Let’s move to the next method on how to use tap and die.

3. Create New Threads

Set the bolt in place with a wrench on it and turn while generating a new thread. After each turn, the die will move and form the threads. You will feel the bolt tighten with each turn. Pour cutting oil on the set while producing threads. This oil minimizes the number of sparks and heat produced when threading another metal. 

It also extends the set’s life by preventing rusting on both metal and wood pieces. When finished, the bolt will be moved to the top of the die. Consider backing the die out after a few rounds to make immaculate threads. This allows you to make more precise cuts and die cuts.

4. Rethreading

Last but not least on how to use tap and die is rethreading.

When most of the threads are intact, rethreading is simple; but, if this is not the case, rethreading might be difficult. Use a gauge comparable to the one used earlier with only a few threads out of place. Use a larger gauge set if the threads are irreparable. 

This will enlarge the hole and, as a result, allow for the addition of new threads. The set should be properly arranged to guarantee that you cut a straight thread in the right place without further destroying it. 

If there is no excess room on the product to use without causing damage, the technique may be impossible. If you are a first-time user, rethreading may not be a good idea.

how to use tap and die
how to use tap and die

How to use a tap?

Now that you know how to use tap and die set, let’s find out how to use a tap independently.

The majority of tapping operations are done by hand, however, power taps, such as the spiral point plug tap, are powered by electricity. A lathe machine, a radial drilling machine, a bench-type drill machine, and other similar workshop machines can also be used to drive the tapping process. 

Because it is the most common, we shall cover the manual operation of utilizing a tap. The tapping procedure consists of multiple steps, which have been well detailed below:

    • Step one: This is the initial tapping phase. It is the process of forming a hole to a diameter smaller than the outside diameter of a tap, usually by drilling. The tap drill size refers to this diameter.
    • Step two: The drill bit that should be used for the hole diameter is indicated in the drill and tap chart, which is normally found inside the tap and die set. Machine shops sell it as well.
    • Step three: Drill a blind or through-hole hole.



    from the hole.
  • Step five: Tap and ratchet are both available. Again, use the chart to determine the appropriate tap size for your project. Keep in mind that taps come in a variety of styles. You may need to start with a tapered tap and work your way up to a plug tap.
  • Step six: Use the appropriate ratchet depending on the size of the tap. Typically, two sizes are available. Using a larger ratchet on a small tap may result in too much force, which could break the tap.
How to Use Tap and Die Set
How to Use Tap and Die Set

How to use a die?

Knowing how to use tap and die together is great, but how do you use a die? 

To make a bolt or screw, a die can thread the outside surface of a cylindrical material, such as a rod. 

Dies are classified into two types: 

  • Fixed  
  • Adjustable

A solid die produces a nominal thread with consistent depth. 

The precision of the die and the wear on the die determine the accuracy. To achieve various thread fit classes, the adjustable die can be compressed or released. A set of screws or integrated screws are used to adjust the die.

  • Step one: Next, prepare the rod, the threaded material should be somewhat smaller in diameter than the die’s primary diameter. A chamfered side of the die serves as the rod’s entering side. When threading, the chamfer assists in centering the die on the rod and minimizes the start turning force.
  • Step two: Choose a wrench and a die: Use the table to select the appropriate die using a suitably sized wrench, just as you did during the tapping operation.
  • Step three: Make the threads as follows: Using a vice or a clamp, secure the material to be threaded.
  • Step four: Start the threads by placing the die on the material, chamfered side down. Make sure it’s centered and aligned, then rotate it clockwise twice. Then, for half a cycle, turn counterclockwise. Repeat until the threading is finished. If necessary, use cutting fluid.
  • Step five: Take the die off the board. Turn the wrench in an anticlockwise direction until the die is completely removed. The threading is finished.
How to Use Tap and Die Set

What should I look for when buying a tap and die set?

We have enlightened you on how to use tap and die set, next we need to find out how to buy a good tap and die set. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the production process for most metals can make them incredibly hard, but it can also make them fragile if pressured at the incorrect spots. To avoid breaking the tap and die set, make sure to clean the metal and wood shavings after each full rotation.

  • High-speed steel is typically more expensive than hardened carbon steel, but it is more durable and suitable for a wider range of applications.
  • The number of pieces and their variety: Check that the thread sizes in the set are within the range of threads needed to cut.
  • Extra resources: Some sets include useful extra tools and charts.
  • Is the component resistant to corrosion?
  • Examine the set’s material and application capabilities. It’s in the product information from the manufacturer.
  • Check the durability of the carrying case. The pieces are kept in a case.

Can you use a tap and die set on wood?

Metal-cutting tap and die sets should never be used on wood. Sets designed for use on wood, on the other hand, make short work of cutting threads in wooden holes or creating wooden bolts.

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What is the best material for a tap and die set?

You should choose a material that matches the material you’ll be cutting. Because it can cut most metals used in tap and die applications, high-speed steel is the most commonly used material. Extremely hard materials like stainless steel, cobalt, or titanium can be used.

How to use tap and die set: Conclusion

We have covered a lot of details on how to use tap and die set. We hope this content has been of help. 

Knowing how to use tap and die set can help you get out of some sticky situations, but it’s not a tool that everyone will need. There is, however, no substitute for when you do! It takes practice to master the use of a tap and die set. You eventually get a hang of the procedure. This increases the efficiency of your workflow.

How to demo a bathroom | Step-By-Step Guide [2022]

Do you need a complete guide on how to demo a bathroom? This is the right place to get the help you need. We will be going through a whole load down on the various step on how to demo a bathroom in both written text and a detailed video in one package. Sounds good, right? Let’s get started! 

How to demo a bathroom:

  • Remove your Bathroom Sink and Vanity
  • Detach your toilet
  • Time to remove your toilet Tile
  • Taking out the shower or bathtub comes next

Making your bathroom demolition a DIY effort is a terrific method to save money on your project budget if you hire a contractor to conduct the redesign. It’s hard work, but it doesn’t necessitate any exceptional abilities. The majority of homes can do it using simple tools they already have.

Are you fed up with your old Tile? Do you want to ditch your tub in favor of a modern open shower? It would help if you first got rid of the bathroom you already have before getting the bathroom you desire. Next, we will be going into detail on how to demo a bathroom.

How to demo a bathroom

Can you redo a bathroom yourself? Yes, you can. This section’s goal is to teach you inaccessible, understandable details on how to demo a toilet the right way. 


