Megaworld Scholarship Application Form 2022-2023: Apply Here

the Megaworld Foundation is presenting a fully funded scholarship award to those Filipinos who match the criteria and are eligible for the scholarship program- Megaworld scholarship 2022

Megaworld Foundation offers a scholarship program for first- through third-year college students who scored at least 70% on the Mapua Scholastic Aptitude Exam.

Combining this scholarship program with those provided by other organizations is not advised. In addition to receiving the entire tuition fee cut, students who are approved for the grant will additionally get a 3,125 peso stipend per term.

What is Megaworld Scholarship Foundation

The foundation of Megaworld is the notion that a business exists to assist people. Megaworld believes it’s critical to both succeed and contribute to the community in which they live. This conviction motivates us to continue contributing to society through the Megaworld Foundation, the business’s social and civic arm.

As of 2012, the foundation has been operating for fifteen years. As a fledgling foundation, we take pride in the tiny things we’ve done to support the environment, people’s empowerment, education, and other worthwhile causes. We received the Best CSR award for the job we accomplished in corporate social responsibility from the Third Asian Excellence Awards Special of Corporate Governance Asia.

Requirements for Megaworld Foundation Scholarship 2022

Required Materials for Incoming Freshmen

  • Final report from high school senior year with a minimum grade point average of 85% or its equivalent and a minimum score in each subject of 80%.
  • A certificate of enrollment, an acceptance letter, or a score on an admission exam for college.
  • A certification indicating that you graduated in the top 10% of your class (if available)

Requirements for incoming sophomores or juniors

  • A GPA of at least 85% or its equivalent and a minimum grade of 80% in each subject are required for all grade reports from prior semesters through the present semester.
  • A form for full-load registration and evaluation that includes a class schedule
  • The most complete and current course description

General Eligibility Requirements

  1. Income Tax Return (ITR) having a gross yearly income of less than Php 300,000, or the BIR Tax Exemption Certificate of the Father and Mother and the Affidavit of Not Filing Income Tax Return.
  2. Documentation of birth
  3. A letter of recommendation from a school or college (if available)
  4. Rent, electricity, water, phone, internet, and other bills.
  5. 2 pieces of 2X2 ID photos
  6. 2 pieces of 1X1 ID photos
  7. A photo of the applicant and their family or legal representatives

Once the aforementioned conditions have been satisfied, the applicant will be required to complete forms, take exams, and participate in interviews to determine their suitability.

Eligible Field of Study/Courses Offered in Megaworld Foundation

  • Business
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Internal Auditing
  • Building Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical and Tourism
  • Computer engineering
  • Interior Design

Megaworld Scholarship 2022 Benefits

The following includes the benefits/values of applying for the Megaworld scholarship:

  1. Full tuition fee
  2. Allowance per school year
  3. Possibility of employment with Megaworld Corporation and/or its affiliated companies

Scholarship Deadline

Application for Megaworld scholarships is still open. Locate the link in the section below and submit your form there.

MegaWorld Foundation Partners

The Megaworld foundation is now collaborating with roughly 28 organizations to sponsor the scholarship, which serves to bolster the legitimacy of this program.

How to Apply

Application Process for MegaWorld Scholarship 2022-2023

  • Start by visiting the Megaworld Scholarships online application form (Check out the application link below)
  • Fill out the webpage with all the information that is requested of you.
  • For new applicants, there are ten steps in the application procedure.
  • If you are a repeat candidate, all you need to do is go to the portal to finish your application.
  • Finally, submit your online application and wait for a response from the Megaworld foundation.

Online Application Link for Megaworld Foundation 2022

To apply for the Megaworld Foundation 2022- Click Here

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