Topshop Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

If your Topshop gift card code is scratched off, the best way to recover it is to call Topshop customer support at +44 344 984 0264. You should describe the damage to the attendant. They might ask for more information from you to confirm your identity, and Topshop will provide you with a new gift card.

Apart from the obvious method of using your gift card pin, there are a variety of other methods for redeeming your card. Researching these methods can take quite a while. However, we have compiled a lot of them in this article. Continue reading as I lay out the various methods you can easily exploit.   If you are new to Crypto trading and investments then you must check this Bitcoin trading app

How to Redeem Your Scratched Topshop Gift Card

The various methods that can be used to redeem your gift card don’t require complicated processes. Redeeming that scratched gift card is easier than you think. Without any further delay, let’s get into the relevant details. 

1. Card Serial Number

If your gift card gets scratched off, it can still be redeemed if the serial number is intact. as long as the damage isn’t too severe to the extent that the whole card is damaged. 

All you have to do is present the serial number to their customer support at +44 344 984 0264 or at the store where you bought the card. Customer care and store attendants are also likely to request your receipts as proof of ownership. 

2. Contact Customer Support 

Contacting your customer care takes priority over most other methods of redeeming a scratched gift card. Why? Because your customer care will know best which methods to use depending on the extent of the damage. 

Contacting your customer care requires that you be able to prove that the said gift card is rightfully yours. You will need to prove this by presenting your receipt alongside a scanned version of your gift card. 

3. Barcode Scanning

Scanning a damaged gift card to redeem it is another valid option to consider. Gift cards can be scanned by a variety of methods to redeem your gift card. Some of them include;

  • You can use the gift card to redeem it or directly make a payment on their mobile app.
  • On their official website, you can also access the option of redeeming the gift card with the bar code.
  • Depending on the store, you might also be able to redeem your gift card when making a purchase.

You probably haven’t noticed it before, but bar codes are also important parts of gift cards that can be of help. Consider using the bar code to redeem your card or make a purchase.

Why Is Your Topshop Gift Card Not Working Online?

Your gift card might malfunction online for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from simple issues to somewhat complex issues. We will be looking at some of these reasons in this section. 

1. Gift Card Not Activated

Using your gift card requires that you activate it. Without activating or redeeming your gift card, you can’t use it to make a purchase online. To activate your card, you can follow the instructions we will highlight in this article. You can also directly pay for items during checkout by following the set of instructions presented to you. 

2. Gift Card Already Used

This is an issue that is usually encountered when you try to redeem a gift card. There are various reasons why you might see this error. It might either mean that you have already redeemed the card or that the card has been used by someone else. To resolve the issue, all you have to do is contact customer care alongside your receipt. 

3. Expired Gift Card

Although this reason is less likely to cause a malfunction, it is still a possibility. If your gift card has been left for too long, you might experience problems when trying to redeem or use it. While gift cards aren’t exactly perishable, it is better to use them as soon as you get them to prevent them from being damaged or lost before you actually need them for an important transaction. 

How To Activate A Topshop Gift Card Online

There are various methods for redeeming your Topshop gift card. We will be exploring some of them in this section. 

1. On Their Website

This is the most common/know method for redeeming your gift card into your account. All you have to do is visit their official website and click on the “redeem gift card” option. 

After completing the entire process, you can simply follow the prompt, fill in the necessary details, and redeem your card. After completing the process, you should see the amount in your account balance on the website. 

2. During the purchase

Among the various ways to redeem your gift card, it can also be redeemed during a purchase. After picking the product or item you wish to purchase, you can simply proceed to check out and fill out the appropriate gift card details to make your payment. The amount equivalent to the goods will automatically be deducted from your gift card. 

3. Mobile App

The mobile app platform is more like a user-friendly and portable website. You can redeem your gift card via this method. With their mobile app, you can either redeem your gift card into your account or simply pay for goods when making a purchase. Quite simple, right? Using the mobile application makes things all the more convenient for you. 

Are You Supposed to Scratch The Back Of A Gift Card? 

Yes, you are required to scratch the back of the card. The traditional method of redeeming your gift card requires that you use the pin at the back of your card. To access the pin, you will have to scratch the tin foil at the back of your card. 

However, you must always make sure the gift card’s back before you buy it. On the rear, there is a scratch-off area where you will find the pin number. Before you buy the card, be sure the scratch-off area that covers the PIN number is still there.

Note: The region where the PIN number is hidden is frequently scratched out by criminals. Both the gift card number and the pin number will be noted down. They then abandon the gift card behind.

The thieves can access the funds on the gift card once you buy it and activate it. These scratch-offs can be found on the backs of many gift cards. When buying gift cards, exercise caution.