Step 1: Remove your Bathroom Sink and Vanity

Follow these steps to remove your bathroom vanity easily.

  • To capture any water in the drain trap, place a bucket beneath the sink drain.
  • Unscrew the nuts around the P-trap, a u-shaped segment of pipe beneath your sink, with an adjustable wrench. Fill your bucket with any water collected in the P-trap.
  • Unscrew the nuts on the water supply pipes that run through the wall to the sink.
  • Any bolts or brackets connecting the sink to the wall should be checked behind it. Remove any that you discover and pull the sink out of the way.
  • Pull the sink straight up and out if it’s attached to the vanity. Sinks are heavy, so have someone ready to assist you.
  • Use your utility knife to cut through any caulk or unscrew fasteners attaching the vanity to the wall. Remove the mirror from the vanity.

Step 2: Detach your toilet. 

How to demo a bathroom | Step-By-Step Guide [2021]
  • You’ll need an adjustable wrench to get this done. When that is done, follow these steps. 
  • The intake supply pipe is a threaded pipe positioned beneath the toilet tank. Remove the tube from the tank and the supply line valve behind the toilet on the floor or wall.
  • If your toilet is a two-piece model, remove the tank from the toilet base and set it aside.
  • With your adjustable wrench, remove the nuts and bolts that connect the base to the floor. If they’re stuck, spray them with WD-40 and ratchet them loose with a socket wrench.
  • Cut through any caulk around the toilet base with a utility knife and remove the toilet off the flange bolts.
  • Scrape the wax away from the drain flange on the floor with your utility knife. Remove the flange by unscrewing it.

Step 3: Time to remove your toilet Tile

Many people consider this as the most challenging part of any remodel. However, with our guidance, it’s also the easiest.

  • Starting with the rounded tiles on the edge of your shower, chip away a vertical line of Tile with a hammer and chisel.
  • Apply the same technique to the Tile along the top of your battery in a horizontal line.
  • Cut through the exposed drywall with a reciprocating saw, being careful not to cut into studs.
  • Pry down pieces of the Tile and backing with a pry bar inserted into these seams.
  • Follow this procedure for all tiled sections as you work your way around the room.
  • Before you swing your hammer, be sure you have solid footing and know where any helpers are.

Step 4: Taking out the shower or bathtub comes next

There are many essential segments to this guide on how to demo a bathroom. However, you need to pay attention here because done wrong, it could get messy.

Follow these steps to remove your shower:

  • Remove the shower door’s hinges with a screwdriver, then place the door aside.
  • Remove the door frame by unscrewing or prying out the fasteners that hold it in place, then pulling it off. Cutting through caulk may necessitate the use of a utility knife.
  • Fixtures such as the shower head and arm, water-control knobs or levers, drain covers, soap holders, and towel racks should all be removed.
  • Using your reciprocating or jigsaw, cut the shower walls into manageable pieces. Pry off rows of tiles to cut each wall in two for tile showers. Cut each division at the corner and base for fiberglass showers, so you get three sections and a floor.
  • Remove the shower floor by prying it loose.

Follow these steps to remove your bathtub:

  • If the drywall surrounding the tub didn’t come down in the previous step, use a drywall saw to cut it down to about 8 inches in height. Make sure not to cut through the studs.
  • Remove any screws that hold the tub to the wall studs.
  • With your utility knife, cut through any caulk between the tub and the floor.
  • Pry the tub away from the wall by a few inches.
  • Cut the tube into two parts with a jigsaw. You can skip this step if your tub can pass through your doors in one piece, but cutting it will make moving more accessible and safer.
  • Pry each component up and out of its location with the help of a friend.
  • Carry each item to the trash can.

Do you need a permit to remodel a bathroom?

When the inspectors come knocking, you’ve finally chosen to go ahead with the bathroom remodel, and you want to be sure you’re within the legal limitations. These inspectors will make sure that everything is done correctly and safely according to the rules. 


A basic rule in the industry is that a permit will be required if the remodeling is structural, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical. First, let’s look at what happened when it happened and why it happened.

When do you need a permit for a bathroom to remodel?

  • A new plumbing supply and drain line are required when moving a sink or bath.
  • In your bathroom, demolish a shower wall or a divider wall. A dividing wall or a shower structure can be added in the same way.
  • In the bathroom, adding windows.
  • Adding skylights or modifying the roofline of your bathroom.
  • Installing a power outlet in your bathroom’s vanity area.

When do you not need a permit for a bathroom to remodel?

  • Replacing your bathroom’s flooring.
  • A new sink is being installed to replace one that had previously been established.
  • Countertops must be returned or added.
  • When carrying out a paint job.
  • Replacing light fixtures or an outlet is an example of minor electrical work.
  • Putting in a new toilet to replace one that has been there before.

Most contractors are aware of which projects require a permit ahead of time. Still, as a homeowner, you should be mindful of these parameters to avoid problems if you decide to conduct a short renovation yourself. 

How to demo a bathroom | Step-By-Step Guide [2021]

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?      

When learning how to demo a bathroom, estimating the time to rebuild a bathroom is a complex undertaking. 

Estimation is especially vital in this case because most families consider it critical to have their restrooms up and running as quickly as feasible. 

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have multiple bathrooms, leaving one unusable while upgrading is a significant pain.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Now that you know how to demo a bathroom, how much will it cost? One of the most sought home renovation projects is a redone bathroom, which may also bring the most real estate value to your property. 

According to some estimations, a new bathroom may virtually pay for itself by increasing real estate value by 60%. 1 A home with a luxurious bathroom may spark bidding wars. Yet, a house with a tired, outdated bathroom may sit on the market for months without receiving a single bid.

According to Angie’s List, the average total cost of a bathroom makeover is between $10,000 and $15,000, with labor expenditures accounting for at least 20% of the budget. So you might expect to save thousands of dollars by doing your remodeling. But do you want to learn how to redesign a bathroom on your own? Would you please take a look at our step-by-step guide to see how to go about remodeling your bathroom?

Is a Bathroom Renovation Worth It?

Is knowing how to demo a bathroom worth it? Each homeowner must decide whether or not a bathroom makeover is worthwhile. Overall, you should expect a solid return on your investment, as well as a high project joy score. If having a restroom you enjoy using is important to you, then go ahead and do it. 

The fact that you’ll be able to recoup a large portion of the associated costs is just icing on the cake. Do a lot of research before hiring someone since cutting corners or hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing will nearly always cost you more in the long run.

