Sands Insurance Agency

Sands Insurance Agency is an insurance agency with over 10 years of experience and over 30 years in the community located and licensed in Surprise, Arizona.

Insurance is a word you hear all the time. Be it Insurance for life, assets, etc. Many individuals don’t know how they could benefit from insurance and so they don’t consider taking insurance policies. Once you purchase an insurance policy, it inadvertently means you are buying a promise. This promise is premised on the fact that if in the event that something catastrophic happens to you, your insurance will take you back to the position you were in before the unfortunate occurrence.

As a well-known Allstate Insurance Agency, they offer varieties of insurance products which include auto, home, renters, motorcycle, life and business insurance.

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The Story of Sands Insurance Agency

Sands Insurance Agency is an insurance agency with over 30 year’s presence in Surprise, Arizona. They also have 10 years’ experience in insurance.

Sands Insurance Agency makes a goal to provide their customers with the best service possible and as well as the best product possible.

Since Sands Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agent, they can tailor a policy that will suit your business or personal needs. Their level of customer service and knowledge sets them apart from other insurance agencies.

Services Offered by Sands Insurance Agency

Boat Insurance: Boat insurance offered by Sands Insurance Agency offers insurance cover for boats and personal water rafts such as vessels, yachts etc. against any form of damage and liability.

Auto/Car Insurance: Auto/Car Insurance covers damage and liability to cars and other vehicles.

Home Insurance: The home insurance covers liability and damage to homes and other structures.

Health Insurance: in the event of a medical problem, this insurance covers the medical expenses incurred by the policyholder.

Life Insurance: In a case of death, this type of insurance will provide financial assistance to the policyholder’s beneficiaries.

Why Choose Sands Insurance Agency

  • You have a choice: As an independent insurance agency, Sands Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of price points and coverage options. With Sands Insurance Agency, you are not mandated to accept one quote from Sands Insurance Agency and you won’t need to keep wasting time checking out different applications online to get your quote comparisons. With their connections and knowledge of the insurance market at Sands Insurance Agency, they can always find a better deal for you than you might find on your own. They can help you find the right blend of price, coverage, and service.
  • Licensed Agent at your Service: Sands Insurance Agency breakdown whatsoever complexities of insurance you might have to simple terms. As a career, they access their clients’ insurance needs and match them with the best insurance carrier that is best to meet their needs at a price that is affordable to the customer.
  • They give Personal Advice: They not only find you competitive pricing, they also make sure that you are adequately covered. The team of experts at Sands Insurance Agency take their time to listen to you and understand your individual needs. They are aware that it is not just about finding the right price but also making sure you are covered appropriately so as not to suffer loss when you end up insurance-poor.
  • We are your Advocate: If in the event you have a billing or claim concern, or in a need to change your billing coverage, Sands Insurance Agency can be your advocate, working with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • They are right around your corner: Sand Insurance Agency is your neighbor. They have a presence in Surprise, Arizona and as well understand the challenges and benefits of living in the locality. Sand Insurance Agency are highly involved in the community, often sponsoring youth sport teams, voicing opinions at the month Chamber of Commerce meeting. They are already ready to help.
  • They Offer One-stop Shopping: Sands Insurance Agency will meet all your insurance needs, as we provide auto, home, renters, and business coverage. As well as many life and health insurance as well.


Sands Insurance Agency offers you a comprehensive coverage needs that is designed to meet your individual needs and also a price you can afford. With their personalized approach to insurance, they have a dedicated team to ensure that all your concerns, needs and complaints are attended to. You can also bank on Sands Insurance Agency for the best competitive pricing and discounts. With positive customer reviews and testimonials you have no need to worry.

You should consider Sands Insurance Agency for your Insurance covers because of the reputations they have succeeded in building over the years, their expertise in the field of insurance is undoubted and likewise their commitment to finding you the best coverage at competitive rates.

To get started with Sands Insurance Agency, you can call them on this telephone line (623)455-7707 or visit their website here.

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