How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4: In 5 Simple Steps [Video]

A hack like how to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4 is a necessary one; not only because it could come in handy if you are a regular gamer but also because not many people know these things, hence you can easily be that guy who helps that friend solve basic issues on their PS4.

The console drive on PS4 is only 5400 RPM, and this means it can easily get too full and run out of memory very quickly. When this happens, your PS4 can become very slow, lag, and take too long to load, making your overall gaming experience far from enjoyable.


Of course, when this happens, you can quickly purchase and switch over to a PS5, which comes with an in-built SSD, if you have the resources for it.

Alternatively, and frankly speaking, more affordably, you can learn how to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4 and kiss the bone-chilling slowness goodbye.

The steps to do this are straightforward, and anyone can do it; all you require is a comprehensive guide like what we have prepared herein.

How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4

How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4
How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4

The steps on how to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4 should take about 15 to 30 minutes of you getting handy with a screwdriver and some USB cords. But you will also need to do some data backup first to avoid losing any of it.

Step 1: Create a Backup

The last thing you want is to lose all the data saved from your past games, so the first thing you want to do is to make a backup of all the games you had held.


This exercise requires taking out the current hard drive and replacing it with a new and bigger one; hence you want to make sure you transfer all data from the existing hard drive to the new one.

However, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, the backup is done differently and only requires you to move the saved games to the PlayStation cloud to backup.

You will need to enable “Sync Trophies with PSN” from the options button if you want to back up your trophies as well.

To back up to the cloud, go to “Settings” then open “Application Saved Data Management.” Once you are there, click on “Saved Data in System Storage,” then hit “Upload to Online Storage.”

If you are not a subscriber and want to back up to the SSD hard drive, you need to connect a working USB drive to the PS4 console.

Once it is recognized, head over to your home screen, click on “Settings” then “System,” and click on “Back Up and Restore.”

Then click on the data you want to transfer and send to the USB drive. Sometimes you may need more than one USB drive to transmit this data if the information is larger than the capacity of the USB drive.

Once you are done transferring, go to “Power” then “Power Options” and click on “Turn Off PS4” to shut it down properly. And once the light on the console stops blinking, you can pull out the power cable and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Remove the old drive

Once you have successfully done the backup and switched off the console, it is time to take out the old drive.

To do this, first, slide off the panel. This is a glossy-looking plastic at the left on top of the unit of the original PlayStation 4 or a black piece of plastic you will find behind the PS4 Slim. If you have a PS4 Pro, you should be looking for a cover to the right of the ports when you turn the unit around.

There should be some text or inscription on the panel in each of these cases to help you identify it faster.

On the original PlayStation 4, you need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the first screw, pull out the hard drive cage, and untie about four screws before you detach the hard drive.

On the PS4 Slim, you will need to remove the large screw holding the cage from under once you have slid off the panel. Then use the black ribbon provided to slide the cage to the side of the use. Next, you will unscrew those four screws once again before detaching the hard drive.

If you have a PS4 Pro, once you have slid off the cover near the ports, find the notch located by the side and open it using a small amount of pressure with your fingers, then unscrew the single screw holding the hard drive cage in place from underneath, slide out the cage before unscrewing the four screws to remove the hard drive.

Step 3: Replace the hard drive

The third step on how to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4 is to install the new hard drive.

This is quite simple and follows the same principle as above. That is, once you have detached the old hard drive from the original PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim, or Pro, you can place the new SSD hard drive on the same spot and replace the four screws. Then push back the hard drive cage into the unit, replace the larger single screw, and slide around the panel in place.

Once you have successfully coupled the unit, fix the power cable and plug it into a power source. Then reconnect it to the monitor or screen and turn everything on.

Step 4: Reinstall the software

Now, connect a different USB drive (separate from the one you used in creating the backup) to your computer. Then create a new folder to recognize the new files you are about to save easily.

Next, head over to Sony’s website and download the complete software that you can reinstall to the new drive. And after you have clicked on the “agree to terms and download complete software” link, you can save it to the USB drive under the name PS4UPDATE.PUP.

You will need to download it under that name to work as intended. Once the download is complete, eject the flash drive and return it to your console.

Hold down the power button until you hear a second beeping sound. This will open the game to a Safe Mode; here, click on “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)” and press “X” on the controller.

Plugin the USB drive with the software, press “OK,” then locate the folder with the software and click “Next” to install to the new drive.