Step By Step Guide To Freeze Ice [Video]

There is good old regular ice, and then there is clear ice. While regular ice is cloudy and doesn’t stay frozen for long, clear ice is transparent and can remain frozen for several minutes. How to Freeze Ice [Video]

You may have seen this clear ice if you frequent fancy restaurants and bars. They add them to your drink to keep it chilled long enough for you to have the experience you truly desire. Aside from being better than the regular ice we are all familiar with, the clear ice is more pleasing to look at.

But then, do you always have to wait until the next time you are at a fancy cocktail bar or restaurant before you can enjoy a delicious block of water? Isn’t there some way to easily make clear ice, especially if you are a cocktail enthusiast?

The good news is you can make your clear ice and in very different ways too. You may even choose to do it manually and at no cost or use a home ice maker built mainly for that purpose.

If you decide to do it manually, you will need a few essentials such as a freezer, ice tray, and distilled water. You could even boil regular tap water if you don’t have distilled water available.

How Long Does It Take For Ice to Freeze

We may all know that the freezing point for water is 32°F or 0°C, but the duration it takes water to freeze into ice may differ according to the procedure involved.

Using a water bottle can allow the water to freeze in about 3 hours, while using an ice tray will take about 3 – 4 hours.

Many of the procedures used for making ice often take about 18 – 24 hours to freeze perfectly, aside from the amount of time it takes to boil the water twice (if you are using tap water).


Also, factors such as the size of the ice tray can influence how quickly your ice gets frozen, as trays designed to make smaller ice usually tend to freeze faster than their larger counterparts.

The way the ice tray is designed to take in outside air can also determine how quickly the ice cubes will form. Hence an ice tray with air spaces will form ice faster than one with just dividers.

One last thing to consider is the air temperature within your freezer. If your freezer is always open or it contains warm or hot food when you are trying to make clear ice cubes, this could raise the temperature of the freezer and cause the ice to freeze a little more slowly.

How Can You Make Ice Freeze Faster?

There are several ways to ensure that your ice freezes faster. One of these ways is to fill your ice tray with hot water instead of water at room temperature. This counterintuitive trick functions through the Mpemba effect, which states that hot water cools and freezes faster than regular water.

Secondly, you can use stainless steel ice cube trays rather than plastic ones as metal is known as a poor insulator and can allow faster transfer of heat and cause quicker freezing.

You could also consider lowering the temperature of your freezer below the pre-set 0°C or ensure to keep it closed at all times. Also, don’t place warm or hot food inside the freezer when trying to make ice.

How to Make Clear Ice

Ice making is as simple as placing water inside the freezer and allowing it to sit for a couple of hours. However, this would result in uneven and cloudy cubes that melt quickly and are also not very appealing to look at.

On the other hand, you could make crystal clear ice perfectly shaped and incredibly beautiful to behold. The process may require a little more time and patience than the regular ice, but the effort is usually worth it.

To start, you need to decide if you will be using regular tap water or distilled water. Your home tap water is usually treated with chemicals, and even though this is done to make it safe for consumption, it could also be the reason that kind of water will not form crystal clear ice.

Your best option is to use distilled bottled water as this does not contain the chemicals, traces of mineral deposits, and tiny bits of debris found in tap water. Note also that because water comes in a bottle doesn’t mean it is distilled. Bottled water that has been distilled is often indicated on the label.

Once you have established the type of water you will use, it is also important to eradicate as much air as possible. Air trapped within water often causes imperfections within an ice cube causing it to melt faster.

The easiest way to remove the trapped air is to boil the water. After the first boiling, allow the water to sit and cool while covered with a clean lid or an aluminium foil. This will make sure dust and other particles do not contaminate it.

When the water is cool enough, boil it again for certainty. Many people often think that they only need to boil the water if they are using tap water because of the many things they contain, but we also encourage you to boil your distilled water to let out the trapped air bubbles.

Now that we have got all that explanation out of the way let us see the steps involved in making clear ice.

Using Slow Freezing {How to Freeze Ice}

Step 1: Boil your preferred water the first time, then cover with something clean and allow to cool.

Step 2: Boil the water again to remove the remaining air and other particles that may cause cloudiness.

Step 3: Fill your ice tray with your freshly prepared water and place the tray in your freezer

Step 4: Raise the freezer’s temperature to the highest possible setting (30°F) and allow your water to sit in it the entire night.

Step 5: The next morning, return to the freezer to pull out your ice tray. It should contain crystal ice blocks that you can remove from the tray and use as you like. Remember always to return what you are not using at the moment to the freezer.

Using Cooler Freezing | How to Freeze Ice

Step 1: Create enough room in your freezer to house a small cooler

Step 2: Boil your choice of water as we have described above

Step 3: Pour your prepared water into an insulated cooler. Ensure you are using the rigid plastic-type. And only fill it halfway and not more

Step 4: Place the cooler without the lid in the space you created in the freezer

Step 5: Because the cooler has no lid, the water it contains will make faster contact with the air within the freezer

Step 6: Allow the cooler to sit there for between 18 – 24 hours. The ice will freeze from top to bottom, pushing impurities down as it goes

Step 7: Take out the cooler. The remaining water at the bottom of the cooler will contain the impurities while the ice sits on top as clear as day

Step 8: Turn the cooler upside down on your kitchen sink for about 10 minutes. The ice may fall out on its own, or you may need to give it a little nudge

Step 9: Cut the ice into the shape of cubes you want with a serrated knife. You can also use an ice pick to give your cubes any desired shape

Step 10: Return any ice you don’t intend to use immediately back to the freezer and store it in a closed container. The ice you intend to use right away must be allowed to stand at room temperature for at least 2 minutes before you add it to your glass of cocktail

Using Small-Scale Freezing

Step 1: Get a silicone ice cube tray and a baking pan or freezer-safe casserole dish. This is in a situation where you don’t have enough room in your freezer.

Step 2: Make a hole at the bottom of each cube on the silicone ice cube tray.

Step 3: Place the tray at the centre of the baking pan setting it to sit on a small riser that allows it to stay an inch above the bottom of the pan

Step 4: Fill the pan with the hot water you have prepared (as described above). Be sure to fill it until it barely covers the ice cube tray.

Step 5: Place your pan in the freezer and allow it to sit for between 15 – 20 hours. you can pull the pan out once you notice several inches of ice forming

Step 6: Turn the pan upside down on your kitchen sink for 5 – 10 minutes until the block of ice falls out. You can also gently shake the ice block to fall out.