Can I Use My Topshop Gift Card Online? 

Yes, Topshop Gift Cards are redeemable online or at any of the hundreds of stores located all across the UK. Topshop is at the forefront of current trends for women’s clothing. Give them the option of fashionable clothes, coats, shoes, and other accessories.

Many of the most recent women’s fashion items available in Topshop can be purchased using Topshop gift cards. The gift card is redeemable at Topman, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Evans, Wallis, and Outfit. A single transaction can involve several vouchers. In conclusion, your Topshop gift card is useful for making online purchases and can be redeemed in a number of ways.

Why Do Gift Cards Have a Pin? 

Pins are used to both identify the gift card and claim or redeem the reward it contains. Your card’s number can be found on the back of a physical gift card. Typically, it will be an adhesive with a silver scratch-off finish.

You only need to delicately scrape off the silver coating on your card to reveal the pin underneath. Before the card is authorized, the number can’t be stolen thanks to the scratch-off area. The majority of gift cards include PINs, but if you wish to use one without one, you can only do so in-store and not online.

How Do I Check the Balance on My Topshop Gift Card?

There are various ways to check your Topshop gift card balance. We will be exploring them in this section. Some of them include; 

How To Check Your Topshop Gift Card Balance Online

Here’s where you go to check the balance of your Topshop gift card online:

  • Visit their official website. To check the balance on your Topshop gift card, click here.
  • You must enter the Gift Certificate Code into the required fields as soon as you reach the website in the subsequent step.
  • Select “Check Balance” from the menu.
  • You can then look up your gift card’s details.

How To Check Your Topshop Gift Card Balance Online With Customer Service

Utilize this method if you wish to check your balance with customer service.

  • To contact online customer assistance, use this number: +44-344 984 0264.
  • Follow the instructions from the customer support attendant.
  • You must select a helpline extension to check your card’s balance.
  • Enter your card number and wait for the next step.
  • The balance of your gift card will be disclosed to you.

How To Check Your Topshop Gift Card Balance In Stores

For assistance relating to card balances, you can also go to Topshop stores.

  • To get the addresses of the stores in your area, use Store Locator.
  • The zip code or state name must be entered in the search area before clicking “Search.”
  • Select the closest store location from the results to visit.

Where Can I Spend My Topshop Gift Card?

At Topshop retail locations in the UK and on the Topshop website at, gift cards are available for purchase in £pound sterling. Burtons, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topman, and Wallis are just a few of the “Arcadia” group’s stores where the cards can be used.

In third-party department stores, the cards cannot be used in Topshop concessions. Topshop gift cards are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase; after that period, any remaining amount is forfeited and reduced to $0. Online top-ups are not available; you must do it in person.

Expert Tips On How To Use A Topshop Gift Card

  • Make sure to read the terms and conditions and the card when you receive it. Verify any fees or expiration date.
  • Contact the firm that issued the card if it seems that the value has run out or that fees have been taken. They might still accept the card or waive the fees.
  • Request the terms and conditions, the original sales receipt, or the card’s ID number from the person who issued the card to you. Keep this information in a secure location.
  • Use your Topshop card as soon as you can. It’s common to lose or forget gift cards. You’ll be able to maximize their value by using them as soon as possible.
  • Use your card like you would cash. Notify the issuer right away if your Topshop gift card is lost or stolen.

What To Watch Out For When Buying A Gift Card.

Think about the restaurants’ or retailers’ financial standing. The value of a card you purchase from a business that declares bankruptcy or goes out of business could be lower than you had anticipated. It can be difficult to use the card at another location if the company closes a store close to the receiver.

Gift cards issued by a company that declares bankruptcy might still be valid or the card might be accepted by a rival (however, it is best to stay away from them). Call the business or a rival to learn more. Even if the business isn’t now redeeming Topshop gift cards, keep checking back since they might start doing so in the future.


What happens to gift cards if a business closes?

You might still be able to use your gift cards before a store permanently shuts its doors if it’s scheduled to close. Only businesses that ask the bankruptcy court for permission and receive it are permitted to continue accepting gift cards after declaring bankruptcy.

How much is on my Topshop gift card?

Bring your card to any Topshop location that will allow you to check your balance. Calling Topshop at 03448 488022 will allow you to check the balance on your gift card.

How do I use a gift card to pay at ASOS?

When checking out on the app, just enter the 16-digit number under the Gift Cards & Vouchers area. The next step will include entering your 4-digit pin. Your order will be reduced by the full amount of the gift card.


This is where we draw the curtains on this topic. Has the information in this article been of help? If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to drop a comment and we will be glad to help. 

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