Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.

If your Netflix gift card code is scratched off, the best way to recover it is to call Netflix customer support at 1-866-579-7172. You will be asked to send a picture of the gift card, and customer support will help you recover the gift card.

Netflix is a fantastic platform that has evolved over the years to provide quality entertainment services to its user base. Netflix gift cards allow you to enjoy their assistance with ease of payment. In this article, we will be highlighting how to redeem your scratched Netflix gift card. 

Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.Netflix <a href=
Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.

How to Redeem Your Scratched Off Netflix Gift Card

You can still save your cratch-off Netflix gift card in various ways. In this section, we’ll examine a few of those methods.

1. Reading the Bar Code

You can scan the gift card QR code by following the steps below. 

  • You can access your Netflix account by using the Netflix App.
  • Select the Wallet tab.
  • Click Add under the section for gift cards.
  • Choose Add gift card.

You must enter gift card numbers and access codes or the Netflix barcode on the back of the card must be scanned to add a gift card to your account.

2. Contact Customer Support

If your gift card is damaged, you may receive a replacement by calling the Netflix gift card staff at 1-866-579-7172. Customer care for Netflix will always be willing to help you obtain your card back as long as you give them enough information.

The gift card must be accompanied by the original receipt you used to buy it. The primary purpose of delivering the receipt is to give adequate details and demonstrate your ownership of the gift card you are presenting. Netflix will replace any gift cards that have already been scratched off.

Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.
Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.

3. Return the Gift Card to the Store

Did you buy the gift card from a physical store? You must revisit the store. You might be able to get a refund or replacement if you take the gift card and the Take the receipt back to the business where you purchased it. You might be able to get instructions from them on how to use your gift card as well.

Why Is Your Netflix Gift Card Not Working Online?

1. Code Error 

If you see a “code not found” error message, ensure you’re precisely typing all 25 characters of the code. You must ask for a new code if you keep getting the same message. To resolve it, all you have to do is get in touch with customer service.

2. Your gift card code is not active currently.

This indicates that the retailer has not yet activated it, even if you have a legitimate digital code. The only thing you need to do if you try to redeem your card and receive the message “This code is not yet active” is to go to the store. After that, the merchant can activate the card on your behalf.

3. The Code Has Been Redeemed Already.

If your card indicates that it has already been redeemed, you can get further information and resolve the issue by speaking with the support team on your Microsoft app or website. However, you must ensure that nobody else has used your gift card without your permission. Verify your account balance first before contacting customer support.

Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.
Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.

How to Activate a Netflix Gift Card Online

Netflix gift cards allow you to use the service for longer. This section will outline the process of redeeming your gift card.

  • On desktops with any browser, simply hover over the Netflix Profile icon to see the menu drop-down appear.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select Redeem promo code and gift card from the Membership and Billing sections available options.
  • To receive your Netflix discount, enter your PIN or code and click Redeem.
  • Your account receives the bonus from Netflix, which also lets you know when it will expire.

How to Check Your Netflix Gift Card Balance Online

Netflix is available to you until the total value of the gift card has been used, unless you have another payment method on file. As soon as your balance is low, Netflix will notify you.

Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.
Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.

Why Can’t I Redeem My Netflix Gift Card?

It usually means a problem with the code you entered if you receive a warning saying your code is invalid. Check the code twice, then try entering it once more.

If you entered the code accurately but still received this message, it may be because the store has not yet activated your card. Please wait 24 hours before trying to use your gift card again. In some circumstances, it might also mean that the card has already been used to pay for something.

How Many Digits Is A Netflix Gift Card?

Gift card pins typically have a different number of digits from brand to brand. There are 11 numbers in all on the Netflix gift card pin. There are differences in the type or placement of the pin between real and virtual cards.

If you have a physical gift card, you can expose the 11-digit PIN by lightly scratching the foil on the reverse. Enter the digits in the “Code or Pin” field. If it has a Netflix code, you will write the 11-digit PIN on the receipt. You will see the 11-digit PIN in your email if you have a digital gift card.

Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.
Netflix Gift Card Scratched Off.

Can you reload a Netflix gift card?

Both reloading and refunding of Netflix gift cards are not permitted. You can access Netflix until the gift card balance expires once a Netflix gift card has been added to an account.

How long does a $20 Netflix card last?

There is no need to rush, as the cards have no expiration date. Additionally, you can use the gift card on held accounts and everywhere that Netflix is available as long as the balance is sufficient for one month ($9.99). (Most countries have Netflix now).


Netflix is an entertainment platform that pays attention to its user experience. Issues related to damaged or scratched Netflix gift cards can quickly be taken care of with simple procedures. Now, you can redeem your Netflix gift card even if it is scratched off, stress-free. 


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