Once installation is complete, the system will ask to reboot and return you to the initial setup screen to proceed with your regular PlayStation setup.

Step 5: Restore your data

You only need to continue setting up until you reach where you need to log into your PlayStation account. Pause there and plug the other flash drive with the backup to restore your data.

Once you plug that into your console, open “Settings” and go to “System,” then open “Back Up and Restore” and click on “Restore PS4.”

Once your data and saved games are fully reinstalled, the unit will reboot and return you to the game looking like nothing has changed.

However, the speed will be faster, and the loading time will be shorter with the new hard drive upgrade.

Does Putting An SSD In A PS4 Make A Difference?

How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4
How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4

As you embark on a journey to learn how to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4, it is often common to ask if such endeavor would make any significant difference on how your PS4 functions.

The simple answer is yes; changing the original hard drive of your PS4 to an SSD hard drive will greatly affect the speed and loading time of the unit.

The hard disk drive (HDD), the original storage technology inside your PS4, comprises a circular disc called a platter that spins to enable the drive to work; the faster the platter spins, the quicker the drive works. And this is what gives your PS4 its speed and performance; if your platter spins faster, your PS4 will load quicker, and if it spins slower, you would have a slower gaming experience.

In contrast, the SSD or solid-state drive is a much-advanced technology for storage. It has no moving parts but instead contains NAND (Negative-AND) memory chips. And the more chips an SSD contains, the more its storage capacity.

One of the differences you will notice upon installing an SSD hard drive is a boost in speed. This is because the SSD uses chips to store data and facilitate performance, while the HDD uses a platter that has to spin faster to provide better speed, making them generally slower.

For instance, a regular PS4 hard drive will only deliver a speed of around 100MB/s, while the SATA-based SSD can provide between 550 to 600MB/s.

Secondly, there is a higher capacity for data storage. The default memory unit for PS4 often lies somewhere around 500GB to 1TB. This seems like a lot of space until you consider how much data you need to save as a regular gamer.

SSDs, on the other hand, can offer up to 2TB in storage capacity allowing you the luxury of storing more without the fear of running out of space.

A final thing to consider is confidence in the storage unit. Regular HDDs are made of platters and other moveable parts; aside from the fact that these parts can break and cause you to lose all your data, they are also easily susceptible to magnetic fields, which can cause storage to fail.

SSDs have no moving parts and stand no risk of ever breaking off any internal components. This gives you more confidence to store your data without losing it for a long time.

How to Maintain Your PS4

How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4
How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4

If you are taking the trouble to learn how to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4, you should also know how to maintain your unit.

It is one thing to learn how to improve the speed, performance, loading time, and storage capacity of your PS4, but it is another thing to take little tips that help your PS4 last longer.

One of the best ways to maintain your PS4 s you use it is to upgrade the hard drive to SSD, as we have described above. Other ways include keeping your units cool and away from heat at all times, replacing the optical drive, and fixing any software and OS issues without delay.

Some PS4 Tricks and Hacks Everyone Should Know About

How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4
How To Install An SSD Hard Drive On Your PS4

How to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4 is a hack that helps you enjoy a better gaming experience, but several other hacks and tips are very useful during gaming.

Below are some of the best hacks and tricks to allow for better enjoyment:

  • Jailbreak your console to allow for even greater control
  • Use Bluetooth and a tool called DS4Windows to connect your DualShock controller to a PC
  • Dim the lights on the controllers to save battery and help them last longer
  • Use a regular phone charger to charge your PS4 controllers instead of keeping the PS4 on to charge the controllers
  • Remap the overall controller input to provide you with a more customized gaming experience
  • Use the screw provided in the back of the unit to manually eject a game disc if it cannot be done otherwise
  • Use the PlayStation subscription to stockpile free games that you can own and play at any time
  • Sometimes, use an internet connection to enjoy a seamless gaming experience
  • Store your data and gaming progress to the cloud for improved data safety and a quicker backup process
  • Use objects like coins to hold down buttons or rubber bands to wedge analog sticks in one direction to prevent “grinding.”
  • If you have a good internet connection, use Remote Play for even greater gaming convenience.


How to install an SSD hard drive on your PS4, how to maintain your PS4, and tricks and hacks that every gamer should know are a few of the things we have covered in this article.

When applied correctly and with the utmost discretion, this knowledge will benefit every gamer, especially the newbies.



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