Step 7: Break off the block of ice surrounding the ice tray, then pop out the clear ice cubes from the tray

Using a Home Ice Maker

Step 1: Get an affordable countertop ice maker

Step 2: Pour in some water. You may skip the boiling and even use regular water as the machine takes care of distillation and air bubble removal.

Step 3: The water is moved over chilled coils that work to freeze the ice instantly while the cube build gradually


You know you will need some ice when you have a party at your place, or you just want to enjoy a nice drink on a Friday night.

A lot of people will always want to buy ice which is not entirely a bad thing. But you can’t be too dependent on these stores. What if they run out of ice when you need it the most?

This is why we recommend that you take the time to learn how to make ice on your own. Following the methods we have described above will not only give you ice but high-quality crystal clear ice.

However, the question of how long it takes for ice to freeze depends on the method you choose to use.

Step by Step Guide To Fix a Clogged Toilet [Video]

A clogged is like stomach constipation, but for toilets – it prevents anything from going down and keeps an unpleasant sight floating just at the top. How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

Toilet clogging is the inability of water and waste materials to flush correctly. The incidence is widespread and happens for various reasons. And, for the average person, this can translate into frustration and a moment of panic, with many resorting to frantically and repeatedly flushing the toilet over and over.

Not only does this not work, but it can also lead to a whole myriad of new problems such as damage to the flushing handle and flapper.

However, with information like what we are about to provide, anybody can learn how to unclog a toilet without hiring a professional plumber.

All you will need to get started are a few tools and materials. The following steps may also require spending nothing or a few dollars depending on whether you are unclogging with a plunger, without a plunger, or with few easy-to-use chemicals.

How to Use a Plunger to Unclog a Toilet

how to unclog a toilet
How to unclog without plunger

The use of a plunger is, by far, one of the most common ways to fix a clogged toilet. And it can be defined as is a hand-held device with a long handle and an end that may either be bell-shaped or cylindrical with a fold-out rubber flange.

Most toilets already have these for cases like this, but if you do not own one, you would need to buy a large heavy-duty type of $20 to $50.

With your plunger ready, you will need to put on a pair of gloves and set to work. Follow the following 6 easy steps to get the clog out and your toilet working again:

Step 1: Find the main water supply and carefully disconnect it. The aim is to temporally disrupt the supply of water hence preventing overflowing.


Step 2: Treat the plunger to hot water for a few minutes. This is usually to soften the end of the plunger, making it easier to form a seal. The reason we advise that you use a high-quality plunger is also because they are less likely to be damaged by hot water.

Toilet Drain Chemicals
How to unclog a toilet using fluids and chemicals

Step 3: Dip the plunger into the toilet bowl and push down until it is completely submerged in water and covering the toilet hole. Then begin to pump over the hole slowly by pushing and pulling the plunger several times as close to the hole as possible.

Step 4: Finally, take a breather, turn on the water supply, and flush the toilet. This is to allow you to check if the toilet has been unclogged. If the toilet flushes effortlessly, then congratulations, you have triumphed over the toilet.

However, if it refuses to flush or the bowl runs out of water while the clog remains, don’t get frustrated; repeat the above process a few more times as some clogs are more resilient than others. Always remember to flush after many rounds of plunging to confirm that the clog has been removed.

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

And sometimes, you may not have a plunger readily available, or the plunger may not be enough to get the job done. What happens then? Fortunately, plungers are not the only tools we can use to fix a clogged toilet. Other widespread tools used in the fight against “unflushable” waste include a toilet auger (also often called a plumbing snake) or a make-shift toilet wire created from a good old coat hanger.

Not only is all of this equipment easy to use, but they also have more reach than a regular plunger; hence they can be used independently or in conjunction with a plunger.

Using a Toilet Auger

An auger is a flexible wire that can coil down or snake through the toilet curves. The “closet auger” is considered the best type of auger and is designed to carefully navigate the inside of the toilet without damaging the surface of the toilet bowl.

Step 1: Dressed with your gloves, grab the auger by its handle and push the other end down the drain. You should continue to push it down and feel it snake through the curves until it meets the obstruction. Then begin to twist and push the snake through this obstruction until you break it into smaller pieces.

Step 2: As soon as you can feel the clog shift or break, try to see if the water also drains out. And lastly, flush the toilet to be sure it drains as quickly as before the clog.

Using a Make-Shift Wire                                                                        

Your toilet doesn’t have to stay clogged simply because you can’t lay your hands on a plunger or an auger. You can easily pick up a coat hanger, cut one end, stretch it out, and use it like a plumbing snake.

Step1: Cut and straightened out a coat hanger.

Step 2: Find a rag and wrap it around the sharp end. This will help minimize contact with the walls of the bowl and prevent any damage.

Step 3: Then stick the wrapped end into the bowl and begin to push it in until you can feel an obstruction. (P.S: this wire may have more reach than a plunger, but it may not be as long as an auger; hence it may not reach a clog that is embedded more than a few inches in).

Step 4: When you can feel the clog, begin to twist and push in a circular pattern until you feel it break or shift or until you see the water starts to drain

Step 5: Lastly, make one final flush to ensure all the clog has been completely dealt with.          

How to Unclog a Toilet with Fluids and Chemicals | How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

Luckily, we also can fix clogs by using liquids such as enzyme products, baking soda plus vinegar, and a chemical drain cleaner.

These liquids are easy to use (as easy as following specific instructions) and can result in little or no mess. However, they only work against soft and organic waste material and not hard objects such as toys and stones.

Using Enzyme Products

Using an enzyme product may cost you a few bucks, but it easily gets the job done for dissolvable and organic products. To get it right, the trick is usually to use the right product designed for drain clearing.

This will ensure that the bowl remains undamaged during and after the unclogging. Follow the steps below to remove a clog with an enzyme product:

Step 1: Purchase an enzyme product from a typical store

Step 2: Follow the instructions provided on the container

Step 3: Pour in the recommended amount of the product and allow to sit overnight.

Step 4: The enzyme should react and break down the organic waste to undo the clog           

Using Cleaning Solutions

Carefully preparing a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water can be used to unclog a toilet and clean the drain to prevent future clogging. However, this solution is also only effective against organic wastes. Follow the steps below to clear toilet clogging:

Step 1: Boil at least half a gallon of water, then allow it to cool for a bit. The high temperature around the waste will make it easier to move through, but using very hot water can damage the porcelain.

