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Reasons Why Getting a Business Insurance Quote Takes Longer Than Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

It’s no surprise that the auto insurance quote and business insurance quote process are very similar – in fact, they are almost the same. This can make it seem like getting a business insurance quote will be just as fast and easy as getting an auto insurance quote. but that’s not true at all! In … Read more

Best Restaurant Insurance Programs to Keep Your Business Protected

One of the most important aspects of running your own business is making sure that you are protected from the unforeseen and unanticipated events that can have serious effects on your bottom line. Thankfully, there are several insurance products designed to offer coverages that specifically apply to restaurants and food businesses to keep your restaurant … Read more

7 Differences Between General Liability and Professional Liability

There are certain circumstances where general liability coverage isn’t enough, and you might need to purchase something called professional liability insurance. There are several differences between general liability and professional liability insurance policies, and understanding those differences can help you determine whether or not it’s necessary to have the latter policy in place. Here are … Read more