How to fix a dent in the wall in 7 easy steps [2021]

Wall dents are nearly as prevalent as car dents. It is unavoidable. Patterns aren’t always preventable, but they’re not unheard of, especially when metal corner guards are used to protect them. Fortunately, with this guide, learning how to fix a dent in the wall is a rather basic and straightforward procedure. {How to fix a dent in the wall}

A simple step-by-step guide on how to fix a dent in the wall:

  • Obtain the necessary materials.The affected area should be cleaned.
  • Using a light sandpaper, lightly sand the dent and its surroundings.
  • Overcoat the dent with primer.
  • With the putty knife, spread the putty or compound into and around the dent, filling it in until the edge matches the rest of the wall.

Do you need a more detailed approach? Continue reading and we will lead you by the hand, covering even the smallest details. When you see a dent or a hole in the wall, you might believe you need to call a professional to fix it. 

In reality, a dent in the wall does not require the services of a repairman. Small to medium-sized holes and dents in drywall may usually be repaired quickly. All it takes is the correct paint colour, some putty, and possibly some drywall if the damage is severe. Next, we will be stepping right into the details involved in learning how to fix a dent in the wall.

Size up the Damage

Let’s start by defining the various sorts of damage so you know what a dent is. A dent is a gouge in your drywall that doesn’t go all the way through to the other side. A hole is created when something penetrates a material completely. A dent differs from a scratch or mark in that it does not create a hole in the drywall.

Note: Some drywall damage may only need to be puttied up and not require substantial repair. Size up your dent or hole before you go to the store because the amount of damage will dictate what supplies you need and the steps in the repair process. 

Anything smaller than a half dollar can easily be covered with putty or another drywall compound, while anything larger will require a new piece of drywall to be installed.

All you need is a small amount of putty to repair a dent in the wall. A more extensive repair can be required for additional dents. The supplies you’ll need and how you’ll fix it will be determined by the extent of the damage. If the dent is less than half a loonie, drywall compound, putty, or any comparable material will typically suffice. You’ll probably require new plastered-in drywall if it’s bigger than a loonie.

Without any further delay, let’s get into the details on how to fix a dent in the wall.

how to fix a dent in the wall
how to fix a dent in the wall

How to fix a dent in the wall – Simple guide

1. Get your repair supplies

It’s not a full-fledged hole in the wall if there’s a dent. A putty knife, putty or drywall compound, primer, sandpaper, and paint and paintbrush to paint the entire wall are all you’ll need as long as it’s a little dent. 

You won’t need much to get the putty in and paint over if you know the colour of paint you used and it was recently painted. A putty knife, putty or drywall compound, primer, 120 grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge, the same colour paint as the rest of the wall, and the same brush used to paint it originally are all required.

2. Use wall putty

Other things that some people use are temporary and seldom lasting repairs, so you don’t have to utilize putty. Some people have used toothpaste or white bar soap if the dent is really small. However, these materials are not long-lasting. Invest in quality putty or drywall compound that will complete the job perfectly the first time.

3. Use your primer

Apply your primer to the dent on the wall now that it’s dry and sanded. A primer will seal the area and protect it from water and moisture in the future. A sanded dry dent is your best bet for getting the putty or drywall compound to set. Allow the primer to dry once more after it has been applied.

4. Spread the putty around the dent

The third step on how to fix a dent in the wall is equally important. Apply putty to the inside and outside of the dent with your putty knife. Fill in the ding until it is flush with the surrounding wall. You want it to resemble a smooth surface with no edges as much as possible. To assist disguise the fix, feather the compound out from the damage with your knife. Allow it to dry after you’ve finished.

5. Re-evaluate after 24hrs

Try waiting for around 24 hours before proceeding to the following step for safety’s sake. After you’ve repaired a dent in the wall, ensure sure the putty is completely dried. Once it’s done, double-check the work. If your compound has shrunk or has putty, repeat the process and add more putty. Of course, this means you’ll have to wait another day before continuing to repair the dent in the wall. But don’t despair. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

6. Sand the putty

After the putty has dried completely, sand it smooth with a paper or sponge. Wearing a protective mask during this portion of the operation is highly recommended. This will keep the putty’s hazardous powdered ingredients from getting into your lungs.

7. Paint over the fixed area

The seventh step on how to fix a dent in the wall is to paint over your repaired wall. Evaluate your work before you begin painting. Dry the putty and sand it flat against the wall. Paint over the dent with the same colour as the wall to make it unnoticeable. 

Make every effort to match the wall’s texture and any other distinguishing qualities. Allow for drying time. You’re finished when it’s dried. This is how a ding in the wall is repaired. This rounds up our list on how to fix a dent in the wall.

how to fix a dent in the wall

How much does it cost to repair a dent in the wall?

Experts estimate that drywall repair will cost between $50 and $75 per hole, totalling between $150 and $225. The location of the holes may influence the price for some handymen or drywall contractors.

What is the best way to fill holes in drywall?

The tiniest nail and screw holes are the easiest to work with: Fill them with spackling or wall joint compound using a putty knife. Allow the area to dry before lightly sanding it. Before the patching compound can be placed, any larger areas must be covered with a bridge material for added strength.

Can you paint over toothpaste?

Yes, you can. Although I don’t advocate it, it does work for small holes such as pinholes or nail holes. Make sure to rub white toothpaste into the hole. Because toothpaste is not designed to be painted, remove as much of the residue as possible without compromising the repair.

How do you fill cracks before painting?

Scrape the wall around the fissure with a stiff putty knife. Attempt to remove any flaking paint or any chunks of plaster that may have fallen off. Now cut into the fissure with the knife’s pointed point. Apply caulk to the crack with a caulk gun.

How do you fix small dents in plaster walls?

Scrape the cracked wall with a stiff putty knife. You should attempt to remove any peeling paint or any chunks of plaster that may have fallen off. To cut into the fracture, use the knife’s sharp point. Apply caulk to the crack using a caulk gun.

What can I use to fill nail holes in the wall?

With a putty knife, spackle the holes. Fill each nail hole with a slow dragging motion with the putty knife. Spackling paste is the ideal solution for permanently filling nail holes in plaster or drywall. Joint compound or patching compound are two other names for the same thing.

Can you drill holes in apartment walls?

You may require special nails for certain apartments, or you may need to drill holes in the walls to insert the nails. This might cause the plaster to crumble if done wrong. If you’re putting up something particularly hefty, make sure you find a wall stud to hammer the nail into.

How do you cover up a broken wall?

If you need a cheap and quick fix, tape a poster over the damaged area. If you can’t afford a large investment or a long-term change, conceal the problems with a cheap poster. To mount your poster to the wall, use masking tape, sticky poster strips, or thumbtacks in all four corners.

How to fix a dent in the wall: Conclusion

Knowing how to fix a dent in the wall is a very handy ability. You never know when you might have a dent on your wall which in turn comes with its own repair cost, depending on its size. We have covered a lot of ground on this topic. However, if you would like to find out more about how to fix a dent in the wall, drop a comment below and we will be glad to discuss further. 

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