Step 2: While the water is cooling, pour in a cup of baking soda into the toilet drain and follow that with 2 cups of distilled white vinegar. This mixture will produce an immediate chemical reaction.

Step 3: Allow the above mixture to sit at least 2o minutes before flushing with the hot water.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can allow the solution to sit overnight and then flush with the hot water in the morning.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners | How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

There are industrial chemical cleaners explicitly made for draining toilets and getting rid of clogs. But while the right chemical gets the clog out of the way without ruining the toilet sink, it is advisable to use them as a “last resort” as they are mostly considered harmful to both people and the environment.

But if you still believe a chemical cleaner is the best option and you are sure the obstruction isn’t a hard object, then apply the following steps:

Step 1: Put on gloves and wear as much clothing as possible to prevent direct contact with your skin           

Step 2: Ensure the windows are open and the area well ventilated to avoid you from inhaling the chemical

Step 3: Follow the manufacturers’ instructions and pour the recommended amount into the toilet sink

Step 4: Allow to sit overnight or as described on the container before you flush

Step 5: Be sure to flush properly to clear off any remains of the chemical    

Will a Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself?| How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

Like we said earlier, clogging can occur for a myriad of reasons. It could also be an obstruction by different sizes of human waste, tissues papers, wipes, diapers, cotton, female hygiene products, toys, or small stones.

While all of these can cause clogging, only very few of them don’t require your interference to get unclogged. For instance, wastes and tissues may eventually clear even though this may require varying amounts of time ranging from an hour to 24 hours depending on the size or type of substance.

The rest of the things listed usually don’t unclog themselves as they don’t even belong in the toilet drain in the first place. The rule here is “if it’s not degradable, then it is flushable.”

However, in most cases, you will need to apply any of the above methods and steps to avoid clogging, considering how vital the toilet is in everyday life, especially if you have just one.


Clogging can happen even to the best of us and can cause a lot of frustration. When it happens to you, you may choose to wait it out for a few hours or an entire day, glove up and unclog it, or call a professional plumber.

Showing you how to unclog a toilet aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need if you choose to do it yourself.

The process itself is not the most pleasant; hence when you do get rid of the clog, be sure to carefully select what gets flushed down the toilet and what doesn’t to prevent future occurrence.

How to download a YouTube Video with Y2mate: y2mate Review

Are you wondering how to download a YouTube Video with Y2mate? This y2mate review contains all the information you need. Thanks to our y2mate evaluation, owning a collection of downloaded YouTube videos isn’t a difficult task.

Y2mate allows you to convert and download video or music files in HD from platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Youku, and Vimeo. M4V, MP4, MO, MP3, FLV, WMV, and WebM are a few of the file formats supported. Surprisingly, it allows you to download for free and indefinitely from the approved sites in one of the most effective ways possible.

While YouTube Premium allows you to download videos, it only keeps them in the app. Y2mate, on the other hand, will enable you to save them and upload them to any location you like.

In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at the various tools available and discover more about what makes Y2mate tick. Here’s what you can expect from Y2mate’s pros and cons. Without any further delay, let’s get right into this y2mate review.

Y2mate review: What is Y2Mate?

Y2Mate is a download platform that enables users to access audio and video content from various websites and streaming services for offline playback.

The web and app versions offer a series of tabs that might help users understand the entire download process. In addition, it’s simple to use either a streaming service or a video platform.

This y2mate review is jam-packed with helpful information. This top-notch program works out of the box from any web browser without the need for any add-ons or software, in addition to high-speed video conversion. 

That’s not all; you can work from any platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, and enjoy the utmost in convenience and dependability. This wouldn’t be an excellent y2mate review without discussing how to use the software.  


How to download a YouTube Video with Y2mate

Y2Mate is a simple-to-use solution that is both classic and full of features.

Begin by downloading and installing Y2Mate on your Windows PC to download YouTube videos. This free program allows you to download whole playlists as well as 360-degree and 3D videos.

Open your web browser and copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download from the address bar. You enter the address of your video in a very typical manner, and the site offers you the audio and video elements to download. 

However, if copying an address is inconvenient, Y2Mate allows you to type the letters “pp” at the end of the word YouTube in the address bar, and you will be transported to a comparable download page.

Although the service is free, it includes an advertisement that an ad blocker can block.

Pros & Cons of using Y2mate

In this y2mate review, we will be dedicating this section to highlight the advantages and drawbacks of using the y2mate platform.


  • Downloads are unlimited – Y2mate allows you to download a total number of video or audio files.
  • Fast video conversion – Because the tool is cloud-based, converting and downloading quickly, allowing the output to be delivered in seconds.
  • You won’t have to register to use Y2mate, and you won’t have to provide any personal information.
  • Multiplatform – Because Y2mate is an online program, it can be accessed from any platform.


  • Y2mate is an online web program that requires a constant internet connection. Hence it is not suited for users searching for an offline utility.
  • As a result of the malware, some users complain about getting too many unwelcome pop-ups when using the software.

Key Features in the Y2mate software

Y2mate is a free three-in-one web application that allows you to download YouTube videos, convert YouTube videos, and convert YouTube to MP3 format. Here’s a closer look at each of these valuable tools to see what you can anticipate from them.

1. YouTube Downloader

Y2mate offers its users one of the finest YouTube downloading services. They have made a name for themselves by consistently delivering the highest quality. You can download films and audio in various formats, including MP4, MP3, 3GP, and M4A, for free, without the need for any additional software or registration.

Type in a YouTube URL or a few keywords in the given search box, and once you’ve found the video you want, select the output format – MP3, MP4, and so on.

Y2mate will do the necessary conversion most efficiently and effectively and provide a download link for the output file. The download process is quick, easy, and without any restrictions.

2. YouTube Video Converter

 Are you looking for reliable YouTube downloading software? Y2mate is among one of the best choices. Y2mate even lets you convert films and audio after downloading them. In addition, files can be saved in various formats, including MP4, MP3, 3GP, and M4A, for free, without the need for any additional software or registration.

To begin: Insert a YouTube URL or some keywords into the given search box, and once you’ve found the video you’re looking for, all you have to do is select the output format – MP3, MP4, and so on.

There is so need for fuse or worry; y2mate will complete the conversion effectively and provide a link to the result file for download. The download is quick, easy, and free of any restrictions.

3. YouTube to MP3 Converter 

In addition to video conversion, Y2mate provides a specific YouTube to MP3 converter application that works tirelessly to output MP3 files for you in only a few clicks. The good news is that you have complete control over the quality of the converted MP3 file because you may select from 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps quality levels.

Y2mate has you covered no matter how many YouTube videos you need to convert and download in MP3 format. In this y2mate review, this section is one of the critical aspects of the information you need to make the best use of this YouTube video downloader.

Requirements for running Y2mate

  • The first and most obvious requirement is sufficient storage space – This is required to save all converted videos and audio.
  • Y2mate is an online service. Thus you’ll need a modern web browser to use it. Common browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, should make getting started a breeze.
  • A steady internet connection is required to maintain constant access to the conversion service while also ensuring that the converted audio or video files may be downloaded without difficulty.
  • You will need to work on supported platforms – Y2mate is compatible with all platforms, so all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs.
y2mate Review

Is Y2Mate Safe? 

You are probably reading this y2mate review and wondering, is y2mate safe?

Y2mate is not, in general, a dangerous website. However, the site’s constant notifications and pop-ups can hurt your computer’s operating system. In addition, when a user clicks on an ad on the Y2mate webpage, it is redirected to another malicious site. 

Because of the virus, while being a free YouTube video download service, Y2mate is not a safe download platform. When you click on the adverts and notifications on the page, you’ll be taken to other questionable and perhaps hazardous websites.

The majority of these advertisements direct users to gaming and, on rare occasions, pornographic websites. A virus known as the infection is also found on The malware is hazardous, even though Y2mate isn’t harmful on its own.

The adware that ejects pop-up windows from Y2Mate enters PCs through several leaks. These viruses can prevent you from using the internet, particularly when downloading and installing free software. It would help to read the End User License Agreements for any free software you intend to install on your computer thoroughly.

If you’re reading information on additional software that you don’t need, make sure you’re in advanced (custom) installation mode to avoid making changes to your system that you don’t want. In addition, due to your computer’s lack of protection, Y2Mate pop-ups and accompanying adware may be enabled on your workstation.

How to Remove Y2mate Virus

Do you have the y2mate virus on your computer? We can take care of it in no time. The goal of this y2mate review is to give you all the information you need, including stuff to reference when you need them.

All you have to do with manual removal is access all recently installed apps on your computer and then uninstall them. Second, because the malware damaged the browser as well, reset it to its default settings. Finally, disable all notifications to prevent future infection.

To use anti-spyware, select the anti-spyware app and update it before conducting a comprehensive scan of your Windows computer to remove the infection. Anti-spyware does all of the work for you to remove the virus and any adware, as it searches for any unwanted or malicious apps that you may have installed unintentionally.

Is downloading a YouTube video legal? How to download a YouTube Video with Y2mate

Using third-party programs to download YouTube videos is against YouTube’s terms of service, which specify that you can only watch videos straight from the company’s servers. 

Unless you have permission from the copyright holder, the video is in the public domain, or you own the video yourself, downloading YouTube videos exposes you to potential copyright infringement.

However, through its web service and its apps, YouTube does provide specific options for downloading videos. We’ll show you how to accomplish that, as well as the other options for iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC, in this guide.

How do I download videos with YouTube Premium?

Wrapping up this y2mate review, yes. You can download videos to watch offline without third-party software if you have a YouTube Premium subscription. The YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube Gaming apps can all be used for this. 

Remember that you can only watch the downloaded videos through the app; you can’t transfer the video file to another device or watch it with another player.

After watching a video, then select a quality option by tapping the ‘Download’ button. You’ll be able to find the tape on your Library or Account page once it’s successfully downloaded from YouTube.

How to Mix Colors to Produce Pink [Video]

Read to know How to Mix Colors to Produce Pink now!

Pink; the one color that stands for cute things like little girls and other feminine items such as princesses, flowers, and even unicorns.

Pink is also an undertone for concepts such as romance and a favorite for every lover’s favorite day – Valentine’s Day.

More so, color psychologists have tied the light red hues of pink to different emotions and human psychology components. They believe that a person cannot help but feel a little joy whenever they gaze upon this color, which is commonly linked to positivity and hope.

You can then see how the place of this color in both everyday life and special occasions cannot be overstated.

So whether you are trying to make your little princess happy, or your lover happy, or make yourself happy, the truth is you need some pink. You may choose to purchase ready-made pink, but this may not serve your purpose as there is usually a different pink for every situation.

This is why people like to make theirs. But even this is not as simple as simply mixing red and white together. Like all colors, pink comes with a full range of hues; hence, knowing how to make pink is understanding how to make the exact hue or shade of pink you need.

How to Make Pink with White

We cannot find pink on the traditional wheel of colors. It is a tint of red produced by mixing some amount of white and some yellow lemon. The amount of white you decide to add depends mainly on what shade of pink you create.


There are two prevalent shades of white used for making pink – zinc white (to make a translucent pink) and titanium white (to make the pink opaque).

Using Acrylic

How to make pink from acrylic

Mixing colors using acrylics is often many people’s first choice, mainly because this medium of paint dries off quickly and usually produces minimal mess. So if you have acrylic paint and wants to make the pink color from it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select your base. As a rule, the base color for making pink is red, as pink is a derivative of red. Pick out different shades of red, including warm shades such as scarlet, cardinal, and chili red, and cool shades such as crimson, carmine, and magenta.

Step 2: Prepare a large piece of paper and write out each shade of red you have selected by the side. Then draw 4 square boxes in front of each red shade.

Step 3: Now, paint the first box with the corresponding shade of red. Then clean your brush properly.

Step 4: Mix a little zinc white and each shade of red and paint it in the second box. Be careful to always paint in front of the selected red shade as written by the side. Again clean your brush.

Step 5: Mix a little titanium white and each shade of red and paint on the third box. The hue of pink in steps 4 and 5 may not differ, but the transparency certainly will.

Step 6: If you are still unsatisfied about the warmth of your pink hue, you may then repeat steps 4 and 5 and add a little lemon yellow for each red shade and paint the result on the last box for each shade.

The above exercise will give you an exemplary chart of pinks and helps you understand how to lighten the pinks to produce a hue that works for you.

Using Watercolor

How to make pink from watercolors

Watercolors are an alternative medium for mixing colors in the absence of acrylic. They are often a second favorite because of the messiness involved, but they are less expensive and easily used by your kids. Just remember you may need to do some cleaning later on.

Step 1: Get good watercolor paper, then select your base or the different shades of red.

Step 2: Write down the name of each shade by the side and draw 4 square boxes with a ruler and pencil.

Step 3: Dip your paintbrush into a container of water, press it against the rim of the container to release excess water before rubbing against each shade of red and then painting on the first square. Remember to rinse your brush each time before touching the next shade.

Step 4: Dilute each shade of red with water and paint on the next square.

Step 5: Dilute the shades of red as in step 4 above and mix with an alternate color such as cobalt blue, then paint on the third box. This will produce a shaded or dark pink.

Step 6: Repeat step 4, add a warm color such as yellow, and then paint on the last box. You will notice that the pink became brighter.

How to Make Pink without White

How to Mix Colors to Produce Pink
how to make pink without white

While the color white is a significant ingredient for making pink, it is not the only ingredient. It is even possible to create different shades of pink without using a white color.

The quickest way to make pink without using white is to dilute the given shade of red since red is always the base color, then throw in other colors such as blue or yellow to give it more shade or brighten it as the case may be.

Selecting the shade of red often involves considering the color bias. Color bias refers to the different temperatures that each shade of red has. Some shades are warm, while others are cool.

The warm reds usually tend to lean towards orange because they contain some form of yellow, while the cool reds tend to lean towards purple because of the blue streak.

So going from the warmest to the coolest red, you may pick any of the following reds:

  • Coquelicot red
  • Light red
  • Scarlet
  • Vermilion
  • Alizarin crimson
  • Magenta

You could dilute any of the above to make a different shade of pink as in the steps below:

Step 1: Collect your favorite shade of red.

Step 2: Mix with a small quantity of water and paint on paper. Repeat this for each shade of red to have different hues of pink.

Step 3: Mix the light red with yellow to create light pink.

Step 4: Mixing the diluted red or newly formed pink with green-yellow can mute a bright pink and make it less “loud.”

Step 5: To make a dark pink, consider diluting more red with only a tiny amount of water or add a touch of purple to the new pink.

What Two Colors Make Red?

How to Mix Colors to Produce Pink
What two colors make red

Clearly, from everything we have been saying so far, one can’t help but agree that red is such an important color. It is even safe to say pink would not exist without red.

So how do we make this critical color?  As one of the three primary colors, red exists in abundance and may not be created. But sometimes, when you run out of red while trying to make other colors, or you need to create a new hue of red, you may want to know how to do this.

To create pure red, mix the colors yellow and magenta. Experiment with these gradually to know what ratio works best.

To make red warmer or lighter, use the paper with square boxes (as described at the start of this article) to mix cadmium yellow or yellow ochre with red.

Using ultramarine or cerulean blue can add some shade to read and make it darker if you need some dark red.

Muted shades of red can also be handy in some cases, including artwork. To create a muted shade of red, you will need to use a shade of green that complements the shade of red you are working with. Again, playing with this, as we have described earlier, is the best way to go.

Apart from all the above, we can also make shades and tints for the color red. To create a shadow hue for the red color, throw in some black stain. But because black is intense and can get quickly overwhelming, you will need to start with a small amount and progress until you find what you want.

For a tinted red, you can mix some white with red. But a lot of people say this gives off a very dull tint. An alternative is to bring in some yellow to the red. This doesn’t only add vibrancy to your color but also produces a fine peachy red.


If you ask us how to make pink, we could say, “throw in some red in there and pour some white on it!” But we won’t because we understand that making colors and mixing them is both a science and an art.

Knowing the colors, the amount to use, and the many different ways to play with them is superior knowledge, and we hope you find this helpful.

How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises: The 3 Easy Steps to Know [Video]

When it comes to how to fix AirPods Pro noises, sometimes, the best methods are the simplest. This allows even the average person to fix this problem as it can occur to anybody.

There have been numerous complaints about crackling and popping noises when the AirPods Pro is worn during movement.

Watch Video on How To Fix AirPods Pro Noises

An AirPods Pro can make a static buzzing noise if it is not paired correctly or has an outdated firmware version. This could likely be a hardware issue since it does not appear when ANC and Transparency Mode are turned off.

Providing steps on how to fix AirPods Pro Noises and other AirPods related issues is therefore of high importance, and we believe the regular AirPods user will find this guide very beneficial.

How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises

How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises
How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises

You might notice that your AirPods Pro emits static noise if you use them regularly for a long time. This can result in ear pain over time.

And while many people speculate that it is a hardware issue, Apple seems to believe it may be due to wireless interference or a particular app and recommends people who hear crackling sounds to possess simple skills like how to fix AirPods Pro noises.


Step 1: Install the Latest Software on Your Connected Device

The first step on how to fix AirPods Pro Noises is to install the latest software on any Apple device that’s connected. Check for any issues with pairing your AirPods with your phone. In most cases, if the device is not paired correctly, it will emit static noises.

Step 2: Verify Bluetooth Connectivity between Your Device and Mobile Device

Ensure that the Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and device is working.

If your mobile device isn’t properly connected or appears to be far from the AirPods Pro, you might hear these static sounds. And if that happens, you can do any of the things below to rectify that:

  • Unpair AirPods from your device. Move the mobile device closer. Please turn off the Bluetooth, then turn it back on. Now connect your AirPods to your mobile device and check whether the issues are fixed.
  • The issue is if you are in a room filled with interfering devices. If WiFi connections or other electronic connections with transmitters and receivers are in the room, these might also cause static noises in your AirPods.
  • Try moving to a different room and check the sound quality. If you notice that the static sounds have stopped, you will know that the issue is interference from other devices.

Step 3: Listen To Audio from Different App

As a final step on how to fix AirPod Pro noises, you can try to play any audio from a different app to see if the app causes the issue.

If that doesn’t work, Apple recommends contacting Apple Support for help because there is a repair program for the problem.

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled?

How to Fix AirPods
How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises

When Apple users go out of their ways to find out how to fix AirPods Pro noises, some also wonder why the sounds from their gadgets get muffled and how they can fix that as well.

Apple’s AirPods can accumulate earwax over time that may physically block the sound coming from the earbuds speakers.

If it is difficult to hear music coming from your AirPods, your speaker grilles need to be clean.

If you don’t clean your earbuds, earwax and grease will attach to your earbuds and get inside them each time you put them in your ears, reducing the sound.

AirPods may also sound muffled due to a weak or compromised Bluetooth connection and the need for AirPods to reset.

Why Does My AirPods Sound Muffled On PC?

The AirPods sound great on the iPhone, but they sound terrible when plugged into a PC! AirPods work with PCs, but sometimes they can be if your device settings are incorrect.

There is not enough Bluetooth bandwidth on a Windows PC to simultaneously have high-quality sound on both the speakers and the microphone.

There is a simple fix that you can use with AirPods to work with a PC. Windows creates two new devices when you connect AirPods to Windows. A headset device with telephone quality sound and a headphone device with 44100 Hz (CD quality) sound. To keep your AirPods from switching to headset mode when you connect them, do the following:

Step 1: Connect AirPods

Connect your AirPods to your Windows PC.

Step 2: Click on Control Panel

Go to the Control Panel.

Step 3: Select Devices and Sound

Under the Hardware and Sound icon, click View Devices and Sound.

Step 4: Double Click the AirPod

Double click the AirPods icon.

Step 5: Click the Service Tab

Select the Services tab.

Step 6: Uncheck Handsfree Telephony and select Apply.

Uncheck Handsfree Telephony and click the Apply button.

How do I Unclog my AirPods?

How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises

To unclog your AirPods and AirPods Pro, you’ll need a cotton swab, rubbing alcohol, a toothpick, a lint-free cloth, or an AirPods Cleaner Kit.

The following processes can be used to remove clogs from the AirPods easily.

  1. Apply some rubbing alcohol to the end of the cotton swab.
  2. For AirPods Pro, remove the silicone ear tips and rinse them with water.
  3. Use the cotton swab to clean the speaker meshes.
  4. The rubbing alcohol will help to loosen the earwax and debris build-up.
  5. Carefully remove debris from the mesh using a toothpick.
  6. Use the toothpick to remove debris only beyond the speaker mesh.
  7. Apply rub alcohol to a lint-free cloth.
  8. Wipe your AirPods clean with a lint-free cloth.
  9. Allow your AirPods to dry before placing them back into the charging case.

Why Do My AirPods Sound Different?

How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises

Once you try the different methods on how to fix AirPods Pro noises without success, it is not uncommon to wonder why yours sound very different.

Aside from wear and tear that arises from constant usage, there are a few instances when your AirPods sound different. Nothing is as painful as attempting to listen to music or a podcast on your AirPods and then having it play awful-sounding audio. One is much louder than the other!

What Cause AirPods to Sound Different?

We are unsure if one AirPod sounds louder than the other because of a software or hardware problem. Audio issues include dirty AirPods, a Bluetooth connection, an outdated Mac, or incorrect microphone usage.

Dirty and Dusty AirPods

Dust, dirt, and ear wax can cause problems and make it impossible for clear audio to reach the ears.

Poor Bluetooth Connection

Poor Bluetooth connection, whether with your WiFi, TV, or cell phone service, can sometimes cause these issues.

Your Mac Is Outdated.

Just like your phone, your Mac also needs to be updated regularly as this will help to eliminate any errors or bugs that hinder a good Bluetooth connection.

Incorrect Micro Usage

The built-in microphones are some of the things that set AirPods apart, and they allow users to take calls or speak into them. It’s a great feature, but it can easily become a problem when not used correctly.

How Do You Clean A Clogged AirPod?

AirPods are probably the most popular earbuds, especially for iPhone users. Over time, all earbuds and devices get dirty.

AirPods can easily get clogged up with earwax, but they can also accumulate grime over time, especially when they’re lost under your car seat.

Additionally, they can get filled up with germs and grease because you touch them every day.

The Best Way to Clean Any AirPods in 2 Easy Steps

You will need to regularly clean your AirPods as part of the routine on how to fix AirPod Pro noises.

You’ll need a soft, lint-free cleaning cloth and a tool with an end. The fine-edged can be a toothpick, dental floss stick, bobby pin, needle, or other household items.

If you don’t want to use sharp objects, you can use cotton swabs.

Step 1: Wipe The Earbuds With A Lint-Free Cloth Dampened With Water.

The first step is to wipe the outside of the earbuds with a lint-free cloth, lightly dampened with water.

Step 2: Dry The Earbuds.

Next, use a dry, lint-free cloth to rub the earbuds thoroughly until they dry up, being careful not to get liquid in any openings.

How to Clean Earwax Out Of AirPods

Step 1: Take A Fine-Edged Tool Or Dry Cotton Swab.

To tackle earwax stuck in the earbuds’ speaker hole, grab a fine-edged tool or dry cotton swab.

Step 2: Dig Out The Earwax.

Carefully dig out the earwax, focusing on the areas or edges of the speaker. You may use sharp objects, but you must be careful not to cut yourself or pierce the speaker.

Step 3: Clean The Silicone Tips.

You also need to clean the silicone tips to cover each earbud’s speaker if you are using AirPods Pro. Let the silicone tips cover your AirPods Pro earbuds and rinse them in water, soap, or other household cleaners. Be sure they’re dry by wiping them with a soft, lint-free cloth. Finally, reattach them to the AirPods once they’re dry.

How to Clean AirPods Case

Specks of Dirt inside the AirPods case may also affect the AirPods, which is why cleaning the case is important,

To do this, remove the AirPods and use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the outside of the case. For spots, you can dampen them a bit with alcohol and then dry them, making sure not to get any liquid inside the case’s AirPod holders or in the charging port. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove debris from the charging port.

Why Does My AirPods Pro Keep Making A Weird Noise?

How to Fix AirPods Pro Noises

AirPods Pro can make a noise if the device is not correct or if the AirPods are using an outdated firmware version.

Below are ways you can keep your AirPods from making weird noises:

  1. If AirPods don’t have a good signal, the Active Noise Cancellation feedback tries to compensate for outside noise by being as loud as possible. These may sometimes lead to high-pitched noises.
  2. Some users suggested that the issue could be some design error. Sometimes, the black mesh on the earbuds may protrude more than it should. And any attempt to adjust your earbuds may make you hear a loud, high-pitched noise.
  3. In the case where you have other Bluetooth devices connected to your phone or computer simultaneously as the AirPods, you can disconnect them and check if the issue persists. Maybe they’re interfering with your AirPods.
  4. Check if your AirPods make that high-pitched noise when paired to a specific device. Or maybe this issue occurs when paired with multiple devices.


Most of the time, the noises can be rectified quite easily. The only solution when there is a manufacturing defect in a product is to have it replaced by the manufacturer.

Most often, the AirPods are covered under warranty and will be replaced by the company if they are within the warranty period.

But if you are experiencing this problem at the moment, you can try out the different methods and steps on how to fix AirPods Pro noises before you do the above.

Only after the above methods fail can you take the gadget to be replaced by the manufacturer.